Termidor is a termiticide which has been uniquely designed to eliminate entire termite colonies almost immediately.

Termidor is famous for being exceptional do it yourself pest control product as it eradicates a variety of insects from within just 90 days.

When used as an in-ground barrier treatment, Termidor protects against pests for over 10 years.

I got lot of request to review termidor so i decided to write a detailed review about the product. 

The insecticide effectively controls all types of termites including subterranean, Formosan, and drywood termites.

What’s Good?

  • Kills Entire Colonies
  • Odorless
  • Last up to 10 years in the soil.

What’s Wrong?

  • Contaminates water located nearby
  • Works perfectly for termites but limited to other pests

Termidor Review from active user

To control termite infestation you have to options. Baiting or liquid. Both have their own pros and cons.  Read my blog post to read my discussion about Baiting vs liquid in which i included both pros and cons. 

Termidor was first introduced as a cure for termite infestations in the market back in 2000 and since then it has gained more popularity. 

The insecticide is used to treat more than 1 million homes in the US alone, since its introduction.

Termidor is also available in other countries, but under different names such as Ultrathor in Africa and Taurus in Australia, but the formula of the insecticide is the same and are all products are designed by one company. 


Termidor is made up of 91.9% of inert ingredients whereas the rest of the 9.1% consists of an ingredient known as “Fipronil”. 

Fipronil is an active ingredient and in Termidor, it has been marked safe for use with no harm to humans and pets by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The ingredient remains harmless unless or until it is ingested.

Termidor is odourless in nature. 

 However it contaminate water so if there is a water body on your property avoid using it on the grounds, especially near any waterways. Keep in mind Termidor is toxic humans, fish and wildlife if ingested.

 If you are skeptical about its ingredients and usage, please read Termidor lable approved by EPA. 

Application of Termidor

Termidor is used by pouring it into holes or trenches. To protect the perimeter of the house, you  should dig 6” wide and 6” deep trench around the property.

The trench prevents the Termidor solution flowing away and helps it to be absorbed into the treatment area.

According to the label, termidor makes a zone around the house called “Termidor Zone” which will be undetectable to termites as it has a non-repellent nature.

The active ingredients included in the product  do not kill termite right on the spot. After consuming the product, worker termite put it back to their colony which spread poison in entire colony and eventually kill all termites in the colony. 

This product is mostly used by pest management professional. But anyone can use it. If you have time and want to do it yourself, you can save lot of money. 

What other people have to say about the product?

Some users have amazing experiences with termidor to share. Users have shared their experience with being impressed at the very first moment of seeing the termidor bottle as it is designed to pour the right amount of mix with no trouble.

Other users say since the use of termidor, there have been no more termites in or around the house, and the product was more than effective in treating a very bad infestation.

The only complaint regarding the product comes from its application which has been deemed tough, especially around a house built on a slab foundation.

But controlling termite isn’t easy. You have to be creative and do your home work before applying products blindly. 

Despite doing their best to apply termidor, the user couldn’t kill termites completely.

 Another user has shared concerns over the health warnings displayed on the label which scares them from using the product at their home. But we should keep in mind that you can’t control such nasty pest without any chemical. 

If you can small infestation, natural remedy like orange oil could work. But for large infestation, you dont have any other option to get substantial control. Nonetheless , some natural products also have allergic reaction to some people. 

It highly depends on the end user. How they percieve pesticide and how severe the problem is. The more you understand about its application and labels, you won’t have any problem whatsoever. 

Lets draw a conclusion from user reviews. You always  should take external reviews as a grain of salt and make your own educated decision based on your type of infestation, where you live and how much damage infestation can do your structure.

Termite control is very expensive if you want to hire a specialist.  I would suggest to it a try and see if you can save some money. If you aren’t able to control it yourself, i would suggest to hire professional pest control company.  

Application of termidor isn’t too technical. If you want to do it yourself and dont want to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on pest control companies, please watch below video and step by step instructions to learn how you can apply this product. 

Time Required: 12-24 Hours | Difficulty: Moderate

  • Get started with digging trench of 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep around the base of your house. It is necessary and it doesn’t matter if your house is built on block or slabs.
  • Wear gloves and other protective gears like Goggles, Face Mask, etc.
  • Start by pouring one-third of water in a sprayer. If you don’t have a sprayer you can use a 19L bucket to fill with water.
  • Add the correct amount of Termidor SC as prescribed on the label.
  • Fill the water till the top and wait 2-3 minutes so that Termidor dissolves in water.
  • Spray or Pour the Termidor in the trench you dug in step1. Make sure you apply 15L of termidor for every 10 feet of the length of your trench.

Side Note: Treat entire perimeter of your house. If untreated, then termites will move there and carry on damaging. Check if the trench is soaked up then treat the soil you dug up earlier in step 1 and then cover the trench with the treated soil.


How much time does Termidor take to eliminate the infestation?

It starts working immediately when applied. However, it can take more than a month to reduce the infestation to a greater extent. Under 3 months, when applied perfectly whole infestation is eliminated.

it also depend on magnitude of infestation. If you have small infestation it can get them pretty quickly within 2 days. But if you have a large infestation, it may take couple of weeks even months to get control.

How can I purchase Termidor?

You can buy it online on Amazon, DoMyOwn and many other third-party pest control products sites or you can also grab it from the nearest hardware store. Keep in mind, in some countries and US states are restricted from selling it. Check if your city allows purchasing termidor.

Can I apply Termidor myself?

Yes, you can do it yourself. As long as you’re following steps mentioned on the label you’re good to go. We also have a step by step guide in this article above.

Is Termidor safe for pets?

Yes, it is. It has the same formula used in flea & tick protection for pets like dogs and cats. Therefore, it won’t be an issue for them unless they ingest it.

Termidor are usually applied beneath the surface so there is no way pet can ingest it. However, you should be careful about its bottle and packing. It should be kept safe.

Who Manufactures Termidor SC?

Termidor is manufactured by BASF, a German Chemical Company. BASF has customers in over 190 countries and supplies products to a wide variety of industries.

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