Fleas bite pets, which causes them itchiness and irritation. Witnessing your pets getting affected by fleas is not a pleasant sight. We understand your pain, and here’s the good news for you. One of the flea eradication tools is diatomaceous.

In this article, we are going to investigate diatomaceous that does it help in fleas reduction We will also answer your maximum concerns regarding diatomaceous and fleas reduction.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), diatomaceous earth can work really well for fleas reduction/elimination. The diatomaceous causes dehydration due to which the fleas die.

Controlling fleas often involve a great struggle. People often use chemical sprays, toxic powders, and harmful shampoos for it but, diatomaceous earth powder is a natural way to get rid of fleas. To discuss in detail. Let’s dive right in.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Works To Control Fleas?

Diatomaceous earth is made of algae with siliceous shells, when they are extracted, the algae is dead but the shells remain. As they are razor-sharp, they have a deadly effect on pests.

Let’s understand it in more detail. 

When diatomaceous earth gets in contact with the fleas, it cuts the exoskeleton of the fleas with itsit’s sharp edges and sucks the water from their bodies rather than poisoning them.

With dehydration, in order to survive the body of the fleas absorb oils and fats due to which they die. Though the process of diatomaceous earth takes a longer time, but it is an effective process.

You Must be concerned that is the sharp powder safe for your family or pets? Let’s answer your concern.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For Your Family And Pets?

A quick note, we are going to talk of food-grade diatomaceous specifically. There are several types of diatomaceous which can be dangerous for humans andof pets. 

Though food grade diatomaceous do not harm the humans or pets. Diatomaceous causes dehydrationing so you have to use it with precaution. 

Well, now you can use diatomaceous with confidence for the flea control without stressing about complications on your health.

But remember there is a proper way to apply diatomaceous for the flea reduction. Some homeowners misapply or over apply diatomaceous earth. Here are simple steps, how to use diatomaceous earth for maximum effectiveness.

Steps To Use Diatomaceous Earth For Flea Control

Step 1: Buy Food Grade Diatomaceous for Natural Flea Control

There are different types of diatomaceous powders. Some are used in the swimming pools or charcoal filters, but you have to use most organic variants as they are used for pest control which is the food-grade diatomaceous.

Step 2: Use Protective gear, handling diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is causes dehydration so, it can dry your skin. You have to use gloves to avoid dryness. Moreover, the dust can harm the mucous membranes so do wear the dust mask for protecting your mouth and nose.

Step 3: Clean the area which has to be treated

Before using the diatomaceous earth in any area, make sure that you clean the area thoroughly. Vacuum all the areas which have to be treated, so that the powder sprinkles well.

Step 4: Apply the Powder

The process is simple, you have to sprinkle the diatomaceous earth powder in the area which has to be treated. Fleas often hide in the carpets, so diatomaceous earth can be applied on the carpets using gloves. If you don’t have carpets you can apply it on the hardwood floors or on pets as well. Make sure that the powder reaches each flea.

Step 5: Patiently wait for the diatomaceous earth to work

The diatomaceous powder takes a little while to set in, so where ever you apply the powder, wait for 3 days at least before vacuuming. When you wait, it ensures that the eggs or the larvae and also adult fleas are dead by the powder.

Step 6: Reapplication

Before you deduce any conclusions, make sure that you apply the diatomaceous powder several times. It is essential to reapply the powder every week for 30 days and vacuum after 3 days after application.

How Long Diatomaceous Earth Lasts?

Mark in your mind that you have to keep the diatomaceous earth powder dry as it loses its effectiveness when comes in contact with water. If it is exposed to water reapply it for the flea’s reduction.

To completely eliminate the fleas apply the diatomaceous every few weeks, as they have a laying cycle of 7 to 21 days.

Benefits of Diatomaceous earth for flea control

If you are still with me till now then you have got the answers to how diatomaceous earth works for flea control. Well, to elaborate, the diatomaceous earth has certain benefits which are mentioned below:

  • The foremost benefit of diatomaceous earth is that it is non-toxic and safe for humans and pets. So, it is the best alternative for harmful chemicals and sprays.
  •  Food grade diatomaceous is available easily at the gardening supply stores.
  • It has the mechanical action so the fleas don’t get immune to it.
  • Diatomaceous is excellent for the deworming so it can directly be applied to the pets.
  • Diatomaceous earth absorbs the humidity and water so it is often kept in grains to keep the pests away and keep things dry

Minor Concerns Using Diatomaceous Earth

There are some minor concerns when you use diatomaceous earth.

  1. The diatomaceous earth is used on the carpets often. It is a bit difficult to clean up the carpets.

Quick tip: You can use a decent vacuum cleaner to clean up the carpets. You don’t have to use anything fancy or modern systems.

  1. Keep diatomaceous away from the moisture as it reduces effectiveness on the fleas.
  2. Remember to only use food grade diatomaceous earth for the flea control. Don’t use pool grade one, as it is highly harmful to everyone. Be careful while choosing it.
  3. If you are an asthma patient, then keep in mind that the powder can cause some irritation while breathing. Cover your mouth with the damp cloth while applying diatomaceous earth.
  4.  Learn about diatomaceous, their concentration is less than 90% and are rich in crystalline silica which can be toxic. Be sure that you buy the diatomaceous earth with 1% of other ingredients which will ensure that it is completely safe.
  5. Avoid placing fans near the places with the powder, so that the powder is not blown away. The powder has small granules which can be harmful. Moreover, it will be highly difficult to clean it up.
  6. Fleas often lay 40 eggs at one time. The eggs can fall off the pets when they move and are distributed in the environment. The diatomaceous don’t prevent the flea reproduction in this case, though, it kills adult fleas.
  7.  Though diatomaceous is an effective way to kill off fleas, you must run a couple of tests with it before using it regularly.

Well, while we are at the end of the article, let’s give you some encouraging success stories of diatomaceous earth for flea’s reduction.

Hopefully, these stories below will pump you up to start using diatomaceous.

My cat has been suffering from fleas from summer. I tried every flea spray and they failed miserably. I kept on with the search of the cure so, I came across some reviews and then decided to try diatomaceous. With proper use, within 24 hours the biting and scratching by my cat went to a minimum. So, with regular use, my home is flea free officially.

Black DiamondHomedepot

Diatomaceous kills the fleas, but it doesn’t hurt your animals. Just sprinkle a little and wash up later as much later as possible

Moon DimerAmazon

I had some fire ants and fleas who were impossible to get rid of. I heard of diatomaceous earth and this is safe for animals and kids, I decided to give it a shot. It killed off the fleas and ants inside out in only two days. Well, it was awesome

BeejornHome Depot

So, this is my deep analysis of how diatomaceous can help you get rid of fleas. I explored different expects of diatomaceous linked to fleas reduction. If you disagree, or you want to add some points, or you have a counter-argument, do share with us in the comments section.