If spiders have made your life a living hell and you come across a number of these pesky crawlers on a daily basis but do not want to use harsh chemical based products at your home then let us help you in finding a wide variety of natural spider repellents.

Following are some of the easy to use natural spider repellents which do not pose a risk to the health of your loved ones. These include:

Peppermint Essential Oil with Glass Dropper - 100% Natural Premium Grade Best Fresh Scent for Home and Work
Peppermint Essential Oil
Active Ingredients
Menthofuran 10% with Glass Dropper
Reviews on Amazon
120 Reviews
Star Ratings
Peppermint Essential Oil with Glass Dropper - 100% Natural Premium Grade Best Fresh Scent for Home and Work
Peppermint Essential Oil
Active Ingredients
Menthofuran 10% with Glass Dropper
Reviews on Amazon
120 Reviews
Star Ratings

There are several commercially available spider repellents that control spiders and other insects–some of these can be applied directly to the skin, while others are manufactured to be used around windows, doors, baseboards, and other places where spiders like to hide.

Few of these are the ones that work on the principle of ultrasonics and help get rid of spiders with the help of sound waves.

Majority of these products are eco-friendly and help keep spiders and other similar crawling and flying insects at bay.

1. First Botany Essential Oil

This natural insect repellent is manufactured by an American company known as First Botany—which manufactures and distributes a wide variety of natural, healthy, and hi-tech skin care products.

What’s Good?

  • It is a natural and chemical free product
  • It is a versatile product that helps keep spiders and other insects away for a long time
  • This oil also helps give a fresh minty fragrance at home
  • Comes with a dropper for easy use around the house

What’s Wrong?

  • Needs to be applied multiple times in order to repel spiders and other insects from home

It is one of the toxins free and natural products that can help get rid of spiders, other crawling and flying insects such as ticks, lice, ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, away from your home.  It also helps keeps some rodents including mice away.

This natural spider repellent oil contains 10% Menthofuron that is a major ingredient of Peppermint oil. Menthofuron is an organic compound but can turn out to be highly toxic if taken in high doses orally. Therefore it is suggested to not consume it orally; rather it can be used either in room diffuser or as such with the help of dropper at home in addition to using it in diluted form as a spray based product.

This peppermint spider repelling oil is produced from distilled fresh leaves to achieve highest insect control. It is non toxic and can be used at homes without worrying about the harmful side effects. Moreover, it is perfect to be used at homes around children and pests.

Instructions to use

It can be used as such in concentrated form with the help of the dropper that comes with it. This natural spider repellent can also be put in the cracks, crevices and corners where spiders like to hide.

It can also be used by making a spray  out of it and by diluting it with water which helps cover a wide surface area and helps in effectively repelling spiders and other insects for a long time.

Also, it can be used by putting it in room diffuser to let it spread in the entire room, in addition to giving fresh minty scent.

2. Cliganci Pure Peppermint Oil

This natural insect repellent has been packed and distributed in the USA. It consists of 100% natural peppermint oil that can kill spiders and other bugs efficiently.

This Cliganic peppermint oil can be used as an effective treatment option to treat rodents such as mice as well.

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What’s Good?

  • Kills spiders and other commonly found insects effectively
  • All natural and non toxic, chemical free spray
  • Can be used to treat rodents too

What’s Wrong?

  • Might not be as strong as other chemical based spider killing products

It serves dual purpose of keeping pesky pests such as spiders at bay in addition it can be used in aromatherapy, with the help of room diffusers to create a soothing environment. Moreover, this natural peppermint essential oil is known to aid in the treatment of headache, nausea, anxiety, respiratory problems and more.

Since, it is a pure and concentrated product therefore, manufacturers recommend diluting it before using it for some purpose other than aromatherapy which includes using it directly on the body, in order to keep spiders away.

The bottle of this oil is made of good quality dark amber glass making it the best to protect the oil from UV light. It comes with a German dropper making it easy to use. It can also be used by diluting it with water and putting in a spray bottle. After that it can be sprayed in different areas of the home such as on kitchen shelves, or floor etc to keep spiders and other insects away.

Cliganic pure peppermint oil is an eco friendly product that does not contain any additives, chemicals, alcohol or artificial fragrance. This natural Peppermint Oil is available in a 1 oz bottle which is perfect to keep your home & garden free of pests.

Also, it is advised to only use it externally and avoid contact with eyes. However, if it gets in the eye, it is advised to rinse the eye with cold water.

Manufacturers also suggest to avoid using it during pregnancy. Also it is suggested to discontinue the use immediately if redness or irritation occurs. It is advised to keep the oil away from flames and high heat. Moreover, it is advised to keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

4. Pure Peppermint Spray Oil

It is pure natural spider repellent oil manufactured by a USA based company known as Natura Bona.

They specialize in making various organic plant based product such essential oils, aromatherapy blends, and natural plant extracts in addition to skin care products and home accessories etc.

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What’s Good?

