Efficient pest control isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The need for a solution that eases the burden of this essential task has never been more critical. But what if we told you that such a professional-grade solution already exists?

This ingenious product simplifies your life by requiring no mixing or measuring. It’s ready to use straight from the packaging, making it a preferred choice for those seeking convenience in their fight against pests. And it doesn’t stop at just ease of use; this product stands out in its effectiveness, eliminating every stage of the bed bug life cycle.

While opting for this solution may require a slightly higher investment than its alternatives, the time you save could well justify the cost. So, are you ready to discover this intriguing tool in your fight against these pesky invaders? Read on.

Buying Guide

CrossFire Bed Bug Spray is a remarkably successful, ready-for-action aerosol insecticide capable of exterminating bed bugs at every life stage, including those resistant to typical pesticides. Here’s a succinct buying guide to assist you in your decision-making process.

  • Active Ingredients: CrossFire utilizes a powerful combination of two active ingredients – Clothianidin and Metofluthrin. These ingredients work synergistically to eliminate bed bugs at all life stages, including eggs, nymphs, and adults. The presence of these ingredients is a key reason for the product’s superior effectiveness.
  • Pet Safety: Although CrossFire is a potent bed bug killer, it’s essential to consider the safety of your pets. This product should never be applied directly to pets. Before application, pets should be removed from the area and only returned after thoroughly drying the treated area.
  • Effectiveness: The product’s effectiveness is paramount when considering a bed bug spray. CrossFire is known for its high efficacy, capable of eliminating bed bugs within 5 minutes of direct contact. Furthermore, it has been proven effective against pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains.
  • Longevity: A significant factor to consider is the product’s residual effect. The ideal bed bug spray should continue working long after application. CrossFire stands out in this aspect, as it provides a residual effect, killing bed bugs for weeks post-application. This feature reduces the need for frequent reapplications, ultimately saving time and effort.

1.CrossFire Aerosol


  • It kills bedbugs upon contact, ensuring quick and efficient elimination.
  • The spray is easy to use, providing a foaming action that enhances its adherence to surfaces for better results.


  • Not recommended for use around animals or children.
  • It’s a bit pricey.

The CrossFire Aerosol, a product of MGK, is a breakthrough in bed bug elimination, renowned for its efficacy. Its unique formula combines two active ingredients – Clothianidin and Metofluthrin, which work instantly against bed bugs. The insecticide penetrates the exoskeleton of these pests and affects their central nervous system, leading to swift extermination.

Notably, CrossFire Aerosol eradicates bed bugs at all life stages – adults, nymphs, and eggs – within five minutes. Its potency extends to pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains as well. Ready to use out of the box, the aerosol variant of the CrossFire formula is a time-saving choice, though priced slightly higher than its concentrated counterpart.

CrossFire Aerosol is suitable for residential and commercial spaces in a wide range of indoor environments. These include homes, hospitals, hotels, schools, warehouses, kennels, theaters, and construction areas. It can also be applied in various vehicles and vessels.

Furthermore, it can be used to treat everyday objects and areas infested by bed bugs. This includes items like backpacks, bedding, furniture, luggage, pet beds, and even areas like baseboards, closets, doors and window frames, floors, and walls.

A standout feature of CrossFire Aerosol is its ready-to-use packaging that eliminates the need for mixing or measuring. It contains a broad-spectrum bed bug contact killer and a stable residual chemical, targeting all bed bug life stages. The aerosol has a quick-acting formula, showing results within five minutes of direct spraying.

The aerosol formula poses low human toxicity, reduces hazards, and doesn’t require a signal word label on the bottle. It is a non-staining spray, safe for spot treatment on mattresses. The insecticide’s low-odor formulation also enhances its convenience for home use.

Product Specs

  • Active Ingredients: Clothianidin & Metofluthrin.
  • Pet Safe: No
  • Pack: 17 Oz Can
  • Manufacturer: MGK
  • Target species: Bed Bugs
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds

Customer Reviews

The MGK 1977 Crossfire Insecticide Aerosol, 17oz, is highly regarded for its effectiveness in eliminating bedbugs. Users appreciate its ease of use, lack of significant odor, and foaming action for better adherence. It kills bedbugs on contact and offers a four-month residual effect. Although it is expensive, it is considered a worthwhile investment and is often recommended by exterminators, especially when used with Rockwell Labs dust. However, caution is advised as it may not be safe for animals or children, and skin contact should be washed off promptly. For a more affordable option, the Raid insecticide is popular for regular use when changing bed sheets. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preferences, budget, and the severity of the infestation. Consulting with a professional exterminator is always recommended.

