Sentricon is an award-winning baiting system which is installed in the ground to eliminate Termite infestations. The system developed and manufactured by Dow AgroSciences in the year 1995, also protects the home from any chance of future infestations.

The Sentricon Bait System is easy to use and does not require any modifications such as drilling and trenching for its application at home.

The virtual device is considered eco-friendly since it does not require the use of any kind of liquid chemicals. The system has the ability to eliminate entire colonies of termites within just 3 to 6 months.

In addition to being the winner of the EPA “Green Chemistry Award”, Sentricon is also the first EPA registered product under their reduced risk Initiative.

The only drawback to using Sentricon is its requirement of periodic monitoring. Even though treatment with Sentricon takes longer than using insecticides, it is a recommended method of termite control as a reduced-risk pesticide.

How Does Sentricon Works?

The Sentricon System works by manipulating the natural biology and behavior of termites. Termites look for cellulose food source all the time in the soil and once found, termites emit a pheromone to summon nestmates.

Sentricon baits termites towards it with a cellulose material impregnated with the insecticide noviflumuron. In this way, the entire termite nest feeds on the lethal material and dies in a systematic way.

The Sentricon System uses Noviflumuron as an active ingredient. This ingredient is an insect growth regulator that prevents worker termites to stop them from molting.

Noviflumuron is greatly potent and has a fast action, which sets it apart from other baiting systems.

Only a certified Sentricon Specialist can install one of these systems in the soil to create a protective perimeter against termite around any property.


  • Sentricon System is always active 24×7 therefore, providing constant protection and peace of mind to the owners.
  • The system is easy to use and install at home, as it requires no drilling, trenching or use of any chemicals at all.
  • The owner does not need to be present for service or periodic monitoring of the device.
  • The device is eco-friendly to its environment and removable whenever desired.
  • Kills the entire colony of termites as they feast on the bait not knowing it is lethal to them hence, also providing protection against future infestations.


  • Sentricon can only be purchased from authorized operators and is not readily available everywhere.
  • The device requires periodic inspections for it to work well.
  • It is a relatively new product and scientific literature on bait treatment for killing termites is limited.
  • The device does not provide continuous protection after it has been removed from the soil as no barrier remains to protect the house.
  • It does not immediately impact the termite colony as it must be found by the pests for them to feed on it.

Key Features:

  • Sentricon works 24/7 and 365 days. Recruit HD baits are placed in Sentricon stations at all time.
  • It helps in eliminating the whole termite colony which is the main source of the problem.
  • Application of Sentricon is far less disruptive and does no damage to your home.
  • It protects the national landmarks like The White House and The Statue of Liberty.

Why You Should Use

The fact Sentricon eliminates entire termite colonies is backed by a number of third-party research consisting of 30 university studies and 45 published scientific articles.

The Sentricon device is highly durable and can withstand tough environments with ease. It is designed in a way to be highly desirable to termites so they find it to be more appealing than wood and devour it faster.

It uses LID technology that helps technicians service sites and locates Sentricon stations that may be covered by grass.

This technology uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensor in the top cap to give each Sentricon station a unique identity, which saves valuable time when locating and servicing these stations.

Hence resulting in faster and easier maintenance. Baits usually need to be changed 4 times a whole year.

The Recruit HD bait is developed to be highly durable and dense. It uses a bait matrix which makes it much more resilient under any environmental condition.

Is Sentricon is Worth using for Termites ?

It is a fact that it acts slow but according to studies and scientific researches, the sentricon system for controlling termites is the best to adopt. It has more benefits but it is always recommended to contact a pest control company to study the situation of infestation at your house and get their opinion on what is best for you.

Frequently asked questions

Do i have to put bait in the Station ?

No! You dont need to do anything after installation of station. It works 24/7. Recruit HD baits are placed in Sentricon stations at all time.

It Kills termites on the spot ?

No. Which is a good thing. Termite carry the stuff along with them and feed their fellow workers and termites that are in the nest. It helps in eliminating the whole termite colony and eventually the queen which is the main source of the problem.

Can it damage my Home ?

Application of Sentricon is far less disruptive than others methods. It does not damage your home because it is installed outside your building premises. All bait stations are circled around your house and it control all income termites and eventually kill all colonies of termites.

Is it safe to install Sentricon near a fruit bearing tree, herbs, vegetables or any other edible foods?

It’s safe to install Sentricon bait stations near Fruit bearing trees, herbs, vegetables, and any other edible foods. The quantity of the active ingredient in each bait station is minute. The Product Safety Assessment state that the Noviflumuron has very low toxicity if swallowed. Harmful effects are not anticipated from swallowing small amounts.