Spiders are creepy eight-legged strange creature which usually an outdoor specie love to remain outskirts but they can be inside your house without your consent. They usually don’t attack human readily but in self-defense they might  you. Funny Enough, majority of the 3,000 spiders in the United States aren’t poisonous.

They may by on continuous hunt of food and place for their survival, it is their visual appearance which afraid most of the people. Some among them are poisonous and notably cause severe damage, differentiation among these same looking creature is not possible for a layman. 

That’s why we consider all of them as our enemy and want to share space and food with them. After reading this article, you will be able to exterminate spiders on your own.

What Attracts Spider To Your House?

Spiders love darkness, silence, and food, almost every house has spots like this that’s why spiders can by in any house as an uninvited guest. Moreover, there is a long list of their demand, let’s have a look:

  • As food, they like to dine insects of almost any kind as long as they are proteinous. Any insect is at their radar like cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, beetles, ants, etc.
  • Spiders are cold blooded, means they can’t produce heat in their body. So they need warmth places to live on. This is among the major reasons they choose houses over outsides. In winter they can not live outside at all so they hide in your houses to get cover.
  • Some spiders don’t need to drink water, but some do. As houses have plenty of water, they don’t hesitate to come inside. 
  • As spiders love darkness they prefer to remain inside the house and find places such as corners, crack, crevices, etc. So it’s quite obvious that houses have plenty of such spaces.
  • Communication in spiders is quite complex, they lure of their kinds inside the house. Female spider release pheromones to attract male spider, if a female spider is inside the house,  there is a greater possibility of attraction of more male spiders which are after the female spider. Source Science Direct 
  • Domestic waste also lures a spider inside your house. The reason is waste directly attract insects which itself are in spider’s food web. So taking care of household garbage significantly reduce spider attraction.

Danger Associated with spiders

Most of the spiders are not dangerous generally with the exception of few, which mostly found outside the houses, but they might get enter in houses. They usually don’t bite but except for self defense, even when they bite they don’t eject venom because the venom is used for hunting. Few among them may actually eject highly neurotoxic venom when they bite a human being. 

Among 3,000 species around 60 species’ bite may cause you to harm, symptoms include pain around the biting site along with pain in the chest, abdomen coupled with headache, muscle cramps, vomiting. Source Health Line

These symptoms seem quite disturbing, that’s why everybody refrains to get in front of any kind of spider.

Synthetic Pesticide can be harmful

The synthetic pesticide of any kind could be harmful to you as well as for another member of your family. They also have acute and chronic effects on your life, moreover, they also attributed to the killing of flora and fauna of the certain area. Pesticide Action Network UK devised a list of possible side effects of Pesticides, have a look at them

That’s why medium approach toward to control spiders in your homes is to use natural remedies, physical and mechanical control which have multiple benefits. Let’s see how avoiding pesticides can benefits you.

  • Natural control is good for environment
  • Results will be healthier.
  • Spider will not resists it, as some spiders produce resistance against synthetic pesticide this is not the case with natural control 
  • Cheaper than pesticidal cost.

Due to all these reasons one should opt natural remedies as first preference to control spiders in your homes. 

Getting Rid of Spiders Without Using Pesticides

It is as important to eliminate spiders from your home as doing it without using pesticides. Because danger associated with pesticides we won’t recommend you to do that instead use natural, physical or mechanical control which is safer and cheaper. 

Some of non-pesticides techniques to control spiders are discussed here:

  • If you want remove spiders from your homes than don’t let them in, it is first and basic move towards control their movement. You can do so by giving attention to surrounding of your homes, which in most cases have piles of debris. This provide food and shelter to spiders.
  • Pay special attention to their food sources inside your homes. This can be done by reducing the soft spot for insects, because they are carnivorous, means its insects which spiders are after. Their population and movement can significantly decrease by managing insects.
  • Spider traps which use fragrance to lure them towards covered bottle or bin, in this way they can automatically collect in this which can be discarded easily.
  • Spider repellent deter them entering your homes and proves to be effective against their control.
  • Get a cat! Yes cat eat spider often, they can minimize the population.

Botanical Used to Control Spiders

Botanical shows promising results against spiders, let’s have a look at them:

  • Grow eucalyptus around your homes, it naturally repel spiders.
  • Cinnamon candle repel spiders. Check more about Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC study on spider repellent. 
  • Spiders don’t like citrus much, so by rubbing citrus peel on your window, doors or walls can repel them efficiently. 
  • Mixture of vinegar and water have significance in controlling them. Make a mixture in bottle and spray it around the house. It will take care of spiders. 
  • If spiders are hiding in crack and crevices, make mixture of peppermint oil and water. Add 20 drop of peppermint essential oil in bottle and enough water to fill it up. Spray it in cracks and see the magic.
  • Spraying diluted bleach serve as homemade pesticide. 
  • Lavender also helps to keep spiders outside homes, add 7 drops of lavender essential oil in spray bottle add water to fill it up and spray it around or inside the house.

Spiders due to their creepy looks always fear human kind, some of them are poisonous which makes them unbearable in our homes.

There are multiple options available to eliminate them from chemicals to naturals, but wiseness is in choosing non pesticides options because it is safer for human as well as for environment.    

If you don’t have the time to do all the stuff i mentioned above, you can simply buy non-pesticide products on amazon Like spider trap and repellents which works pretty much the same.