It’s a bad time to be a termite.

There are more termite extermination products than ever – many of which are hyper-effective.

Two treatments that you may have heard of recently: Sentricon and Termidor.

How do they compare?

What Is Sentricon?

Sentricon is a baiting system which is installed directly into the soil around your home. It consists of a specialized cellulose-based bait which attracts termites.

The bait is impregnated with the insecticide noviflumuron and passed around from the first termites that come into contact with it to the rest of the colony; resulting in the death of the entire colony.

Once consumed the baits are replaceable.

Sentricon is developed and manufactured by Dow AgroSciences and is a leading termite baiting system. It was introduced in 1995 and since has become a leading alternative to liquid termiticides and termite spray products.

The technology works on the basic principle of providing lethal food to the entire termite colony, including the Queen, which leads to effective long-term control against a re-infestation.

Installing Sentricon is a simple process, however, the ground around your home must first be inspected by a Certified Pest Control Specialist.

Trelona Compressed Baiting System

Some key features of Sentricon are:

  • Sentricon is eco-friendly and even won the Presidential Green Chemistry Award for not harming the environment. It does not use any liquid chemicals.
  • The Sentricon system is notably installed in landmarks such as The White House & The Statue of Liberty.
  • The technology used in the baiting system is considered very reliable.
  • The system is known to protect against termites regardless of soil and weather conditions.
  • The system installation does not involve any drilling and leaves behind no mess on the ground.
  • After being evaluated by 30 universities and going through numerous third-party tests including testing done by the US Forest Service, the system has continually received high grades.

Even though Sentricon is a sophisticated termite control system, its monitoring is relatively easy and flexible. There is no need for human contact with the bait in the ground and its functioning can be easily monitored via a handheld device.

For full protection, Sentricon is a fantastic option. For instance, if your entire neighborhood is already infested with termites, Sentricon can still provide protection for your home.

What Is Termidor?

Taurus SC or Termidor is manufactured by Control Solutions

Termidor is known for its fast action and is usually applied along the foundation or the perimeter of a house.

Termidor acts as a continuous barrier against termites protecting the structure for years to come.

Termidor use Fipronil as an active ingredient.

In just 3 months, Termidor can achieve 100% control against termites, while a baiting system like Sentricon can take 6-18 months.

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How Is Termidor Different From Sentricon?

Termidor is a liquid chemical pesticide often called a termiticide. It works by binding tightly to the soil to create the Termidor zone in which termites are killed on contact.

The zone uses a Non-Repellent technology and is undetectable to termites as they cannot avoid it or find another way around it. Termidor is manufactured by a German chemical company called BASF.

Best Termidor example

Taurus SC Termidor

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  • Termidor is a low toxicity pesticide treatment fully approved by the EPA
  • It can eradicate termites within just 90 days
  • It can protect against pests for over 10 years, after being used as an in-ground barrier treatment

Termidor Application

Termidor controls all types of termites including subterranean, formosan, and drywood termites.

Termidor is usually used when there is already a visible termite infestation and damage to property has already occurred.

When the priority is to eliminate termites as soon as possible then Termidor is the right choice due to its immediate results.

Sentricon – Termidor Comparison

Due to its durability, eco-friendly nature, effectiveness, and ability to kill an entire termite colony, Sentricon is the best long-term solution for termite problems.


Sentricon can systematically wipe out an entire termite colony, but requires up to 18 months to be fully effective. Termidor, however, can kill termites six times faster than any baiting system, but only kills termites which come in contact with the insecticide.


Although Sentricon is more expensive than Termidor, the baiting system only needs to be purchased once. On the other hand, long-term treatment with Termidor may windup costing more as quite a few bottles will have to be bought.

Which To Pick

Both products can be used in conjunction prevent and stop termite infestations around your home.

However, if termites have already moved in and infested the ground around your home, Termidor makes a better selection for its instant killing ability.

Sentricon remains the gold standard for termite prevention as its ability to eliminate an entire colony is unmatched.

Without calling an exterminator, the 1-2 combo of Sentricon and Termidor makes for a formidable home defense.

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