Spiders are considered among one of the creepiest crawling insects on this planet but contrary to popular belief — not all commonly found house spiders are dangerous, rather they are more of a nuisance than a threat.

According to National Geographic facts, all the spiders have venom in them to some extent — some have more than others but only few are dangerous to humans such as the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse – both found in the United States in addition to a few others found in other regions of the world.

1. My Critter Catcher

What’s Good?

  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Provides eco – friendly and chemical free method of killing bugs
  • Safely catch and remove: Spiders, Roaches, Scorpions, Flies, Crickets, Stink Bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bees, Moths and more
  • Patented design of this bug catcher device helps keeping a safe distance with the bugs and catches them in a humane manner.
  • Safe to be used indoors around children and pets and can be used on the go too.

What’s Wrong?

  • For fast moving spiders it can be difficult to operate
  • Spiders might get stuck in the bristles of the device.
  • Do not work well in curved areas or bent pipes

My critter catcher is an excellent tool which allows catching spiders and other insects. It is manufactured in the United States and shipped worldwide.

It can be used to capture a wide range of small sized insects including spiders, scorpions, wasps, bees, stink bugs, crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, roaches, water beetles, butterflies, and even tarantulas.

It is 25.5″ long which is more than an average arm length of an adult; therefore it allows a decent amount of distance between you and the insect being captured.

This inset catcher also works efficiently even when the insects are moving and secures them pretty well until they are released. Insects get curled up as a defense mechanism and do not escape.

It is also advised by the manufacturers to pick up the insect correctly by making sure that all the bristles surround and catch the insect, then the plastic cover can be placed back over the bristles carrying the insect back outside.

My critter catcher is designed specifically whilst keeping in mind that insects are an important part of our ecosystem therefore, rather than killing them with the help of toxic chemicals, tools like this insect catcher can help securely capture and release insect back outside where they belong.

This critter catcher is completely safe to be used around children and pets, however, it should be made sure that children or pets don’t interact with the device while insect is still entrapped inside the bristles.

Also it is advised by the manufacturers to never leave insects within and once caught, the insects should be released outside as soon as possible.

Moreover, it is a cost-effective spider-catching solution and does not require batteries in order to work. Also, it can work for a long time due to its good quality bristles and can even work on walls, glazing, carpeted, and hard-wood surfaces equally well.

Instructions to use

  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. When the handle is squeezed, bristles open.
  3. In order to catch the insect, it is directed by the manufacturers to position the open bristles over the insect and release the handle so the bristles close.
  4. Then, insects can be released outdoors by squeezing the handle again which tends to re-open the bristles and lets the insect free.

2. BugZooka Spider Vacuum

What’s Good?

  • It is a humane and chemical free way of catching spiders.
  • Extremely practical to use — does not need electricity or batteries for working
  • Portable and lightweight — can be used indoors and on the go too
  • Easy to dispose of bugs
  • Does not squish the insects — making it a hygienic and mess free device to use
  • Safe to be used around children and pets

What’s Wrong?

  • The catch tube has a very small opening and cannot capture insects bigger than 1 inch — making it only suitable for smaller insects
  • Although it is extendable but still can’t reach all the way to the ceiling by an average heighted person.

BugZooka is a simple and effective tool for getting rid of spiders from your home. It is known as a popular chemical free solution for getting rid of annoying bugs especially spiders from your home.

One of the appealing features of this spider catcher is that — it does not require batteries for working. It works by creating a high power suction force which helps trap spiders and other commonly found house bugs such as mosquitoes, bees, wasps, flies, moths, roaches and many other insects easily.

The innovative and light weight new design of this spider vacuum based device allows catching bugs from a distance which is very practical to use as nobody wants to interact with these creepy crawlers closely.

Another distinguishing feature of this spider capturing device is that it prevents bug from getting squished while capturing thus ensuring a mess free bug-hunt; due to which bugs are sucked instantly into a removable catch tube with the simple press of a button

It is perfect to be used in homes – both indoor and outdoor, in offices, restaurants and clinics. It can also be taken with you on the go on vacations, in cars and boats etc.

BugZooka spider vacuum provides a quick and humane way of getting rid of spiders from your home and after using bug can be removed from it very easily due to its quick expulsion design. This spider catcher consists of three main components: a compression module, a hollow connecting tube, and two detachable catch tubes.

