Roundup QuikPRO is a granular non-selective herbicide. As the name implies the herbicide delivers effectively fast and noticeable weed control within just 24 hours of initial application.

QuikPRO is not suitable as an herbicide for commercial crops but can be used as a weed controller in commercial, industrial and residential areas.

It even gets rid of tough weeds such as broadleaf and grass weeds, or woody brush and tree roots. 

Roundup Quick Pro has a rainfast power of about one hour, meaning rain does not wash away the herbicide easily.

Lets look at in depth review of quick pro:

The efficiency of Roundup QuikPRO can be negatively affected by extremely cold or cloudy weather, leading to slower activity and a delay of visual symptoms such as yellowing and browning of the weed plant.

What’s Good?

  • Mixes easily with water
  • Easy Clean-up
  • Kills everything, weeds, bushes, grass, small trees, etc
  • Very Quick Results within 24 hours
  • Dustless dry granule formula

What’s Wrong?

  • Although it has low toxicity but on skin contact it might cause skin irritations, vomiting, etc.
  • The herbicide should be applied very carefully as it is ‘Non-selective’ and kills all the plants along with the unwanted weeds.
  • The herbicide is highly toxic to aquatic animals and contaminates water. Therefore it should not be disposed in drains or used near any water bodies.


Roundup QuikPro contains two active ingredients so that it can deal with tough weeds quickly, which are 73.3% Glyphosate and 2.9% Diquat Dibromide. Glyphosate is a surfactant which allows fast burn down of the weed plant. 

The rest of  23.8% consists of miscellaneous ingredients.

Roundup QuikPro works by being absorbed by weeds. From there the herbicide moves to the growing points of shoots and roots of the weed, where it interferes with  enzymatic production of amino acids.

This production mechanism is very essential for plant growth and when the herbicide disturbs this process it kills the weed.


Monsato is the manufacturing company behind Roundup QuikPRO herbicide from which it mostly makes $1.9 Billion in gross profits.

The QuikPRO herbicide is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered product with the registration number of 524-535.

Customer Reviews

Although a majority of customers leave behind positive reviews on the product a few have some grievances.

I am nearly 80 years young and can’t pull weeds etc. as in the past. My son-in-law gave me 10 oz. to try around my garden and it is the best thing I have ever used

Charles, DoMyOwn Customer

I have used this product for 15 yrs. I use it on 1 mile of fence line. Weed kill lasts 3-4 months with this product.

Mary, Amazon Customer

Product killed a lot more than just the weeds. It killed my St. Augustine that I planted last year.

Loublue, Amazon Customer


Spray coverage is considered the best when it comes to using QuikPRO over weeds. A detailed step by step process on how to use the herbicide is listed below:

  • QuickPro is applied with standard sprayers after dissolution with a clean water source
  • Mix Quick Pro herbicides as per the label for different types of weeds. For ex: Mix 1.5 oz. of QuickPro herbicides per gallon of water for Perennial weeds.
  • Agitate solution before spraying to make sure it is completely dissolved.
  • Apply in a way to ensure thorough coverage of targeted plants. Spray should be uniform and complete.
  • To get best results, mix and spray QuickPro herbicide on the same day as it is to be used. Avoid keeping the mixture overnight as it may stagnant the solution.

Roundup QuikPRO herbicide can be used in hard to reach places such as:

  • Fence Lines
  • Sidewalk Edges/Cracks
  • Curbsides
  • Buildings perimeters
  • Underneath Signs and Traffic Lights
  • Over Parking Lots
  • Around Traffic Lights
  • Under Bleachers
  • Over Playgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are few FAQ’s about the product.  Please go through these questions to learn  more about the product. 

Is it possible to spread it dry on soil to kill trees?

Yes, it is possible to spread it dry. However, if there are chances of rain or if it rains then the chemical might spread around another trees. As we are familiar with Roundup Quick Pro kills anything which is green therefore it kills other plants nearby

What is the coverage rate and can we store the solution?

The Roundup Quick Pro comes for sale in 6.8 pounds jug. With this amount of jug, a total of 72 gallons of chemical solution can be made. Make sure you mix the solution required and use it all. It is not recommended for storing as it loses its effectiveness quickly.

Is it a concentrate?

No, it is not in the form of liquid. It is the form of granules, more like small grains but solid. You have to mix it with water to make it a concentrate. Read below on How to use it.

Any doubts, drop in the comments below!