Squirrels are clever little pests.

This post won’t only reveal to you where these pests go at night, it will also let you know some interesting facts about squirrels.

Squirrels are common little animals that we do see around; they have their habitations in different places, considering the types of squirrels we have and considering that they are adaptable creatures. A whole lot of people only identify squirrels as little animals that live in the tree.

But I am here to debunk some of your long known notions about squirrels. It is then important to first know that there are different types of squirrels. We have tree squirrels, ground squirrels and underground squirrels. Some other squirrels prefer to have nests, while others sleep in abandoned buildings. Squirrels’ habitations are not always permanent, they make homes where ever they feel is comfortable for them. Some varieties of squirrels prefer underground homes and some do find it comfortable to house themselves in trees. If then you have found squirrels in your homes that means that they have found your home comfortable to inhabit.

Some varieties of squirrels prefer underground homes and some do find it comfortable to house themselves in trees. If then you have found squirrels in your homes that means that they have found your home comfortable to inhabit.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

You would want to ask if having squirrels in your home is safe or dangerous.

You have always been defensive about other pest invasions but have always thought squirrels are just too cute to be dangerous. Well, squirrels are only known to attack humans in very rare cases and none of this attacks on humans were infected with any form infection. If in case you have found out that there is a squirrel or more in your home, you should know that they could do little damage in your home and if you do not take these damages serious, it could cost you more than you can ever imagine.

Because of their ever-growing front teeth (squirrels’ front teeth don’t ever stop growing) they can burrow into the furniture or eat up your cable wires, which could later cost you than you had budgeted.

Squirrels In The House

The question “where can squirrels hide in my home” is a question I will also answer.

You sure don’t have to worry about squirrels eating up your clothes or shoes in your closets, or your couch. If you have noticed the presences of this pest in your home, you should know that there are two major places they could be found. Your fire place or your attic.

Squirrels inhabiting in your attic could be an intentional act; that means that they have found a closer source of food and they have made a home in your attic. This also means that they wouldn’t be leaving your home anytime soon. Squirrels are known to be protective about their food; especially from thieves, they can find your home to be safe from thieves and other predators.

Squirrels deliberately put on weight when it is winter in order to produce more warmth for them. Quite funny right?

You could have noticed how squirrels run around in your home or your environment in the day but they are often times no where at sight in the night. Once or twice, you could have asked “where do squirrels go at night?” And you have not found an answer to your curiosity. This is just the post you have been waiting for.

Squirrels are always around during the day but where do they go at night?
Squirrels are always around during the day but where do they go at night?

Squirrels Search For Warmth

You will agree with me that it is often colder at night, the squirrels’ fur has thin layers which does not enable them to absorb the night cold.

Squirrels then go to look for warmer places to spend the night. Most squirrels can decide to spend the night inside trees holes. It does not only give them a warmer night, it also shields them from predators.

Whenever it’s winter, most squirrels prefer to spend the night in dens. Squirrels’ sleeping pattern and preferences differ from time to time. While squirrels would love to spend the night in the Den when it is cold, they would rather sleep in a dray when the weather is hot.

Pro Tip

Check your roof for holes where squirrels can get in and spend the night!

Squirrels Sleep Too

More than half of the squirrels’ species go out to fend for themselves and their families during daytime and they only have the nighttime for rest.

The same way you get tired after a long day at work, squirrels do get tired too after running around in search of the day’s meal. After all those swift and clever running by squirrels, you don’t expect them to stay up at night, do you?


Whenever the weather is colder than usual or in winter, ground squirrels protect themselves and their babies by retreating to their dens for a long while to hibernate.

Usually, the hibernation period for squirrels last for about five months. During this time, the squirrel’s find it easy to regulate their body temperature. During this period, they are able to take longer time to sleep because of the reduction in their breath and heart beat. Ground squirrels would take longer to hibernate than their tree counterparts. This is because of their different nature and ability to absorb the temperature around them.

Cooling Off

Just like squirrels find a way to get away from cold and winter, which makes them go off to hibernate, squirrels who live in hot areas find a way to shield themselves from heat by cooling off their homes.

It is quite interesting that cooling up for squirrels lasts longer than hibernation. During this period, squirrels run away from hot sunlight and they’d prefer closed up habitations especially inside hidden places, away from the hot sunlight and then providing a more cooler climate for them. This period, they prefer to live closer to water logged areas or closer to the river


If you feel that your squirrel problem is getting out of hand, call a professional to humanely trap and remove them from your property.

Care For Baby Squirrels

Just like every mother and parents, squirrels also have parental instincts. They spend the whole night in their dens or drays to share some warmth with their babies. Squirrels retreat from their day’s work to care for their babies and we’ll, to have more time to mate.