5 Best Wasp Traps (Self Tested by TH Team) 2020

Best Wasp Traps

Ever got stung with Wasp? If yes, you particularly know how it sounds like. Empirical evidence suggest that severe wasp sting has a correlation with high mortality rate.  

  Funny enough, the easiest method to control wasp is to catch the queen using a trap!   There are hundreds of traps available in the market. These type of traps are usually created to avoid those harsh chemical pesticides. It can work pretty consistently as long as you place it and monitor it properly.

Here are our 5 best wasp traps that actually works:


1. RESCUE Non Toxic Trapstik

Rescue Non-Toxic Wasp Trapstick is a trap made by company called Rescue based in Spokane, Washington. All Rescue products are manufactured in the United States.

This particular wasp trap comes in a single piece featuring a trap wrapped with bird guard outside to prevent birds from getting trapped. Rescue Wasp Trap have small spikes on each end to prevent birds from perching.

In this article, i have curated a list of best wasp traps you can use to catch and kill/reduce wasp population so you don’t have to do extensive research.

 I have grouped together all products, its features, sizes, and how to videos.  Lets Compare these products With Each Other

Top Pick
RESCUE! WHY Trap for Wasps, Hornets, & Yellowjackets...
RESCUE! TrapStik for Wasps, Mud Daubers, Carpenter Bees
RESCUE! Disposable Summer Yellowjacket Trap, Outdoor -...
RESCUE Non-Toxic Reusable Trap
YJTD-W Disposable Yellowjacket Trap
Chemical Free?
Top Pick
RESCUE! WHY Trap for Wasps, Hornets, & Yellowjackets...
RESCUE Non-Toxic Reusable Trap
Chemical Free?
RESCUE! TrapStik for Wasps, Mud Daubers, Carpenter Bees
Chemical Free?
RESCUE! Disposable Summer Yellowjacket Trap, Outdoor -...
YJTD-W Disposable Yellowjacket Trap
Chemical Free?

It can be hanged on any man-made structures or beside the nest to decrease the wasp population. Important thing about rescue is that it capture the queen and kill the whole nest!

It is extremely cost efficient to trap the queen to reduce wasp population. On average, wasp queen lay 100 eggs per day” Says a wasp removal company based on UK.

Rescue Non-Toxic Wasp Trapstick is usually a sticky trap and it lures insects using its appealing colours and pattern towards the sticky surface where insects usually get stucked.

Rescue trapstick can be hanged anywhere around the house or garden and any man-made structures, eaves of your house or just near wasp trap to reduce their population effectively.

It is basically a disposable trap which is to be disposed of after each use. It works best through spring to fall. More importantly, it is water resistant and you don’t have to worry about rain if occurs anytime.

2. Rescue Disposable Trap

Solid looking Trap is made and manufactured by the same company ( Rescue)  However, this trap is the most effective one and is reusable.

It captures species of YellowJackets through the hole underneath it with the use of attractant. It captures them and keeps them trapped in the outer cylinder which eventually kills them by dehydration.

The Trap features double chambered cylinder to come up with a foolproof design that prevents yellowjackets or wasp to escape. It comes with a hole at the bottom and with the help of the attractant, the insects get lured into this hole and basically gets trapped inside and eventually they die due to dehydration.

It has a clear tube which allows you to count the number of wasps trapped inside which is actually pretty cool!

You would be surprised how this trap can give you pretty cool control without using pesticides.  It simply makes use of an attractant which lures all insects towards it. This attractant works for weeks without any maintenance which is a good thing.

The Rescue reusable trap is durable and can withstand the sunlight for seasons and effectively trap queen and workers to reduce the population of the wasp and yellowjackets.

Moreover, it is recommended by the U.S Department of Agriculture and all major U.S parks, grounds and parks.

The Rescue Reusable YellowJacket Trap can be hanged anywhere around the perimeter of an area where the insects are swarming or simply hang on a natural setting like Trees. 

It should be placed at least 20 feet away from the YellowJacket/Wasp nests or from where outdoor activities are taken place like around your Patio, deck, pools, etc.

The trap is effective in Summer through fall when yellow jackets/wasp worker is swarming around for finding the food.

3. Aspectek Wasp Trap

Have you tried all those bothersome sticky traps which people usually suggest for the wasps? Well, Aspectek is one of those traps but more effective than the rest. Aspectek trap allows you to choose your own bait and fill it up with it and then practically hang it anywhere you see the wasps swarming.

Most importantly it has multiple entry points to trap the number of wasps at a single time. The reason behind being one of the effective wasp trap is its design. It may look technologically backward but that is just a myth.

Aspectek work  with scientists to come up with advanced technologically trap to help you spend a peaceful evening in your garden without any pesky insects interfering your peaceful evening.

It is not a good idea to trap honey bees, they are essential insects to be honest. People unknowingly with their mixture traps Honey bees. You can’t be trapping pollinators.

