LightsOut Bed Bug detector is an electronic device used to trap bed bugs. The device is used to detect the presence of bed bugs in the vicinity and prevent them from biting a sleeping person. LightsOut even recognizes all levels of infestation due to its bed bug attractive black color.

The device is easy to use and a better option for those looking to avoid harmful chemicals for bed bug eradication. Although regular cleaning is necessary for it to work well.

LightsOut Bed Bug Detector


  • An efficient and affordable device.
  • No use of chemicals avoids toxicity.


  • Doesn’t kill bed bugs.
  • Needs regular cleaning for better functioning.
  • The color black make it harder to see bed bugs

LightsOut Bed Bug Detector is an innovative approach to dealing with a bed bug problem. The electrical product is used to detect the presence of bed bugs and trap them at night. The machine detects activity of bed bugs in its vicinity.

All that needs to be done is place the detector underneath the legs of the bed or near it so it captures bed bugs while a person is sleeping. LightsOut intercepts or stops the activity of bed bugs as they move around at night searching for a sleeping victim to bite.

The device isn’t just good at what it does but also looks well placed near the bed in its inky black color. The company aims to develop products which lead to better sleep for their customers.

The LightsOut Bed Bug detector is made up of entirely plastic. The interior of the electronic device is tougher than the exterior.

LightsOut Bed Bug detector was invented by a leading bed bug expert, Jeffery White, as a state of the interception device. The electronic product developed and sold by Protect-A-Bed which is an American company with its headquarters in Chicago.


Overwhelmingly positive
Negative 3
Neutral 5
Positive 17


The LightsOut device is made up entirely with a firm grade plastic so it does not break while lying around. Even though the exterior of the device is made up of lightweight plastic the interior is made up of a tougher material so it can endure the weight of furniture.

The device is made up of all black. The color isn’t just for fashion apparently the black color is attractive to bed bugs. By making the device all black it gets easier to attract the bed bugs into the trap.

LightsOut Bed Bug detector is an electronic device and does not involve the use of any chemical or talc powder, therefore, it completely avoid any exposure to toxicity.

How to Apply the product

The LightsOut Bed Bug device works by trapping bed bugs inside it. The device has been designed specifically for the purpose of trapping bed bugs. The outer wall of the trap is slightly rough which makes it easier for the bed bugs to fall right into the trap with this design.

On the other hand, the inner wall is designed differently. The inner wall is smooth which makes it difficult for the bed bugs to climb out. So once the bed bugs have been trapped they cannot come out.

The device consists of two rings. One of the rings or circle is for holding folding the feet of furniture and is the smaller one.

This smaller ring is also the place where bed bugs are trapped when they come down the legs of your house fittings. Bed bugs are trapped in this segment of the ring. The walls of this segment are smooth so bed bugs can’t climb out.

The absence of any chemical ingredients in the device makes it a better choice in homes with children and pets.

For the trap to work efficiently it needs to be cleaned frequently. Since the bed bugs are trapped inside regular cleaning is necessary. Not cleaning the device on time can leave dirt and dead bed bugs inside hindering the performance of the device.

Likewise if dirt lines the smooth wall of the device it can allow newly captured bed bugs the chance to escape. Effective use of the device depends on the state of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this helpful if the bed bugs are already in the bed? Do they commute?

Just that they won’t be able to escape your bed. Treat your bed a thrice over three weeks. spend a few sleepless nights killing them and then you will be able to sleep peacefully. I’d recommend using this detector along with diatomaceous earth powder. it worked for me this way, after spending sleepless nights for so long.

How does it works?

Bugs climb up and fall into the dish. They can’t get out. I check it daily.

Will this fit a 4 inch square leg?

No it will not fit. It will fit furniture or bed posts up to 3.75″

How long does it last?

It is made of plastic, I bought it for my daughter, to protect her new mattress. I believe it will last a long time. Pretty thick plastic.

Will this fit a 3 inch in diameter round leg?

It can fit up to 4 inch 3/4 of inch in round leg.

Will these fit a 3″ x 3″ square bed frame leg?

Yes it will fit. it will up to 3.75″

How tall are these traps?

The traps are about an inch tall.

Once the bugs are caught can I simply dispose of them with water or is there a certain way I have to go about emptying the interceptors?

The best ways to dispose of the bed bugs is down the toilet or pour a little rubbing alcohol in the well.

What comes with it for that price? Is it just bed cups or is there pesticide too?

You just get the bed cups. There really is no need for the pesticide unless you wish to spray the cups too. The bedbugs crawl into that outside ring and can’t climb back out. So they either stay in there and die or you see them and kill them.

Why does it have to be placed under a leg? Does it not work to set them under furniture?

Like most pest traps, LightsOut Bedbug Detector Traps are most effective when placed put in a bed bug’s typical path. That way, the bed bug must cross the trap to get to the other side. Bed bugs often crawl up bed or furniture legs to get to their food source, so by placing these beneath bed or furniture legs, it can intercept the bed bug before it crawls from the floor up into the bed.

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