Its 11:38am here. I am studying since last 3 hours reviewing and pulling up different scientific studies, research papers, online reviews and really going into the nitty-gritty to answer the question does ultrasonic repellent works for cockroaches?

Here is what I found. 

A researched paper issued by Louisiana State University found no evidence that ultrasonic waves technology could be used to repel cockroaches. Ultrasonic waves used by scientists in this study had little to no impact on cockroaches, no significant movement was found in roaches even after generating  a wide range of frequencies between 28–42 kHz and 88 ± 2 dB SPL (sound pressure level).

However, more studies and research is required to see if there is any correlation.

There have been different studies on ultrasonic rodent control with some mixed results. It can repel rodents to a certain degree. You might find a lot of electronic rodent repellent products on Amazon and other online retailers with mixed reviews. 

But there isn’t sufficient research-based evidence that this technology can repel cockroaches.  

This study done by an entomologist at  Louisiana State University took a very clever approach. Instead of creating ultrasonic waves themselves using new devices.  They took 3 different products ( already selling in the market) advertised as electronic roach repellent and conducted their study using these devices.


No offense to the manufacturer of these products. I am telling the results of the study. If you are representative of the company included in the research study, reach me out with your concerns.  

How Ultrasonic Cockroach Repellent Works?

Ultrasonic repellent (as claimed by its manufacturer)  transmit sound waves beyond Human detectable frequency range, usually above 20 KHz. 

Humans might not feel this sound, but it creates tensions among different pest and make them confused and even kill them. But this claim seems to be false as proved in this study.

The frequency range and deliverability of these waves are also questionable. For example, these waves can’t travel if there is a metal or wood in the middle. Now cockroaches like to hide in a crack & crevice, behind kitchen sink and cabinet, under sewerage place and other crazy places where it is almost impossible for these waves to travel. 

As per manufacturer claims, these waves repel cockroaches without using pesticides or any other insecticide and it is “so-called“ green and environment-friendly product.  In reality, it is just another marketing gimmick they are trying to squeeze money out of you. 

As  you might see a lot of products available in the market, and people are buying it day-in-day out and

You might be asking

Folks who believe in environment-friendly pest control products always look for this type of solution. These are the type of people who are either allergic to insecticide or are scared of the consequences of chemical-based insecticides.

If you are allergic to dust i’d recommend using air purifier. it can work like a charm.

On the flip side, they do not realize that you can’t get any control using just electronic repellent. Even let’s suppose it work, you have to use an integrated pest management strategy to get control of the pests..

Their biases towards chemical-based insecticide product make them vulnerable to these marketing gimmicks and they end up getting trapped by these companies by offering products that do not work at all! 

There is “Natural Product” craze out there. And every company pumping out products and slapping a “natural product” label on its packing. 

There is no independent government authority which can differ between chemical-based insecticide and natural pest control products. 

It might be a good way for companies to exploit the “environmental sensation” of these people and sell roach repellent with false claims.

Although, FTC did crackdown on these sellers in the past (More on this below). These sellers seem to pop up over and over again.

And these people buy it all day long. Because they are biased towards it. And they believe that you can control cockroach infestation just using plug and play devices.

FTC CrackDown On Ultrasonic Repellent Sellers

Way back in 2001, FTC did a crackdown against ultrasonic pest control devices sellers are sent them a notice to provide any scientific backed proof of these devices. 

FTC  (Federal Trade Commission) staff found hundreds of sellers online selling these type products and they believe that it is false advertising and against FTC rules (which was proved to be true later) 

FTC claimed that all these products are falsely advertised without any proof that it actually works. After these notices ( About 60) were issued, a huge dip was noticed in the number of sellers and sale of these types of products.  

Which might pop up over and over again for rodent control product. Because it has mixed results. Even some companies like vector which is a major brand in rodent control seem to be selling these products on the scale. This is the reason because they have some mixed scientific proof that it works on rodents. 

But I believe in more independent studies are required to reveal the truth about this phenomenon. 

These sellers were asked to provide any scientific study backed proof that this technology can work for insect control. Which these sellers failed to provide and eventually stop selling these products entirely.

What You Should Do?

Before buying these type of products, contact the seller and ask for any scientifically based proof that it works.  

I am sure, a scientist can work something out and make better products that actually work in the future. But as a consumer, you should be well educated to save you money time and resources. 

This is the reason I started this blog to discuss pest control problems from a consumer standpoint and pinpoint issues and problems in the industry and its products without being too sleazy and pushing out products for sale all day long. 

I hope this guide helped you better understand the situation and you are well educated. If you have any issues/concerns please either send me an email or comment here, let’s start a conversation!