Bed bugs are tiny critters but can swiftly become a colossal headache once they infest your home. If you research using cold temperatures to treat bed bugs, you will come across cryonite treatment. This less famous but innovative method is more effective than traditional cold treatment using a freezer.

This post provides all the answers you need to know about cryonite and how you can use it to kill bed bugs. Please sit back and read to acquire our valuable nuggets of wisdom.

What is cryonite?

Cryonite is the latest method developed to exterminate pesky insects, including bedbugs. Cryonite freeze uses a non-toxic patented technology that kills bed bugs by freezing them. The technology is simple and effective since it sprays frozen -110 °F (-73°C) liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to exterminate insects.

Cryonite does not use chemicals and is completely safe. It produces non-toxic carbon gases that are only harmful to tiny insects. You can comfortably use cryonite in your house, store, garage, or anywhere you have a bedbug infestation.

Cryonite freeze is a patented product, and its production is minimal. You can shop cryonite from a licensed distributor by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can place an order through Cynonite’s web page.

Anyone can use cryonite machinery to exterminate bedbugs, but it would be best to receive some training. You can also use the machine’s operating manual to understand how to best use the equipment.

How does Cryonite kill bed bugs?

Cryonite Freeze uses the cooling properties of liquid Carbon dioxide to exterminate bedbugs. The freezing machine taps CO2 into the atmosphere and releases them. The extreme temperature forces CO2 to change state and convert into a liquid gas. The freezing machine then releases the liquid CO2 gas into the immediate environment.

Cryonite Cylinder nozzles eject freezing Carbon dioxide

Exposing liquid CO2 to a normal temperature surface transforms it into its original gas state instantly. During this process, the conversion energy is extracted from the pesky bedbugs. Bedbugs cannot survive contact with the liquid CO2gas since it is icy. Bedbugs will freeze to death as their body energy converts the liquid carbon dioxide to gas.

Cryonite Freezer uses its patented nozzle to blow the gas into bedbugs’ hideouts. The liquid vapors into beddings, box springs, furniture, cracks, crevices on walls and floors, and other surfaces that the bedbugs can be hitchhiking.

Liquid CO2 is not poisonous and is safe for human beings. However, freezing CO2 is remarkably lethal for bedbugs at all life stages, including young and mature ones. The freezing CO2 snow has to be in contact with the bedbugs to be kill them.

Advantages of using Cryonite to kill bed bugs

Cryonite is the latest and most effective method to control bed bugs. Unlike conventional approaches to controlling bedbugs that require extensive human interaction, cryonite is easy to install and use. All you need to do is to power up your cryonite freezer.

The best advantage of using cryonite is that liquid carbon dioxide can get into tough-to-reach spots. The lethal liquid gas can get into ceilings, floors, cracks in the wall, and many other locations that bedbugs can be hitchhiking on. Using other applications, such as vacuum cleaners and heat devices, would be challenging to exterminate bedbugs.

Cryonite® technology promotes the conversion of CO2 gas from a gaseous to a liquid state and again to a gaseous state. The process requires heat which promptly changes temperature, killing bedbugs instantly. The freezing device is appropriate since it exterminates bed bugs without using the chemical at all stages.

Cryonite’s freezing properties depend on the chemical and physical properties of CO2 gas, meaning there is no chemical use. Only small insects, such as bedbugs, are affected by the high-pitched temperature changes, while other animals are unaffected. There would be no need to worry about pets and children since the extermination process does not affect them.

You can apply cryonite to sensitive environments and other machinery. If you consider using a vacuum cleaner, there is a list of device localities you cannot apply. You don’t have to worry about such issues because cryonite is applicable everywhere.

Many people tend to ignore the idea that cryonite technologies leave no residues. Cryonite kills bed bugs in all life stages without leaving any gas residue. This means you can use the room in question right after treatment. The convection-controlling bedbugs would require limited access and controlled packaging of clothing and other personal belongings. No special packing or isolation from others during bedbugs treatment using cryonite.

A study shows that bed bugs can resist most chemical-based pesticides. Using cryonite is more effective than pesticides to treat bed bugs because it uses a non-chemical approach.

Disadvantages of using cryonite to kill bed bugs

Depending on your treatment needs, you can spend up to $ 4000 to procure the machine. This is expensive, especially if you are on a budget and are likely to fail to afford it. Maintaining the cryonite machine is also costly in the long run.

Like any other machinery, Cryonite requires timely and costly repairs, which over a long time, sums up to huge costs. It is prudent to understand that exterminating bed bugs using cryonite requires electricity, which can be costly.

Using cryonite requires some basic knowledge of how to use the cryonite machine. Operating the device might seem relatively easy, but you must be cautious. Failure to read and understand the manual can lead to installation and usage challenges.

You must spray the carbon dioxide directly on the bed bug

The major drawback of cryonite technologies is not with the carbon technology but with the technicians. If you are in charge of maintaining and operating the machinery, you must understand the best time to power up the machine and when not to. It would be best if you only power up the device at specific times to save electricity costs and, more significantly, exterminate bedbugs.

The effectiveness of the cryonite depends on the skills and experience of the person using it. You must also understand the environment you intend to treat to achieve the best results. Locations such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, cars, and hospitals all need varied machine configurations.

How to apply Cryonite (for a do-it-yourselfer)

Cryonite is best suited for use by Pest Control Professionals, but there is no harm in using it yourself. Here are a few tips to help you:

Cryonite manufacturers have provided a detailed and comprehensive guide that will guide you install and operate its machinery. This post offers a few tips you need to know before using Cryonite technology.

Cryonite technologies are based on dry ice sublimating directly from the liquid to the gas state. This allows the extermination of bedbugs in difficult-to-reach locations such as electrical sockets, TVs, laptops, crevices, and other challenging areas and devices. The instant cooling abilities of CO2 exterminate bedbugs by depriving them of their body heat and freezing them to death. All bedbugs, including their eggs and larvae, find liquid CO2 extremely lethal.

Operating technicians must always employ reach and comfortable working posture for the best results. Cryonite boasts a sleek design with an ergonomic view and a telescope function. It has an extendable goose-neck feature that can adjust to 90° degrees to optimize results.

Final Thoughts

Exterminating bedbugs has always been a challenging task for many people globally. Advancements in Cryonite technologies make it possible to eliminate bedbugs in extreme areas such as beds, mattresses, furniture, and electronics. The CO2 liquid gas sublime at the bedbug hitchhiking position and sublimes to a gaseous state, killing the bugs instantly.

Cryonite is the latest technology and is the best to fight against bedbugs infestations. It is a safe method to control bedbugs since it is only lethal to small insects and bedbugs. You can always count on this technology since it is economical, environmentally friendly, and non-chemical.


Is Cryonite ideal for do-it-yourself bed bug treatment?

Yes. Cryonite is ideal for do-it-yourself bedbug treatment. Professional guidance is unnecessary if you understand how the machinery works. You can read the manual to learn how to operate freezing machinery.

Where can you use cryonite to kill bed bugs?

You can use cryonite machinery anywhere, including rooms, hotels, and your house.

Is cryonite safe for a direct skin contact scenario?

Yes, cryonite is safe for direct skin contact. It is only harmful to small insects and bedbugs.