  • It serves as an excellent insect repellent and can help keep away many home invading insects such as ants, spiders, scorpions, mosquitoes and even mice.
  • This natural insect repellent can also be used on body as well.
  • The bottle comes with a 1 flip-top dispenser and 1 trigger sprayer to use interchangeably, depending on the need

What’s Wrong?

  • Some people might be allergic

This all natural pure peppermint oil serves as an excellent insect repellent and appears to be perfect for personal use also. According to manufacturers it can help keep away many home invading insects such as ants, spiders, scorpions, mosquitoes and even mice. 

Just like other essential oil based insect repellents it is advised by the manufacturers to use this oil in minute quantities as by using only a small amount many insects including spiders can be killed effectively.

This peppermint natural oil comes in an 8 oz hard plastic bottle with 1 flip-top dispenser and 1 trigger sprayer to use interchangeably, depending on the need.

This peppermint oil is can also be used on skin to repel commonly found house insects including spiders however, in order to avoid skin irritation and sensitization it is suggested by the manufacturers to dilute oil using a carrier oil or with distilled water.

Also, it is advised to not use a large amount of spray in order to get rid of insects as only a small quantity in the insect hiding spaces can provide an excellent control.

However, if you accidently overspray, it is advised by the manufacturer to open windows and doors for a few minutes until the smell dissipates.

In addition to providing spider free home, this natural peppermint oil can be used in a diffuser to help with headaches, asthma, congestion and nausea. Moreover, this Peppermint essential oil is great when added to a carrier oil or lotion for massages and pedicures.

This essential oil is for external use only and therefore should not be ingested.

This peppermint oil can be used for a long time as it has a shelf life of 6 to 10 years from the purchase date. It should always be stored in a cool dry place away from heat, sun and humidity

Instructions to use

In order for the oil to be used as a bug repellent spray it is recommended to make a 50/50% dilution with carrier oil.

To avoid skin irritation, manufacturers strongly suggest diluting oil for all topical applications using the 2% dilution guideline; which is 2% of pure peppermint oil to 98% carrier oil, or about 12 drops of peppermint oil to 1 oz of carrier oil. If allergy occurs it is suggested to stop using it and wash with water immediately.

 It is advised by the manufacturers to not apply this spray near the face of infants, children or elderly. Also it should not be used during pregnancy.

Manufacturers also suggest keeping it out of reach of children and pets.

5. Eco Defense Organic Home Spray

Eco Defense provides alternative solutions to chemical based pesticides and instead uses natural ingredients for repelling many commonly found insects such as spiders, roaches, ants, fleas, earwigs, stink bugs, mites, scorpions, silverfish, and many others.

What’s Good?

  • Naturally repel a number of pests including spiders, pantry moth, roaches and many more
  • Provides long lasting protection
  • Provides fresh scent of essential oils after use
  • It is safe to be used around children and pets

What’s Wrong?

  • Might need multiple applications

It is a fast acting organic and non toxic spray that not only kills but helps keep insects out for a long time. It is available in a 16 oz sprayer bottle.

Eco Defense Pest Control Spray is the perfect solution for those looking to keep their homes free of pests and insects without the dangers of artificial sprays, baits, and pesticides commonly found on the market.

It does not give off toxic fumes or irritating smell, instead it makes your house feeling fresh and clean for a long time. A slight smell can be felt after use but that disappear quickly. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This all natural spider repellent spray can be used after shaking well, in and around your home where pests like to hide.

Eco defense organic home spray has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and is considered highly effective as compared to traditional chemical sprays

It can be used around children and pets but should not be sprayed on them.

For prevention and maintenance purposes it is recommended to spray under sinks, in pantry, closets, bathroom, laundry room, cracks & crevices or anywhere insects reside.

6. Earthkind Stay Away

Earthkind stay away spider repellent pouches are manufactured by a United States based company known as Earthkind which deals in providing natural pest control solutions.

These spider repellent pouches are different than other products. These are made with plant derived essential oils that help get rid of spiders and other insects away.

The patented pouch design delivers long lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, reliably keeping pests out and preventing them from returning.

Simply remove the outer plastic wrapper and place the Stay Away® pouch in areas you want to keep free of spiders. Do not place directly on furniture or finished surfaces as product may stain.

The active ingredients present in these natural pouches are a blend of plant based essential oils such as Rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, citronella oil, corn cob, almond oil, and sunflower oil—all of which are potent insecticide.

In order to prevent and remove spiders from your home, it is advised to place these pouches anywhere spider webs or spiders are noticed. These can be placed in basements, windows, closets, attics and crawl spaces in addition to any other place you want to prevent them from entering.

These pouches have the ability to keep away spiders for up to 30 days, even in hard to reach places.

Instructions to use

For spider infestations

It is advised by the manufacturers to place 1 pouch per 25 sq ft in areas where spiders or webs are present. Replace after 30 days or when scent diminishes.

For spider prevention

It is suggested to place 1 pouch per 125 sq. ft. in areas you want to keep spider-free. Replace every 30 days or when scent diminishes.

In order to get the most benefit out of these pouches it is recommended and to make this product last 3 times longer by placing these pouches in a Pod. The bio-based protective pod is stylish, discreet, and pouches from curious pets and kids.

