Side Effects of Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Ultrasonic pest repellents are a device used to push electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves into the atmosphere to push different household pests away.

The sound ultrasonic repellent use is undetectable to human ears but it can be annoying to pests and they find their way to escape from your house and find a safer place. 

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This incredible technology is getting popular. But there is a caveat, due to the usage of these devices on such a large scale, scientists have raised concerns about its long term effects on humans and pets. 

Ultrasonic repellent are used for all kind of pests. Even tough, in some cases classic products like snake repellents works like a charm but if don’t want to use pesticides in your home and want to use greener product, you can try ultrasonic devices.  

Different studies are conducted by well known journals to figure out any correlation between the human auditory system and long term exposure to ultrasonic waves (More on this later) 

The ultrasonic repellent device seems to be very popular but some people have concerns about its side effects. Let’s discuss possible side effects in detail.

Ultrasonic Repellent Side Effects

These devices push the ultrasonic sound and electromagnetic waves at frequency range 25 kHz to 65 KHz which is undetectable to humans but very annoying to pests. ( Especially mice and rats since they are very sensitive to ultrasonic waves) 

A study published by the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America found that 4-5 kHz ultrasonic waves did not lead to significant adverse effects in about 50 participants  (25 young and 25 middle-aged persons)  

However, when the frequency range was increased (12-14 kHz, 25-25 kHz) and with 2 sources emitting, it was considered to be disturbing by several participants. 

Study authors raised a concern about the increase of ultrasonic pest repeller devices as well as the much longer exposure of high frequency and ultrasound in domestic usage. 

Therefore, they suggested that careful consideration would be required i.e the usage should be decreased and can only be used when and where required.

Not Good For People Already Sensitive To Sound

As suggested by the author of study I cited above they recommended that better usage guidelines would be required through label and product description especially for people already sensitive to sound. 

If you are already sensitive to sound, long term exposure to these waves isn’t good for you.

In general, these products always go through extreme testing and approval process so if you are in good hands if you bought a device from a well known brand. However, close pay attention to its label and frequency range it uses. A little research can help you and your pets a lot.

It Might Be Annoying For Pets

Animals have different hearing standards gifted by nature. They can hear high frequency ultrasonic waves. While these might be good to annoy pests and another unwanted guest at your home, it might be disturbing to pets you love. 

Therefore, use these products with care if you have pets in your house. If you consider not using ultrasonic pest repellent as a pet owner, I think that would be a good option. 

Why? Because electronic pest repellent is not the only pest control method available out there. You can a variety of different products available in the market.

Different Options Available In Market

There are thousands of ultrasonic pest repellents available in the market. Look for products with a lot of positive reviews and use the latest technology. 

Ultrasonic repellent technology is emerging and scientist is working hard to make it human safe and at the same time make it effective against these pests that carry dangerous diseases. 

I recently wrote a great in-depth post about best electronic pest repeller check it out, it will help you to make better buying decisions. 

Do you have any comments or you don’t agree with what I have said above ? please comment below and start a discussion. I am happy to see any counter argument (no trolling please) 

Because discussions help to increase collective wisdom.

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