Instructions to use

  • Inspect the area for hidden bed bug colonies before spraying.
  • Shake the can well and prepare the area by removing pets and covering food and utensils.
  • Spray CrossFire directly on bed bugs and eggs at close range. Ensure surfaces are wet and not dripping.
  • Test a small area first to check for possible discoloration.
  • Wear long sleeves, shoes, and socks for protection, and never spray directly on the skin.
  • Avoid using the spray over food areas and wash all covered food items and utensils afterward.
  • Allow the sprayed areas to dry fully before reoccupying, ensuring it’s safe for pets and humans.

Remember to periodically check all areas for potential infestations. Despite being a stain-free formula, CrossFire should still be spot tested.


Overwhelmingly positive
Negative 2
Neutral 0
Positive 10

2.Crossfire Concentrate 13oz


  • User-friendly, pre-mixed packaging for hassle-free application.
  • Efficient in exterminating bed bugs on contact, leaving a lasting 30-day residual effect.
  • Pet-safe formula with a pleasant scent, offering effective results without an obnoxious smell.


  • Pricier aerosol version and limited quantity per can might demand frequent repurchases..
  • Requires precise application within 24 hours of mixing and diligent adherence to safety instructions on the label.

Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate, an innovation by MGK, has been specifically designed to target bedbugs. It blends two potent ingredients: Clothianidin (4%) and Metofluthrin (0.1%), with a synergistic compound of Piperonyl Butoxide (10%). This combination permeates the bed bug’s shell and subsequently disrupts its nervous system. Metofluthrin swiftly eliminates bedbugs, while Clothianidin provides long-term protection.

CrossFire effectively eradicates all pyrethroid-resistant bed bug stages, including eggs. It’s simple to prepare – a 13 oz bottle creates 1 gallon of product, and a 130 oz jug yields 10 gallons. Its effects kick in within minutes after exposure.

The formula is safe for direct application on mattresses and offers instant extermination without causing stains. It eliminates all stages of bedbugs and prevents the hatching of their eggs. Suitable for residential, institutional, and commercial use.

This product is known to control pests, primarily bedbugs, in all life stages – eggs, nymphs, and adults. Always adhere to label directions when using the product.

Product Specs

  • Active Ingredients: Clothianidin & Metofluthrin
  • Pet Safe: No
  • Pack: 13 Oz Bottle
  • Manufacturer: MGK
  • Target species: Bed Bugs
  • Item Form: Concentrate
  • Item Weight: 13 Ounces

Customer Reviews

Gaining traction on E-commerce platforms, the MGK 1852 Crossfire Concentrate 13oz Insecticide is highly praised for its efficacy in eradicating bed bugs. One user said, “Despite its higher cost and subpar sprayer, the easy-to-use formula with a pleasant, low odor and 30-day residual effect makes it a worthwhile investment.”

Another user added, “Its immediate results and pet-safe nature are impressive, though the two-dose capacity may not suffice for larger areas.”

Users also emphasized the importance of following the provided instructions and ensuring the mixture is used within 24 hours for optimal results. All in all, users vouch for its effectiveness in addressing their pest problems.

Instructions to use

  1. Preparation: Before starting, make sure you have a suitable one-gallon sprayer. You’ll also need to wear protective clothing, including gloves and goggles, for safety.
  2. Mixing: Pour half a gallon of water into the sprayer. Then, add the entire 13 oz bottle of Crossfire Concentrate. Stir well to mix. Afterward, mix the remaining half a gallon of water to ensure it’s thoroughly combined.
  3. Application: Apply the mixture to the affected areas. Make sure to focus on places where bed bugs are likely to hide or lay eggs, such as cracks and crevices, bed frames, headboards, underneath furniture, and inside drawers. Also, you can safely spray it directly onto mattresses.
  4. Cleanup: After spraying, safely dispose of any remaining mixture according to your local waste regulations. Rinse the sprayer and your gloves thoroughly with water.
  5. Post-treatment: Allow the treated areas to dry completely before coming into contact with them. Do not vacuum the treated areas for at least a week after application to allow the product to work effectively.
  6. Re-treatment: If needed, reapply the product every two weeks until the infestation is controlled.


Overwhelmingly positive
Negative 3
Neutral 4
Positive 16

Frequently Asked Questions

How large an area will a can cover?

CrossFire Aerosol can treat large rooms and mattresses directly, while infested linens should be laundered separately.

Can this be used on the carpet?

While CrossFire could be used on carpets, its strength lies in treating hidden areas, making it key in tackling bed bug infestations.

How long does the residual of CrossFire Aerosol last?

The residual of CrossFire Aerosol is about 4 weeks.