When you store cloths and other fabrics for the next season, these little pesky pest called moths can invade your store and totally destroy your clothing. Moths are the type of insect that feeds on natural fibre like wool or any clothing made of Cotton, Linen and synthetic fibre. In short, any type of clothing is not safe from moths.

Spending few bucks on moth balls can save your cloth worth thousands of dollars.

There are lots of different moth balls available in the market comes in different type of packing and for different purposes. i have done extensive research to come up with best moth balls which actually works as advertised by the manufacturer.

Clothes Moths are the type of insects and are also called as Tineola bisselliella. They are the species of fungus moths. Especially the larvae of this moths are considered the serious pest as they get all the nourishment for their growth from the fibres such as wool and many other natural fibres.

They seek out dark and undisturbed areas to eat, mate and reproduce and such places in your house can be storage and closets.

According to sciencing.com, moth eggs can be hatched in 4-10 days in summer while 2-4 weeks in the winter.

There are two types of mothballs available to buy. Both types are of the same effectiveness and do similar jobs. However, Naphthalene is more toxic in nature when compared to Paradichlorobenzene. Almost all of the mothballs in the market are made of Paradichlorobenzene but there are some made of Naphthalene as well.

When it comes to odour. The original scent of mothballs is not pleasant for many. It is intriguing and sharp. If you’re sensitive to tough odours then you should consider buying scented mothballs.

Let’s dig deeper into each individual products one by one.

Here are Some best Mothballs that works like a charm:

1. MothGuard Mothballs

  • Effective and kills clothes moths and carpet beetles.
  • Pleasant odour
  • Covers larger area i.e, 9 mothballs covers 3 cubic ft.
  • Prevents mildew from living rooms and toilets
  • They don’t last long enough
  • Expensive

Mothguard Mothballs are the mothballs containing 99.75% of the Para-dichlorobenzene which makes them effective and as well as ready to use. The odour of the mothballs doesn’t stay for long and vanishes quickly.

They are effective in killing moths, carpet beetles and also their eggs and larvae to prevent further growth. Mothguard Mothballs are the old fashioned mothballs and can be kept directly along with the clothing, leather or books.

They can also be kept in the drawers or trunks containing the things you want to protect or if you want to prevent the mildew.

The Mothguard mothballs come in a pack of 15 ounces and consist of around 135 mothballs. Around one ounce or 9 mothballs can treat the area of up to 3 cubic feet while 135 mothballs in total can treat the area of up to 45 cubic feet.

It makes the product certainly value for money. They also come handy to repel mice into your house but that isn’t its primary function.

2. Enoz Old Fashioned MothBalls

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  • Very Effective and kills the moth, moth eggs and larvae.
  • Comes in protective wrap, no direct contact with mothballs
  • Safe and approved by Environment Protection Agency
  • Long lasting
  • Strong Odour

Enoz is from Willert Home Products and is a brand that works safely and effectively. It is EPA registered and is the only brand of moth preventives that are still made in the USA.

The product comes in a protection packet or wraps which means there is no direct contact with the mothballs. Which makes it pretty safe for self application.

Enoz mothballs comes in a pack of 14oz which consists of around 100 mothballs. This mothballs can be placed in the closet or in the store where your clothes might be lying idle for next season.

Enoz mothballs not only kills moths but also their eggs and larvae as well. Apart from the moths, it can kill carpet beetles and other various insects. This gives you complete protection and saves you from any further infestation.

Upon testing Enoz mothballs, they were slow to evaporate that means they last longer. The reason behind this is the technology used in the protective wrap which effectively allows air to pass through it.

Enoz mothballs offer great quality for the price. It is definitely worth the money. Although it has a strong odour, it doesn’t leave any long lasting odour in your stuff. To drive away from the odour, you simply need to air dry the stuff for about 30 minutes and all the odour will vanish

3. Paragon Para Mothballs

  • The product can treat up to 37.5 Cubic Feet
  • Deodorizes clothing and fabrics
  • Doesn’t last long enough

Paragon Para Mothballs is another mothballs used to prevent and kill moths, carpet beetles and many other various insects. The paragon mothballs maintain freshness, protects and deodorizes the clothes and the fabrics. It comes in a pack of two 6 oz. bags weighing around 12 oz. i.e, 340.2 grams.

The active ingredients are 99.9% Paradichlorobenzene while 0.1% are other inert ingredients. The mothballs are manufactured by Paragon Household Product is EPA registered with no. 70305-2.

Paragon mothballs have descent smell and vanish quickly. They have the original scent and is not scented. It lasts long enough for up to 2-3 weeks depending on the temperature and air flow.

4. Enoz Moth-Tek Mothballs

Enoz Moth-Tek Mothan balls are the scented mothballs which have the lavender scent. If you don’t like the original scent then this is the perfect mothballs for you. The Enoz moth-tek mothballs come in the individual packet for flat storage areas like storage, drawers, closets and shelves.

