Mosquito Misting System, a fancy item for those house owners who spend most of their times in their backyards or outer property. It is a system which keeps bloodsucking little mosquitoes in control. The best thing about these systems is they cut the labour cost of manual application of insecticides and are effective.

What’s Good?

  • Easy to install. They are designed to be “Set it and Forget it”.
  • Very effective. It protects you from Mosquitoes from the start.
  • Flexible. It can fit in a variety of environments and locations.
  • Can be operated remotely.
  • Cost effective and eliminates the labour intensive, costly and time-consuming treatments.

What’s Wrong?

  • The misting system might posses a risk of developing insecticide resistance in mosquitoes.
  • As chemical sprayed from misting system are harmful to all insects therefore, it also kills beneficial insects like bees.
  • Insufficient monitoring can lead to needless pesticide getting sprayed into your yard.
  • The mosquito misting system requires servicing and might get error codes if proper instructions not followed.
  • Comes unassembled and requires a constant water supply.

Types of Mosquito Misting Systems

Drum-Based Misting System

A drum-based Misting System follows a cycle on a regular basis that keeps insecticides mixed in a storage form. Later, they are activated either using a switch or by remote control. It comes with all 30 nozzles and it is almost a perfect size for most of the backyards.

Mosquito Misting can be installed Around the homes, Pool, Patio and Outdoor Areas. It is also automatic system and comes with timer. You’ll be able to set time in the timer to activate the misting system.

Tankless Misting System

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The name says it all. It doesn’t have a tank and mixes the solution on the go when activated. You need to give a permanent faucet connection as a source of water to it. They are also activated either using a switch or by remote control. It depends on various models available in the market.

A pesticide called “Pyrethrin”, an organic compound derived from Chrysanthemum flower, and another one called “Permethrin” coming from a pyrethroid family, are used commonly in misting systems.

Humans and pets may come in contact with these chemicals by touching plants in the treated area or by inhaling the mist but the Environmental Protection Agency (U.S EPA) marks them low-risk.

The mosquito misting systems are for the one who is looking for an effective method and probably spends most of the time in the yards or outer property. Some of us even have business meetings held in their yards and getting bites in between deals is never a good idea.

The system is designed to easily install it and forget about it. It can be kept in your yard in unnoticeable places and where faucet and electrical outlet is available.

It is expensive but very effective making it a cost-effective method of keeping mosquitoes in control. The good thing about this system is that they can be operated and scheduled remotely.

Therefore, eliminating the need for a presence at the time of treatments and manpower.

However, there is no product which takes all the pros. There are cons as well. This system works automatically and not monitoring it properly might lead to spraying of needless insecticides in your yards which might lead to high-risk.

You should also be following proper instruction to operate it and failing to do so might give you plenty of error codes and requires servicing of the system.

Working of Mosquito Misting System and what makes it effective?

A Mosquito Misting System consists of a multi-gallon tank in case of Drum-based systems while in tankless the chemical or insecticide is directly taken from the bottle itself.

The rubber tubing from the reservoir tank is connected to the nozzles that you can place around the perimeter or fencing of your yard and places prone to high mosquito activity.

It is then activated using a timer in the mosquito misting system which enables it to spray at a certain time in a day to control mosquitoes.

Once activated, the system works by sending chemical mixture and evaporating water into the air through the nozzles and knocks the mosquitoes hovering over your yard.

What Customers Have To Say

As we were going through the reviews on various sites, we concluded that many people reported that it is pretty expensive to adapt. However, a very effective method to control mosquitoes.

They also reported that they had difficulties in setting most of the misting system by themselves as they come unassembled and some of them managed to install it in 3 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the water consumption of this Mosquito Misting Systems?

This depends on the number of nozzles you’re using. The system with 12 nozzles, will approx. consumes around 8 gallons of water per hour.

How much does Mosquito Misting cost?

A professional grade misting system on an average might cost you anything around $1000 to $4000.

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Dangerous?

No, they are not. The insecticides used in the system are environment-friendly and biodegradable. They cannot be metabolized with warm-blooded mammals. Hence, you’re safe.

Do mosquitos develop insecticide resistance with this system?

Yes, they can develop insecticide resistance. However, not so easy. It requires a span of at the most 2-4 years. You can then swap different formulations of insecticides to prevent it.

How To Install Mosquito Misting System?

In case of installing a system, we highly recommend you to follow the instruction manual that comes with the system you ordered. Many companies offering Mosquito Misting System often ship the whole DIY guide with the system itself.

However, we will be giving you some tips to install the system properly.

When installing Nozzles, make sure they are directed to spray towards the targeted area and away from pools, eating/cooking areas.

If you have any air conditioning system outside or other home air intake systems, make sure the nozzles set to direct mist away from those.

It is recommended to install rain, air, and motion sensors to prevent needless misting of pesticides.

Make sure the Misting system reservoir and tanks are securely locked and are not accessible to children.

Our Tips For Using Mosquito Misting System

  • Always check the maximum daily rate specified on the label of the pesticide and how your system operates.
  • Set automatic timers for times when your yard is not in use.
  • You should use the system when mosquitoes are most active, i.e, Early Morning, or evening hours.
  • Never operate or use when people, pets, and food are nearby.


It all depends on your garden setup; I personally prefer the tankless system where a faucet and electrical outlet are available. The system can look expensive but will still be there in a decade without mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are really annoying, but worst can transmit dangerous diseases.

Products currently unavailable on Amazon (B004HD0E2U)

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