For Aspectek trap, if you don’t want to attract the Honey Bees then you should be using the following combination to make the attractant or mixture.

You Need:

  • Apple Juice (or) Cranberry Juice with Sugar
  • A Piece of Bacon (Optional)

Fill the apple juice till the bottom cone and place the bacon strip lightly cooked near the top of the trap. This will attract the wasps right away but not the honey bees.

If you fear that the insects might fly away or escape if you open the trap then empty the trap in a ziplock bag and try to freeze for good 15 minutes. Later, you can wash it out without any fear.

Moreover, best thing about Aspectek Trap is the reusability of the trap. It is very versatile and easy to wash out in minutes. It is also easy to see what’s inside and can be hanged anywhere around the perimeter of the house as it features the long cords.

Aspectek trap is made of plastic hence you don’t need to worry about its durability after all. It is extremely durable in design.

4. Cypropid Solar Powered Waterproof Wasp Trap

No products found.



Cypropid wasp trap is another wasp trap which is powered by solar and is the waterproof trap. It is designed in such a way that it can be placed on the patio or the flat surface easily and as well as for hanging around the garden.

Cypropid Solar can be used continuously in daylight as it powered by Solar and doesn’t require batteries. Power is supplied to the trap in the daylight and automatically turns on at the night.

It features two entrances and is designed to capture the insects effectively. Once trapped, it is almost difficult for them to escape. This solar powered trap emits the warm blue light to lure the insects and increase the chances of trapping them.

This Cypropid Trap is a simple way to get rid of the wasps and can trap an unlimited number of wasp. It is made with a heavy-duty plastic which is durable which will last for multiple years. It is reusable and can be reused after a season, next multiple years.

Due to the combination of the dual entrance points and blue light produced in the form of ultraviolet rays along with the irresistible smell of the mixture that is Sugary Water, Beer or any other fruit juices increases the power of trapping.

Cypropid wasp trap is well designed and well thought off which makes it more effective due to the increased power of trapping wasps. This trap is designed to work for multiple years as it is very durable.

Cypropid offers its customer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee so you can buy the trap with confidence. Simple as it seems if you’re not impressed with their traps you get a 100% money back.

5. Sterling Rescue Control Trap


This one is insecticide free. You don’t have to use any chemicals. The mechnisim in this product can attract wasp and all kind of other pest and kill them eventually inside the trap. This is perfection option if you don’t want to use any pesticides around your home. 

This product is proudly made in USA and one packet can catch upto 20,000 flies. Thats a huge number considering the amount of infestation you have it can pretty much attract majority of wasp and other fly insect you have around your home. 

It can work perfectly even for large infestation. There are lot of professional pest control companies use this product because it is environment friendly and you can get very good very good control without having to spray around your home.

Do Wasp Trap Works?

Yes, Wasp trap works indeed.

Moreover, it depends on how one uses the wasp traps. For best results, it is recommended that to check and try various mixtures to see what wasps are attracted even more if the trap is homemade.

Although, all the above-listed traps are commercial traps and include the bait to lure in the wasps. You can read about their features individually above and pick the one that’s best for you.

All wasp traps are recommended to be used outdoors, however, if you have wasp peeking inside your house that is indoor then you can keep these traps indoors too.

Wasp usually live outdoors and that’s a good point as the wasp traps are most effective outdoors. Moreover, there must be a time when they needed indoors as well. You can try out the combination of trap indoors to see what’s best for you.

Like for example, you can use Sticky traps indoor along with lured trap which makes it very effective.

You might be asking , why only the wasp traps and why not other solution for eliminating wasps? Here’s why,

Wasp traps are clearly preferable because no one would want to deal with pesticides in their home garden. It will be dangerous for them as well as the other insects around including vegetable plants or other plants.

Wasp Traps are easy to use and just require some bait or mixture so they can lure in the insects and made them trap inside. These traps come in different types, that is Disposable Lured Traps, Reusable Lured Traps, & Sticky Traps as well.

For lured wasp traps, place them near the wasp nest and where humans don’t go for around while for sticky traps you can place them anywhere like a Patio table, etc.

You can also place these wasp traps before you see the wasp that is in the early spring so that the queen will be eliminated first and their nest would not form. It can be taken as a preventive method.

Wasp traps are very easy to set up. It literally takes just a bit of your time to set them up.

Characteristics of A Good Wasp Trap

There are different type of wasp traps available in the market. 

Paper wasps generally don’t need the traps however if you are crossing paths with Yellow Jackets or Hornets then you should really get a trap and trap all of them.

Although, if you see yellow jackets and hornets or larger colony of such wasps around your garden then it’s time to spend some money on the quality wasp trap.

What are the things you should consider in a wasp trap before going for it? Well, here the characteristics of the good wasp trap and then you should be able to differentiate between them:

  • A good wasp trap should be durable.
  • It should feature a foolproof trap design.
  • It should be containing a bait that is able to lure in the wasp effectively.
  • The trap should not be expensive and should be easy to use.
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