When kept in an airtight container it kills the moths, their eggs and larvae. It also repels other insects as well. Enoz Moth-Tek is packed in a 6 oz. pack and can treat a total area of 18.75 cubic feet. There are about 15-20 individual packets inside the pack which can be kept around multiple locations around the house. These packets are breathable paper packets which allow air to pass through simultaneously allowing the active ingredients to work and protect your clothes and fabrics.

The active ingredients used in the Enoz Moth-tek mothballs is 99.68% of Paradichlorobenzene and rest 0.32% of other inert ingredients.

If you need proper and effective treatment then you should be following the number of mothballs packet required to treat. For example, 4 packets – small storage box (3 cu. ft.). 14 packets – average garment bag (12 cu. ft.). 18 packets – large trunk (15 cu. ft.)

However, the fragrance of scent is strong enough, therefore, before wearing the clothes you will need to air dry it for about 30 minutes so the fragrance goes away. As it’s fragrance is strong it can also be used to prevent the mildew in drawers, closets and toilets if needed.

Buying Guide

Uses of Mothballs

You need new clothes for each season. . Hence, you pack up all your summer clothes in your wardrobe or container in winters. When these clothes are sitting in your wardrobe till next summer, it becomes food to moths.

Not only limited to clothes, but Moths also feed on wool carpets and blankets.

Here is why moth calls helps you repels these dangerous pest. The active ingredients present in the mothballs kills the moths with the fumes that are released upon their sublimation process.

The mothballs, when kept with clothes, turns into vapour when exposed to air and temperature. This vapour is actually fume which kills the moths. It is recommended to use mothballs in the airtight containers along with your clothes to prevent breathing the fumes released from them. If you can smell the odour of the mothballs then basically you’re breathing pesticide in.

According to National Pesticide Information Center, mothballs are dangerous for health if chewed or eaten. Usually if kept accessible to children then they may mistake it as kind of candy. It is important to keep out of the reach of children.

Also, mothballs are not recommended to be used outdoors as it contaminates soil, water bodies and also harms wildlife.

Types of Mothballs

There are two types of mothballs available. One of them has an active ingredient of naphthalene while the other type has an active ingredient of paradichlorobenzene.

These chemicals are the same and at least there is no difference in the effectiveness of mothballs. These chemicals turn into gases which mix with the surrounding air and kills the moths.

Exposure to such type of gases for a long term can cause headaches, nausea, eye and nose irritation along with coughing. Therefore, it is necessary to be kept along with clothes in the airtight container and follow all label instructions.

What makes Good Mothballs

As stated above, all mothballs available in the market today are made of 100% active ingredients of either Naphthalene or Paradichlorobenzene. So, all mothballs are good enough to be used however, it is necessary to follow the label which is on the package at the back.

You can buy mothballs of any of the two types. They are both the same ineffectiveness and does the same job. If you’re looking for good mothballs you can try some scented mothballs basically in lavender scent or cedarwood scent.

Mechanism of Mothballs

As said earlier, they are made completely of active ingredients i.e, 99% active ingredient and rest 1% as other ingredients. When they are exposed to air, they sublimate and release fumes during the process and the fumes released are toxic to the moths, carpet beetles and other such various insects.

In open containers, they might not be as effective when they are placed into airtight container or storage along with clothing you need to protect. Also, the fumes are not healthy for humans, children and pets. The infants shouldn’t be anywhere around the house where the whole house smells like mothballs.

You have to wash all the clothes and fabric before wearing or using them.

Are Mothballs Poisonous?

Yes, they are only when exposed to it for a long term or swallowed. If swallowed it can kill all the red blood cells and damage kidneys as well. Therefore, it has to be kept away from children and pets.

Most of the time, they mistake them as candies and swallow. To avoid hazard to your health, it is recommended to follow all the instruction on the label at the back.

Myths of Mothballs

Repels Snakes: Many people tend to believe that mothballs actually repels snakes, mice, and other such animals. These are just myths and fictitious tales. Mothballs don’t repel any animals, they are made for killing the Moths and Carpet Beetles.

It is highly likely that if kept for repelling animals under various places around your house then children playing might find it and consume them thinking of them as candies.

Moths Prevention

After using mothballs for a month or so, the moths are killed. After this, to prevent mothballs from infesting your storages and closets again you should start vacuuming closed places or air dry such places regularly.

If you have carpets in the house, then you should consider it vacuuming and changing the carpets within 1-2 years to avoid carpet beetles.

Using these moth balls can kill and repel moths for almost one year.

You can buy any of the mothballs suitable for you like for example, either scented or original and as per your needs to completely prevent the moths from damaging your clothes and fabrics.

Mothballs can also be used to kill carpet beetles as well and repel or even kill any other such small insects which grow around and inside the carpets. The mothballs not only kill live moths but their larvae too so there is no chance for them to reproduce.