Directions for use

  1. It is very simple to use.
  2. Upon compressing it creates instant suction and just by pushing a button bugs instantly get captured in the removable catch tube.
  3. It has a long extending tube which allows easy access to difficult-to-reach areas including a ceiling where spiders and other small crawlers love to hide.
  4. On the opposite end, the catch tube allows easy removal and replacement of bugs. Catch tube also has removal trap doors for safe bug disposal and hassle-free release of the bugs from the device.
  5. This spider catcher can be easily used around children and pets.

3. Katcha Bug – Spider Catcher

What’s Good?

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can entrap larger insects too
  • The insect can then be released outside
  • Eco-friendly and chemical free method of catching bugs including spiders
  • It is a reusable bug catcher

What’s Wrong?

  • For this trap to work efficiently — a flat surface is required otherwise it won’t work
  • Since it has a shutter door design, it might lead to hurting or squishing the insect by sliding the door right on top of their body or appendages.
  • Smaller insects have a chance to escape from the gap between the trap door if it is not completely shut.

Katcha Bug spider catcher is another efficient tool manufactured in the United Kingdom. This is perfect for capturing large sized spiders and a wide range of other insects including spiders, butterflies, grasshoppers or millipedes, you can capture them all safely.

It is a reusable bug catcher and contains no chemicals. Also it does not need any batteries to work.

This simple and easy to use insect catcher contains a clear catching compartment guarded by a plastic shutter door and a 40 cm long handle making it easy to be used.

 In order to make it work effectively is advised by the manufacturers to make sure that it is on a reasonably flat surface. Upon twisting the shutter falls and the insect get trapped inside the catching compartment which later can then be released outside safely.

Although it works pretty well but the design of this spider catcher might end up hurting or squishing the insect. Therefore, it is suggested by the manufacturers to make sure that the insect crawls on the top of the trap door on its own and then the door should be shut—in order to ensure a mess free catch.

4. Sonic Technology Bugbuster Spider and Insect Vacuum

What’s Good?

  • Efficient insect controlling vacuum
  • Can help get rid of spiders, flies, stinging insects, bees and many other insects
  • Eco friendly and easy to use

What’s Wrong?

  • Works on batteries — which can add up to the cost of the product

Bugbuster spider and insect vacuum is another good quality spider catching tool manufactured by California based Sonic Technology Products — a reputable name in making various products including rodent killing and insect repelling devices.

This insect vacuum is a tool that helps get rid of spiders, flies, stinging insects, bees and many other insects humanely. It is a battery operated device and uses a 9 volt duracell or energizer battery.

It is perfect to be used both indoors and outdoors in home for catching spiders and other insects from your home indoors, yard and garden.

This BugBuster vacuum is excellent for trapping and removing unwanted insects without having to worry about cleaning up the remains of insects squashed onto different surfaces in your home.

It has a simple design, weighs 14lbs with polypropylene body. It consists of a battery compartment, a motor, an on/off switch and a transparent long extending tube to catch spiders and other insects.

This device works really well according to the customer reviews and comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.

Instructions to use

  1. Wait for the insect to get still and then press the button to start the motor while carefully approaching the bug.
  2. Then, hold the open end over the insect to gently and humanely suck it into the catch tube.
  3. Once the insects have been caught, the device can be turned upright and a safety cap should be put back on to prevent insects from escaping.
  4. Lastly, insects can be released outdoors without killing or squishing them.
  5. This spider-catching vacuum can be used safely indoors around children and pets.

Instructions to install or replace a battery

  1. In order to replace the battery, simply remove the black cap located on the end of the handle by pulling the cap straight out.
  2. Then extract the battery connector and attach the battery. Insert the battery connector first into the cavity. The battery protrudes to approximately ½ inch.
  3. Then replace the cap and make sure that the wide slot on the cap is aligned with the two ridges visible on either side of the on/off button

5. SEICOSY Spider Catcher

What’s Good?

  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic & Safety
  • Easy to use for Everybody
  • Lifetime Warranty

What’s Wrong?

  • Power Consuming

Seicosy Vacuum Catcher -Humane Spider and Bugs Catcher is your safe, and environmentally friendly solution. This is a chemical-free insects catcher, easy to use for children, parents, and grandparents alike. It capture spiders, insects and bugs from a safe distance, just aim and suck them in the bug vacuum pipe.

The bug catcher vacuum is equipped with a led light to catch the dark crawlers. Just press the “LED” switch continuously and quickly for 2 times every time.ECO-friendly and convenient USB rechargeable. It features ergonomic gun shape that is easy for everybody to use.

