The pest control industry is one of the leading industries in the market. There is  no doubt that pest Management Industry lack behind in the market anytime soon. The industry has been growing since decades.

According to National Pest Management Association,  US residents spend about $7.00 Billion Each year on pest control. 

Some more interesting stats:

There are 19,675 Pest Control Companies in the US.

Number of Total Service Technicians in US is 154,500

In this article, we’ll talk about 11 out of the box pest control marketing strategies. Everyone talks about SEO,  Google adwords and social media marketing but there are lot of other strategies you can leverage to get traction.

So lets get started:

1. Partnering With parallel business to get Leads

We have many other businesses that can relate to Pest Control Business. The point here is we can be working with those business companies around to see if we can ask them and promote our Pest Control.

 Keeping our main goal as increasing leads, we get to work with them and see if the local businesses relating to Pest Control like construction companies. For Example:

  • Furniture stores
  • Real estate brokers
  • Construction Companies
  • Cleaning Companies 
  • Home improvement in general  

You can head to them in your localized areas where your Pest Control Business operates and ask them about partnership with them to promote your service to their customers in exchange with commission. 

This is likely to work the best way so far, as it is the one where there is completely a win-win situation. The companies with whom you’re getting partnered will get their commission and you get leads. 

However, some businesses or companies might not partner with you if you have complete bad reputation among customers. You should be providing your customers with the best experience so the companies you’re going to partner with won’t have to think twice for accepting your partnership. 

2. Get A Customized Funny Pest Control Video Commercial

You’ll get the exact same video displayed above with the following customization options:

  • Your company logo
  • All visible text will be changed to your text
  • Background colors
  • Your images/videos on the screens that appear in the videos

If you are just starting out, don’t get trapped into buying all new and fancy tools in the market. Just focus on marketing and learning the trade. This is the only thing which can move the needle.

3. Pro Tip about marketing messaging

It is always wise not to engage your 100% into promoting your company all day long and keeps on bragging about your company size and number of employees you have. 

Winning your customer trust is also an essential part of Marketing. If you provide good content even without asking them to opt for your service, they’ll appreciate your generosity and even if they do not use your service, they’d definitely recommend you to their friends. 

And you know Word of mouth can be very powerful lead generating vehicle if you keep doing this for months and even years. 

For example, if you’re promoting your business online first come up with statistics on “How Dangerous Can Pest Infestation Be for Your House?” and also why it is important to get rid of them and the ways they can rid of pest infestation completely.

4. Gift your existing Customers

We all know a famous quote. “Sharing Is Caring”. If we look into that way, we are able to achieve the customer’s happiness.  

Caring for your existing customer is the best idea for marketing. A small giveaway or a package of gift like Mugs, Handbags or Show Pieces with your business logo and contact number which helps in promoting your business as well as satisfy the customer. They will likely be calling you if anything goes wrong or if they needed your service again. 

You can plan it accordingly to distribute or host such giveaways of gifts to your customers. It will only cost you anything from $5 – $10 however, may be slightly less expensive if you’re ordering in bulk.

A bonus point in this strategy will be that, all the guests coming to that house will be able to get impression of your service.

Your company might be able to achieve more exposure to customers who are seeking for services your company offers.

5. Getting listed on local community websites

There are tons of local websites in your area. You can shortlist them and make a list then contact them either via Email or reach directly for asking them if they’re willing to promote your Business on their Website.

Just type on Google:Your City Name

Your City Name + News

Your City name + Community

Although nowadays many websites do have a link on their websites stating about “Advertise With Us”. You can go through it and contact them. 

Write a good piece of offer for them. Tell them what you’re going to advertise and give more information about it. Ask for their expectations too.   

 It is just another good strategy to help reach your business to many people out there. 

Other than this, there is another innovative strategy in this case to help your company/business to reach more people. 

6. Sponsoring Local Podcast

Podcasts are already going mainstream. Podcast is a series of digital audio which a user can download in order to listen and is often released like episodes to subscribers.

According to Podcast Insights.

  • 50% of all US homes are podcast fans.
  • 56% of podcast listeners are male.
  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have income over $75,000 a year.

As you see, subscribers mean audience. Hence, we will be reaching Podcast company and ask them if they are looking for a sponsor.

Once you have a sponsor spot and they have a great number of audience then it is perfect for reaching your potential customers and probably the only type of marketing you might be doing and no one else. 

Many businesses often don’t look into this type of marketing but in real it is a very effective way of marketing. It targets more worthy people that may opt for your service than any other advertising network.

How You Can Find A Podcast for Advertising Your Pest Control Business?

