CrossFire bed bug concentrate spray is a unique insecticide which targets only one pest with a dual action formula.

The easy to use pesticide targets the central nervous system of bed bugs causing death within 5 minutes of exposure.

CrossFire even kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains at various life stages. However, the CrossFire concentrate only has a residual effect of 30 days.

Crossfire Concentrate

What’s Good?

  • Kills bed bugs at all stages of life i.e. eggs, adults.
  • Minimal toxicity to humans
  • A residual effect of just 30 days

What’s Wrong?

  • Only suitable for indoor use

CrossFire Bed Bug Concentrate is a relatively new insecticide formula specially designed to only kill bed bugs. The insecticide is a liquid concentrate used for spraying on bed bug colonies.

CrossFire bed bug concentrate has been formulated to even kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains with its unique combination of active ingredients.

Due to its specialized nature CrossFire bed bug concentrate kills the pests in all stages of their lives. From eggs to adulthood, all types of bed bugs die within 5 minutes of contact with CrossFire concentrate.

The water-based concentrate leaves behind no visible residue, even when it leaves a lasting effect of 30 days behind.

  • Ingredients
    • Clothianidin 4.0%
    • Metofluthrin 0.10%
    • Piperonyl Butoxide 10%
  • Manufacturer
    • McLaughlin Gormley King (MGK)
    • (Mfg. Number: 3071-019)

CrossFire bed bug concentrate is for indoor use and can be applied at both residential and commercial areas. The concentrate can be used to treat objects and places such as:

  • Backpacks
  • Baseboards
  • Beddings
  • Bed Frames
  • Closets
  • Pet Beds
  • Shoes
  • Doors & Windows Frames
  • Floors, Floorboards & Floor Covering
  • Furniture & all furnishings
  • Headboards
  • Luggages
  • Mattresses
  • Walls & Wall Hangings


Overwhelmingly positive
Negative 3
Neutral 4
Positive 16

Properties of CrossFire Bed Bug Spray

CrossFire bed bug concentrate is a non-staining product and is therefore approved for direct application on mattresses.

The concentrate is not just limited to use by professional pest controllers but can be used at home for effective results.

CrossFire concentrate is also known for its low odour. This allows it not just to be used as a standalone but it can be added as a part of an existing bed bug control program.

CrossFire is blended by combining two active ingredients; metofluthrin and clothianidin, which gives it a dual action effect.

One of the ingredients is a broad spectrum bed bug contact killer, while the other is a stable residual chemical. Such a combination provides long-lasting action against bed bugs over time.

CrossFire is non-repellant meaning it doesn’t get rid of bed bugs by repelling them but kills them by penetrating their exoskeleton.

From there it attacks their central nervous system which leads to paralysis and ultimately death, within 5 minutes of exposure.

CrossFire is also the only liquid concentrate on the market without any signal word, meaning it has no ingredient which is highly toxic to humans and needs to be labelled on the bottle.

Application of CrossFire Bed Bug Spray

CrossFire is a very new formula and had been developed for years. The fast-acting and hard-hitting residual spray are targeted specifically for bed bugs.

The CrossFire concentrate is very easy to mix and use. All it requires is to measure and mix about 13oz of the non-repellent concentrate on 115oz of water.

The concentrate should be added to water already poured into a spray tank.

After addition, the spray tank should be shaken very well to make sure the mixture is ready.

This produces a 1-gallon concentrate mixture which should be sprayed all over the target area to kill bed bugs.

Although CrossFire is considered to be one of the least toxic insecticides on the market still it is recommended the safety guidelines suggested by EPA be followed as a precaution.

The safety instructions include wearing long sleeves, shoes and socks to avoid skin contact with the insecticide. Similarly, care should be taken to keep the insecticide away from areas such as mouth and eyes.

CrossFire can be sprayed on cracks, corners, baseboards, floorboards, bed frames, headboards, furniture, doors, windows and all such other areas with a bed bug infestation.

The pesticide can even be directly sprayed upon the seams and folds of mattresses and box springs. It should be sprayed until the fabric is damp but not wet.

CrossFire can also be applied with a paintbrush to walls, baseboards, floorboards etc. floor surfaces should be properly vacuumed before the concentrate is applied to them.

For treatment of a pet’s living environment, the concentrate should be sprayed on and around the bedding, floors and the adjoining area.


CrossFire bed bug concentrate should not be applied directly onto the skin of humans or pets. All sorts of pets, birds and even aquariums should be removed prior to starting treatment.

The concentrate is not suitable for treating bed bugs in food processing, storage or preparation areas. Even at homes all food items and serving utensils should be properly covered during treatment or washed afterwards.

Although CrossFire is a stain-free formula, before applying it on any fabric it should be spot tested to prevent any unwarranted stains. Infested bedding should not be treated using the CrossFired bed bug concentrate; instead, they should be either thrown away in a tightly sealed bag or washed and dried at high temperatures.

The treated area should not be occupied by pets, children or even adults unless or until the insecticide dries up.

Can I spray this behind my oven? Is it flammable or combustible? Is it ok around an appliance that gets very hot?

Yes, it can be sprayed around the appliances in the kitchen. It really works.

I only need to treat one area. Can I split the 13oz bottle into half? Using 6.5 oz to a half gallon, then in a week treat with the other half?

Yes if that’s what the label mixing chart states the mixing rate is.

Is Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate safe in a home with pets?

Yes, Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate is safe to use in a home with pets, as long as it is used according to the label. Be sure to remove pets from areas being treated until they have had time to dry completely.

Should I alternate my bed bug treatment with Crossfire?

Crossfire is a fantastic and very potent bedbug control product and could certainly be alternated with a spray of Temprid. The biggest thing with bedbugs is to stay on top of treatments every 7-14 days and be meticulous with the applications to get into every nook and crevice you can. If you have a heavy infestation using a product like Crossfire can help drastically drop the numbers and cut your retreatments down due to its unique mode of action.

How long post-treatment of Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate do we have to wait to vacuum dead bugs?

We recommend waiting at least 2 hours after Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate treatment to vacuum up any dead bugs.

What’s the shelf life of Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate once the container has been open?

Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate Shelf like is 3 years after opening if kept in a cool dry area

Is it recommended to mix Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate with Gentrol IGR?

Yes, you can mix Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate and Gentrol IGR together to treat for bedbugs. Gentrol IGR is to be mixed at 1oz per gallon of water and reapplied every 2 weeks for bed bug control.