Summers can be messy, humid and demanding depending on the place you live. Hot and humid summers demand fresh patios which help to lower down the intensity of hot weather and humid. Therefore, it is now a necessity to install a versatile yet stylish patios ceiling fans. For handy solution for beating summers is just to add a new decor to the outer spaces of your house.

Here are our top choice for best patio ceiling fans!

Types of Fans

Plastic Model – Easy on Your Pockets

It the most cost effective type of patios ceiling fans. As these models are made up of plastic material hence they are very lightweight and built for multiple climates and environments. 

No matter which game you play in patio, right ceiling fans help you stay cool and let you enjoy your game. Says Chief Editor of Pitch High, an online sports magazine.

The only reservation with this type is that they are not very durable and can be damaged easily within a year or so. But definitely this wouldn’t stop you for investing in such models if you are looking for affordable options.  

Wooden Design Model – Adding Elegance To Outdoors

These wooden designs patio ceiling fans are surely an excellent choice if you are looking for an elegant, contemporary look for your outdoors. Wooden designs in ceiling fans add a pastoral sophistication to outdoor ceiling fans. Even though they look elegant, you need to take care of the climate where you live, because if you are living in constant damp climate, or there are heavy rain falls, then bending with moist could be a serious issue with time.

Metallic and Stell Model – Rough & Tough

Lastly, let’s discuss sheated metallic/steel outdoor ceiling fans. These models incorporate an outer cover for keeping air fresh and presenting the blades from getting ruined from environmental damages. Also if you live in a green area or places with heavy rains, then surely encased metallic ceiling fans is the perfect choice.

What makes a ceiling fan good for outdoor installation?

Installing Outdoor fans is a tricky task. It requires a lot of effort, time and skills for installation of outdoor ceiling fans. As these fans are specifically designed to handle several extreme weather conditions, and are made more resilient than other standard ceiling fans. Also, the outdoor ceiling fans are built either wet rated or damp.

Product Guide and Specifications

1. Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

What’s Good?

  • Availability of manual reverse air flow
  • Comes with handy remote control
  • Contemporary patios ceiling fan with industrialized style
  • Available in 3 Speeds – Low, Medium, High
  • UL listed for mushy places

What’s Wrong?

  • Not suitable for uncovered roofs in moist climatic conditions
  • Not for the locations with salt water exposure

Simple yet stylish fan that features oil rubbed bronze finish motor. This unit is exceptionally powerful and offers enough airflow in hot summers, thanks to its 5 three solid walnut wood blade span.This model is one of Casa Viejas’s bestselling outdoor ceiling fans. 

The Delta Wing is designed elegantly with flat and fine-looking lines which gives modern grace to this outdoor ceiling fan is a fancy and trendy. It comes with oil rubbed bronze finish motor and three solid and long-lasting wood-walnut blade varnish. 

In addition, there is a 3 phase AC motor that rotate the three blades at a 9-degree pitch to produce an extraordinary 6225 CFM air flow at maximum speed. This modern design is also UL listed damp locations such as roofed outdoor patios and features a remote control. 

This fan has a manual reverse option so that you can set the motor to revolve the blades to bring warmer air down from the ceiling or set the motor to spin counterclockwise to have the benefit of “chilling wind” effect in hot summers.

Energy Guide

  • Airflow Efficiency: 103 Cubic Feet per Minute / Per Watt
  • Airflow per minute: 5723 Cubic Feet 
  • Electricity utilization: 62 Watts (excludes lights)

Top Features

  1. Oil-rubbed bronze finish motor with three firm wood walnut finish blades
  2. 52″ blade span x 9° blade pitch
  3. 153 x 18 mm motor size
  4. Net weight14 lbs
  5. Features one 6″ down rod
  6. Canopy width is 6″ and 2 1/2″ high
  7. Fan height is 11″ ceiling to blade (with 6″ down rod)
  8. Height of the fan 12″ upper limit to base of fan (with 6″ down rod)

2. Hunter Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain

What’s Good?