There are many websites on the internet offering Podcast Advertising Network like Podbean. With the help of these websites, you will be able to meet great podcast for your Pest Control Business advertisement. 

You can target local listeners to advertise your business.

7. Sponsoring Local YouTubers

YouTube is a huge video sharing site. There are millions of creators on this platform. It can be great platform for some quick marketing. 

You can shortlist some of the local channels on YouTube and then ask them to promote your business really quick at the starting of the video by simply explaining what your business has to offer.

These YouTube creator guys are not wealthy and are often looking for some sponsors here and there.

 It is likely that they will agree to sponsor your business in their existing videos by placing some slides or sponsor video if you can pay them some amount. 

8. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are extremely valuable in general, but they can have a huge impact when used in your marketing strategy. People join Facebook group for a reason after all, therefore they engage with them enthusiastically.

Marketing your local pest business on Facebook groups can be a lot easier. You just have to join groups on Facebook based in your city/town. You can then post genuine content and advertise your services in the group to help people.  

Remember, almost all Facebook groups have strict rules again spamming. Therefore, do not spam! 

On Facebook, there are plenty of general discussion going on. You can break in those discussion with your services you have to offer in a creative way with your Company/Business page to allow people see what you have to offer and also drive traffic to your page.

How Facebook Group Can Be More Engaging for Your Local Pest Business? 

Facebook recently announced several moderation and cool features for Facebook groups. Let’s take a look at it so you can understand how it is going to worth it. 

A group puts more of a focus local community.

New Group features where Admins are notified about people who break the rules, that mean no spammers. It gives more value. 

Here are some powerful insights given by SocialBakers that can give you an idea on how powerful can Facebook be when it comes to Marketing. 

9. Referral Marketing

Referral Program are just the top-notch marketing strategy. It has to offer amazingly large deals than some companies may realize. 

As we all know the nature of human, we like to talk about things we like. If you have referral program then it will obviously increase chances of people talking more about your Business. 

Secondly, trust. Trust is an essential part of Marketing. According to Edelman 2019 Trust Barometer we get to see that people trust on Business and Media are still low making it all-time low. 

The point here is, referring customers stay longer than any other customers you have. They actually trusted your company as one of their families, friends or relatives have told them about it.  

According to Nielson, 92% of consumers trust referral from people they know.

Nielsen, Under The Influence Consumer Trust In Advertising

Referral programs might seem a little tough to acquire in a short period of time. However, it can be started by offering a percentage of discount or cashbacks when your existing customers turns up back with a referral either to their friends or family.

To Start a Referral Program, here are some strategies you should keep in mind:

  • Set Your Goals. Do a little math. Ask yourself if you want to build trust in this business and grow rapidly? Then start along with your goals.
  • Timing is everything. Advertise about your referral program with existing customers or when you have sales going on. You have to remind them about it from time to time.
  • Educate the referral sources. Targeting the right people is essential.
  • Create resources to reach customer and tell them about referral program like with Emails, Blogs and so on.

10. Next Door Marketing strategy

Although Door to Door Marketing is now pretty much old school and is almost dead. No one now knocks door to tell you about their services.

However, when you have a small business/company or you have to target a smaller affected area (for which you provide services to few customers in that area), it is useful and can even create a win-win situation with customers in that area. 

All you have to do is hire a small team of 3-4 people, and educate them and train them to learn more about your service like Why is it important? What are the harms of infestation and so on.

After getting your team ready, all you have to do is knock the doors in the area where your existing customers are and explain them about area is affected and how they can be a victim of infestation.

Tell and explain them about how roaches and termites can travel from one house to another. 

Apart from this, it is also a good technique to tell your existing customers to convey their neighbors as well about Pest Infestation and its dangers in their areas and how they are getting their service done. Likewise, it can be a win-win situation.

11. Referral Program for Employees

Above, we discussed about referral program for your customers. It was a great idea but referral program for employees can be almost a perfect program. 

Employees are keen to work for the brand and they almost don’t have much issues being a brand advocate. They can represent your brand and attract customer easily. 

You can offer them Referral Bonus in this case. You can set an amount per referral or however you would like to pay them for referring.

Overall, it will help your company grow and improve customer support also. 

12. Host a Local Event

Hosting an event can be a clear way to get engage with people. You can either host an event yourself or just sponsor another event by giving your message to reach potential customers out there.  

Make sure the event is hosted at right place and targeting the right people or it may not attract as many people as it should.  Pest Control is something that only middle class to upper middle-class people can afford. Therefore, it is always wise to target the right people based on right location.

In case of any queries regarding marketing on local pest control businesses, you are free to post comment.