It safely catch and remove: Spiders, Roaches, Stink Bugs, Millipedes, Wasps, Bees, Moths and other crawlers.The diameter of catcher’s mesh screen less than 2mm, so that can protect the little bugs been sucked into the fan and killed.

If it will be use correctly, it is safe to insects, not to be killed and can be release in the lawn and garden. The bristles are gentle enough to just remove the insects from the unwanted area.

Instructions to use

  1. Attach vacuum clear type in the handle.
  2. Connect suck booster to open pipe end.
  3. Direct the suck booster at the roach at a 45° angle and trigger the vacuum by pressing the vacuum button.
  4. Do not release the vacuum until you have plugged the pipe.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Spider catcher
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Are spiders harmful to humans?

Not all but a few of the spider species are harmful to humans and can transmit venom into humans such as the black widow and the brown recluse, both found in the United States in addition to Australian funnel-web spiders and Brazilian wandering spiders

The vast majority of spiders are harmless and they play an important role in controlling insect populations that could otherwise damage crops. Therefore, these are an important part of our ecosystem and without them our food supply would be in danger.

Do spiders bite?

Fewer still can bite humans but they are not aggressive toward humans and only bite as a result of self defense. According to the Illinois Department of Public health, virtually all spiders use their fangs to inject venom but the fangs of majority of the spider species are incapable of penetrating human skin.

When spiders bite, the complications can be a bit more serious than a mosquito or bee sting. Although, the most dangerous species of the spider even rarely inject much venom into humans, however, the Australian funnel-web spiders and Brazilian wandering spiders have known to be harmful to humans but rarely lead to death, according to the Australian Venom Research Unit

What other spider control methods are there?

Just like other commonly found house insects, spiders can be controlled by a number of methods. For instance, via spider catching tools, spider catching traps or glue boards, sprays, spider bombs etc

However, in case of serious spider problem in your home it is better to take professional help as they lay eggs and can rapidly increase in number making very difficult to be controlled otherwise.

How many types of spider catchers are there?

There are two major types of spider catchers. These include:

– Mechanical spider catcher tools

These are the most commonly found spider catchers that have either soft bristles to grab the insect or those which have a plastic trap fitted with a lid to trap the insects

Both of these insect catchers capture in a humane manner without hurting the insects. Also, they can be used anywhere due to their mode of working, which do not need any power source such as electricity, batteries or power cables.

Also, they don’t contain any toxic or harmful chemicals and therefore, can be used safely around children and pets. These are also liked by the customers due to being light-weight and portable, which makes it easier to be used on the go too.

Vacuum catchers

These are the type of spider catchers which work by sucking in the insect from the suction tube. These require some source of energy for generating the vacuum, either batteries or in build motor by which vacuum develops. However, some of the vacuum catchers generate vacuum by inflating and deflating bellows attached to the device.

Vacuum catchers are generally heavier than the mechanical spider catchers. Some of these might have an electric grid which makes it necessary for them to be cleaned before storing.

How manual spider catchers work?

Manual spider catchers usually have soft bristles that help grab the spider gently. Upon interacting with the bristles spiders and other insects curl up making them secure in the bristles and prevent escaping. The bristles are made from soft material to prevent injury to the insects.

Such insect catchers are very easy to use. They can be operated by pressing the button to open the bristles wide, then placing the bristles on top of the unsuspecting insect and releasing the button to grab the insect using the bristles which then can be released outdoors safely.

Similarly, some of the manual spider catchers have a plastic body with a shutter door which allows the entry of the spiders inside which then can be left outside in their natural habitat.


There are a number of spider-catching tools commercially available. However, choosing the right one depends on a number of factors.

If there is a small level spider infestation in your home, then manual spider catching tools can help in catching them without a problem. However if you have a serious spider infestation along with venomous spiders then spider vacuums are generally used. Spider vacuums provide a guaranteed spider catch and eliminates the possibility of agitating the spiders.

Also, in case of serious infestation you should not try to tackle the problem yourself and call for professional help as some spider species can be harmful to humans as well

Moreover, manual spider catching tools are not expensive whereas, vacuum spider catchers are a bit on the pricier side and also add on the recurring cost due to replacement of batteries or power charging.

Overall, spider catching tools provide a more humane and ethical approach of getting rid of spiders and other bugs from your home. These are eco-friendly and serve as an excellent alternative to other spider controlling methods such as the use of chemical based sprays etc