  • Damp-rated for installing in covered porches, patios and sunrooms
  • Offers standard, low or oblique mounting
  • Energy Star listed
  • 5 reversible Antique Dark Palm Leaf blades lets you to modify your fan’s appearance to harmonize your decor
  • Offers limited lifetime motor warranty (by purchase from only company)
  • Noiseless and wobble free hanging mechanism

What’s Wrong?

  • It does not come with an inclusive pull chain. No pull chain is attached with attractive knob on the end like every other Hunter model.

Hunter Fans Company has an established brand name in terms of the quality they provide. They are well known for their cost effectiveness. Hunter 54098 Bay view is also energy star certified.

This unit is Energy Star certified so you can be assured that this powerful performance does not waste energy and it guaranteed efficiency in your utility bill. On top of that, there is a lifetime limited warranty that ensures top performance.

This is the best choice for sheltered porches, patios, and even sunrooms; the Hunter Bay view 54-inch ceiling fan has a modern appearance that alters outdoor spaces into fresh cheerful breezy spots for some leisure time in all seasons therefore making it Best for season. For visual satisfaction visit here.

Energy Guide

  • Airflow capacity:  5803 Cubic Feet per Minute
  • Estimated annual energy cost: $13

Top Features

  1. Comes with 5 traditional Dark Wicker / Antique Dark Palm Leaf Reversible Plastic blades 
  2. Availability of 03 fan speeds (low, medium, high) and reversible airflow utility offers modified comfort 
  3. 13 degree blade pitch installed to guarantee idyllic air movement and maximum performance output
  4. Features Whisper Wind motor for delivering noiseless performance
  5. Optimized Reversible motor allows users to alter the direction of the fan from downdraft mode during summers to updraft mode during winters
  6. Pull chain for speed adjustments and switching on/off options

3. Emerson Ceiling Fan Batalie Breeze

What’s Good?

  • Easy Installation with down rod. Features optional sloped ceiling kit for pitched and several heights of ceilings
  • For extra control point availability of four speed wall
  • It comes with signature energy-efficient DC motor for efficient energy consumption
  • It has limited lifetime motor warranty and 1-year warranty on other parts of the unit
  • The Batalie Breeze ceiling fan is also UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed for wet locations.

What’s Wrong?

  • Seems like no downsides for this product

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF621VNB Batalie Breeze is Just a perfect solution for right outdoor airflow.  One of the distinguished features is that it has been rated as energy saver because of it minimal electricity consumption.

On the whole, Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788VNB is a perfect asset particularly as it will facilitate you in saving energy outlays in the longer run .Additionally no complaining reviews has been added by users on Amazon particularly.

Energy Guide

  • Airflow: 3831cubic feet per minute
  • Estimated energy consumption annually: $13
  • Energy used: 46 watts
  • Airflow efficiency: 83 cubic feet per minute per watt

Top Features

  1. Reversible DC Eco Motor 33 Watts, 120 Volts, 6-Speed 
  2. Airflow 7929 CFM
  3. Add on accessories available
  4. Availability of lights
  5. Oil polished Bronze finish
  6. Remote is available
  7. It is UL listed for dry or humid
  8. 5 blades unit
  9. Energy Star Qualified

4. Monte Carlo 3MNLR56BSD Minimalist 56″ Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

What’s Good?

  • The noiseless DC motor creates extra power and torque encouraging with 70% less energy consumption.
  • Optimum airflow
  • The Minimalist comes ready with an incorporated down light and remote restricted dimming options
  • Damp Rated

What’s Wrong?

  • It is damp rated for use indoors or outdoors, but protected environments only such as a covered patio.
  • The slowest fan speed is not completely slow and the top speed is not fast enough. For example it has six speed options in which 3rd, 4th & 5th feels alike.
  • The LED light doesn’t gives complete shutdown

Monte Carlo 3MNLR56BSD ceiling fan is smooth and contemporary, the housing and the three blades have supple, curved lines inspired by a mid-century artistic visuals while still feeling completely fashionable. It is also incorporated with 16W LED down light bolsters The DC motor offers great airflow capacity and energy competence.