After use these pouches can be disposed of by removing the staples from the cardboard product label. Then, emptying the contents of the pouch into your household compost and lastly placing the cardboard product label in recycling.

7. Wondercide Repellent

What’s Good?

  • It is an all natural product made up of mainly plant derived essential oils.
  • Non toxic–safe to be used around children and pets;
  • It can also be used around the kitchen and food preparation areas
  • Effectively kills and repels insects
  • Available in four pleasant fragrances including peppermint, cedar, lemongrass, and rosemary

What’s Wrong?

  • Some customers might not appreciate the scent very much

It is a natural DEET-free insect repellent manufactured by Wondercide that is an American company that specializes in making a wide range of natural pest control products for pets, home, yard and the entire family.

This is a natural insect control spray that works remarkably well for killing spiders. It performs the dual function of killing and repelling most commonly found insects at home.

It is known for exterminating flying, crawling, biting and stinging pests such as spiders, ants, roaches, flies, fleas, ticks, wasps, scorpions, mosquitoes, fruit flies, silverfish, moths, gnats, carpet beetles, earwigs, palmetto bugs and water bugs etc.

The active ingredients present in this spray are plant based natural oils including Cedarwood oil (4.2%), Peppermint oil (1.5%), Sesame oil (0.1 %), and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, (2.2%), in addition to other products.

Just like most of other natural essential oils, cedar oils affects the octopamine receptors in insects as it these receptors are responsible for regulating heart rate, movement and behavior in insects. Cedar oil blocks the octopamine neurotransmitter receptors in pests; making them to be repelled from the area as a result they suffocate and die.

Humans, other mammals, birds, fish and amphibians do not get affected by the plant based oils such as cedar oil because they do not have octopamine neurotransmitters unlike insects

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a surfactant or cleaning agent that is used in making many personal care and hygiene products such as soaps, shampoos and toothpastes.

Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control spray is a safe alternative to electronic bug zappers, lights and traps. Since, this is a natural spray that is why it does not contain any harmful chemicals and can be used multiple times a week around children and pets indoors.

This spray despite being natural is powerful enough to fully eliminate annoying spiders and other commonly found pests and provide long lasting repellent power. Also, it comes in four aromatherapeutic fragrances including rosemary, lemongrass, cedar and peppermint.

Instructions to use

In case of active insect problems, manufacturers recommend spraying it every 2-3 days to gain control. Once control is established, application frequency can be reduced.

For crawling insects including spiders it is recommended by the manufacturers to spray around baseboards and other hiding spots. When the insects are visible, it can be sprayed directly onto them resultantly insects crawl away and die.

Also it is recommended to apply anywhere a food or drink gets spilled as more insects join the area and so does spiders.

When applying to fabrics and home surfaces, manufacturers recommend a test spray on a small, hidden area prior to full application.

For prevention and maintenance purposes it is recommended to spray under sinks, in pantry,

closets, bathroom, laundry room, cracks & crevices or anywhere insects reside.

Also it is advised to spray around windows and doors and to repeat every four weeks or as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of insect repellents are there?

There are three basic types of spider repellents

Essential oil/ essential oil based sprays

Essential oils are among one of the most effective means of repelling insects from your property. Most importantly these do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins and can be used anywhere without worrying about the side effects posed by other chemical based sprays. Mint oil has been known to cause deterring effects on spiders according to a study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology

Ultrasonic spider repellents

Ultrasonic spider repellents are very easy-to-use products. These work by producing sound waves that are not audible to humans or mammals but these annoy spiders and other commonly found household insects very much. Thus, help in keeping them away from your home. However, not all ultrasonic bug repellents work well and if you get a hold of a good product it can work for a long time, without the use of any chemical or leaving any residue or odor behind.

Spider killing pouches

These are small pouches infused with essential oils and can be placed in different areas of your where spiders are mostly found. These also help in repelling spiders away but are not found to be that effective as compared to other methods.

Do natural essential oil based repellents work for spiders?

The essential oil based spider repellents provide a short term control and would need multiple applications to help get rid of these pesky crawlers. However, it is not a long term control that is why help from either chemical based products would be required or from trained professionals.


The spider repelling products mentioned above provide a natural or non toxic alternatives to many, chemical based products. These contain either essential oil based natural products or ultrasonic spider repellent. Both of these can be used if you don’t want to put chemicals in your home for keeping these annoying pests away. 

Natural essential oils can be used as such in cracks and crevices, some of these can be used after diluting with a carrier oil or distilled water to make a spray and can be used in skin also. However, should only be used on skin with caution as some people might experience mild allergic reactions to certain type of essential oil in diluted form.

On the other hand, ultrasonic spider repellents work by producing sound waves that are not bearable by spiders and other insects, thus keeping them away. It should be noted that not all ultrasonic spider repellents work and you need to make the buying decision smartly. But finding a good quality ultrasonic insect repellent can help get rid of these creepy crawlies in one of the most humane way possible .