D-Fense NXT is a newly introduced insecticide aerosol formula, famous for its three active ingredients namely; Novaluron, Deltamethrin, and Pyriproxyfen.

D-Fense NXT is a broad-spectrum insecticide which quickly kills insects on contact and prevents re-infestation for up to 180 days.

The aerosol insecticide is good for both indoor and outdoor use but highly toxic if absorbed via the skin.

D-Fense Nxt

What’s Good?

  • Prevents re-infestation by retarding the growth of target insects
  • Ready to use with no preparations

What’s Wrong?

  • Toxic to humans and pets if absorbed via the skin
  • Skin or eye contact needs to be washed for 20 mins

D-Fense NXT is an insecticide aerosol formula. It is known for its highly effective action against a number of insects.

The formula is famous for its combination of three powerful active ingredients.

The mixture of Novaluron, Deltamethrin, and Pyriproxyfen gives the insecticide three modes of action.

As a broad-spectrum insecticide D-Fense NXT provides a quick knockdown and kills insects on contact along with providing long term residual control against them.

D-Fense NXT contains 2 IGRs (Insect Growth Regulators) which effectively break down the lifecycle of insects for up to 180 days.

Not only does the formula control cockroaches it prevents the eggs of bed bugs from hatching thereby controlling re-infestations.

D-Fense NXT also prevents insecticide resistance in order to provide continuous resistance.

D-Fense NXT is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as well as for spot and surface treatments.

The aerosol can of D-Fense NXT comes with the flip-up actuator and a 360-degree valve. The 15 oz. canister also features ridges for an easier grip and to avoid slipping.

  • Ingredients
    • Novaluron (Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor) – 0.20%
    • Deltamethrin (group 3 sodium channel modulator) – 0.06%
    • Pyriproxyfen (Juvenile Hormone Analog) – 0.02
  • Manufacturer
    • Control Solutions

D-Fense NXT works excellently when it comes to bed bug control. It even kills bed bugs strains that are resistant to pyrethroid insecticides.

Other pests D-Fense NXT controls include:

  • Ants
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Fruit Flies
  • Gnats
  • Grain Mites
  • Hornets
  • Indian Meal Moths
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Termites (Subterranean, Formosan and Drywood)
  • Ticks
  • Wasps


Overwhelmingly positive
Negative 2
Neutral 1
Positive 8

Properties of D-Fense Nxt

D-Fense NXT is famous for its three-way ingredient action. The insecticide mixes a residual insecticide active ingredient called Deltamethrin, with 2 IGRs (Insect Growth Regulators).

The IGRs called Novaluron and Pyriproxyfen are responsible for breaking down the bed bug life cycle which in turn prevents the pest from shedding.

The inhibitor in D-Fense NXT prevents bed bug eggs from hatching and the hormone analog impairs their mobility such as the climbing and gripping ability.

The physiological effects created by D-Fense NXT in bed bugs result in their death.

Applications of D-Fense Nxt

D-Fense NXT can be applied in a wide variety of areas such as

  • Homes
  • Hotels
  • Campgrounds
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Supermarket
  • Transportation Vehicle
  • Apartments
  • Motels
  • Warehouses

D-Fense NXT should be used according to its label. Some of the instructions mentioned on its label include:

  • Removing all pets and aquariums from area to be sprayed
  • Testing a small spot to see if it would stain.
  • Holding the can upright so it does spray up into the air
  • Vacating all room before spraying in any sort of commercial or residential premises
  • Avoid using in places where food is being prepared or handled.
  • The can comes with injection tubes which can be used to apply it into cracks and crevices or void spaces where insects may be harboring.

For spot treatment D-Fense NXT can be used on:

  • Storage Areas
  • Closets
  • Water Pipes
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Sinks
  • Stoves
  • Shelves
  • Drawers

The spray should be used in a way to increase contact with insects as much as possible.

While spraying it should be held at arm’s length away from face and body.

The spray should be used at a rate of 1 second per 2 square foot. The spray should be reapplied for treatment and control of various pests every 6 months.


D-Fense NXT can cause toxicity if absorbed via skin or inhaled directly. If the skin or eyes come in contact with D-Fense NXT then it should be washed thoroughly and immediately with soap and water for 15-20 minutes.

Contaminated clothes should be taken off immediately and as a precautionary measure doctor should be consulted.

D-Fense NXT is also toxic to fish and aquatic organisms and should not be used near an aquarium.

Likewise, the spray should not be used around water bodies like storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or surface waters so it doesn’t contaminate any water supply.

The D-Fense NXT can is highly flammable and should be kept away from heat and flames at all times. The spray should not be applied on electronic equipment so it doesn’t cause an electric spark


Will this kill bed bugs?

YES YES YES Good luck, I feel your pain. I had a horrible infestation because my tenant let them multiply for almost a year before the found their way into my apartment. What a nightmare, There is not enough room for me to tell you all the things I tried and all the money I spent.

Is it safe to use with Carpet and painted surfaces around?

Yes, it is. However, you should always read the label before spraying.

What is best for Asian Beetles and when to spray and how often?

The D-Fense XT worked like a charm! Sprayed it only outside around windows, doors, foundation, and deck but they started dropping immediately and we have, literally, thousands of dead Asian beetles and hornets! Will do spot treatments around inside of windows this weekend and expect great results but probably a lot less to kill now

Does this help with mosquitoes?

The documentation does not mention mosquitoes as one of its targeted pests. This product is a liquid that you would spray around the perimeter of your building or structure. Not sure how this application would be able to target a flying pest.

Will D-Fense NXT work for cheyletiella mites, bird or rat mites?

D – Fense NXT is not labeled to for cheyletiella mites, bird or rat mites. We do not offer any products that are specifically labeled for these species. We recommend that you consult with your local cooperative extension office for recommendations and positive pest identification. While awaiting the pest id, you can vacuum, steam, use encasements on furniture and launder belongings such as linens, clothing etc in the washer and dryer. We do offer Sterifab that can be applied to upholstered surfaces, inanimate objects, mattress, etc. for a contact kill.

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