Termatrac T3i is an advanced termite detection device. It helps in detecting and confirming the presence of termites by using radar technology along with thermal and moisture sensors.

The device has revolutionized the way professional termite detection is carried out by combing three critical technologies which efficiently detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites.

Product History

Termatrac is an Australian company which was founded in the year 1990 and patented its first technology in the year 1997.

They launched their first product called “T1R” in Australia in the year 1999, which ruled the market and won the award “Winner of the Australian Design Award”.

Termatrac T3i is the latest version of its existing technology. The device is now available in 55 countries with worldwide sales and services and supports 6 languages.

What’s Good?

  • It is non-intrusive it can detect termite colonies through the wall and other surfaces without penetrating.
  • It uses three core technologies namely Radar, Moisture-Sensing, & Thermal.
  • Termatrac is extremely accurate. Its patented technology eliminates guesswork and continues to remain a leader in the industry.

What’s Wrong?

  • Termatrac is very expensive and available to purchase for a whopping price of $3,800
  • Not recommended for personal use.

Key Features

  • Termatrac supports instant data storage and reporting of any termite activity on any hand held device it has been synched with such as a cellphone or a tablet
  • The device is entirely eco-friendly since it does not require the use of any chemicals at all
  • Termite Detection Radar which gives very accurate results even a single termite can be detected. The device doesn’t disturb the termites hence they do not move and can be located easily.
  • Termatrac uses Thermal and Moisture sensors to detect termite activity very accurately.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology up to 20 yards away
  • It can detect termite movement activity from any building materials such as concrete, marble, etc. therefore no need of knocking, drilling or breaking.

How Termatrac T3i is different than other detection methods?

Termites are clearly difficult to detect with reliable results. Many detection methods are destructive to either property or they disturb the termite colony.

Termatrac T3i is designed to detect termites in a non-destructive and non-disturbing manner. Termatrac T3i Device will detect movement activity through materials such as brick, wood stucco, concrete blocks, ceramics tiles, marble, terracotta tiles, mica, plastic veneer, vinyl and many other common building materials.

How it Works ?

Termatrac works by emitting and detecting microwaves using their patented technology. It emits a continuous stream of microwaves, which are then reflected by moving objects (in this case termites).

These reflected microwaves are then detected by the device which clarifies and displays the information graphically in the form of moving the bar on an LCD screen. All these features make it a useful tool for pest control operators.

Technology Used

  1. Remote Thermal Sensor With Laser: The sensor acts in a way similar to a thermal imaging camera which enables the operator to point and scan for any changes in the building surface temperature which is a common sign of termite infestation.
  2. Moisture Sensor: The moisture sensor is built in the Termatrac T3i device and gives it the ability to identify the concentration of moisture in the walls, which is a typical sign of termite risk areas.
  3. Detection Radar: The detection radar allows the device to locate and track the presence of termites precisely without the need for physical penetrations of walls, all the while not disturbing or displacing any termite activity.

These 3 technologies in the one device make it powerful in detection of termite and insects activity.


The Termatrac T3i has a very unique design and is constructed with an impact-resistant plastic. It is also resistant to dust and moisture.

Despite the tough design, it is very lightweight and only weighs 440g with the batteries included. All of this makes it very easy to carry and portable enough to keep it in pocket or bags.

Additional Equipment

  • It uses standard AA batteries. (Rechargeable AA Batteries are included when device is purchased)
  • It comes with an Industrial Strength Carry case which making the entire package even more durable while carrying it in your bag or toolkits.
  • Main and car charger is provided to charge it seamlessly anywhere.
  • The manual for comprehensive training is included with the device. This manual guides you through the features and usage.

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