Energy Guide

  • Airflow: 7240 CFM
  • Energy costs weighted per year: $6
  • Average Efficiency Weighted: 246 CFM/WATT
  • Electricity weighted average: 21 WATTS

Top Features

  1. Premium power 85 X 65 mm DC motor for quiet operation
  2. Specially designed for patio and damp locations.
  3. Ultra efficient energy saving 6 speed reversible motor.

5. Westinghouse Lighting 7861920 Oasis

What’s Good?

  • Approved for wet locations, with distinctive oil rubbed bronze finish and weatherproof blades.
  • Beautiful leaf design blades, finished in a rich mahogany, create a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere.
  • Designed especially for patios, verandahs, and gazebos, the Oasis brings a tropical feel and comfortable breezes indoors and outdoors.
  • A reversible switch helps you stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • In warm weather, run the fan counterclockwise to stay cool. In cold weather, run it clockwise to recirculation warm air from the ceiling, eliminating cold spots and drafts.
  • For convenience, this fan is remote control adaptable (sold separately)
  • This Westinghouse fan is backed by a lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty on all other parts.

What’s Wrong?

  • The bracket will only fit a 4″ outlet ceiling box. If you have a 3″ outlet box, you’ll have to replace it.
  • Difficulty in installation

Energy Guide

  • Airflow 4,305 Cubic Feet per Minute
  • Electricity Use 57 Watts (Excludes Lights)
  • Airflow Efficiency 476 Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt

Top Features

  1. Single-light 48-inch five-blade indoor/outdoor ceiling fan
  2. Lantern style light kit and leaf design blades create a welcoming environment
  3. Airflow: 4,305 cfm; Energy Usage: 57 watts without lights; Airflow Efficiency: 76 cfm per watt
  4. Includes 54-inch lead wire, 4-inch by 3/4-inch down rod, and one candelabra-base 60-watt G16-1/2 light bulb
  5. Lifetime motor warranty two-year warranty on all other parts

 If you are a sound proofing geek, you must consider buying  quiet pedestal fans they aren’t that expensive and can work perfectly well.

Factors to consider while purchasing an outdoor ceiling fan

Here’s a list of factors that you should consider before purchasing an outdoor ceiling fan:

  1. Be sure the fan is intended for outdoor usage
  2. Visual appeal should be attractive
  3. Easy to install
  4. Check for wet-rated and damp-rated models

Now let’s discuss few factors in detail.

1. Watch For Measurements

Just make sure you have the proper measurements for your outdoor ceiling before making a purchase. Need to properly select the fan with appropriate size, shape and color that matches your house outdoor aesthetics.

2. Durability of Fan Blades

The most important feature is to look for weather proof. No one needs the hassle of molded blades, so just take a few minutes to cross-check the quality of blades before making your purchase decision. Always go for weather resistant blades with coatings or cover for longer term.

3. Damp rated for humid and wet places

Based on the place you live, always make sure that you are making a right choice. Because if you live in a place with constant rains and humid weather there are chances you end up with mal functioning of your ceiling fans. Check if the blades are damp rated and cannot be easily warped.

4. Does it has a Remote Control or Pull Chain?

If you are a lover of modern design and aesthetics then you might be a remote control person. But if you are someone with traditional taste in aesthetics then surely you will go for pull chain unit. Therefore you should also choose a fan with which you are more comfortable in terms of usage and its functionalities.

5. Lightning Mechanism

An additional feature that you might want to see in a ceiling fan for patios is the lightning feature. You might not want to dwell yourself in extra effort of installing lights with ceiling fans. Therefore, to avoid this fuss it’s better that you choose a ceiling fan featuring inbuilt lightning mechanism, thus saving your extra efforts. However don’t make it a compulsion.

6. Safety is must

Always make a safe purchase by a detailed analysis of outdoor ceiling fan. After having perfect measurements of your ceilings in width and height go for making a purchase. Small kids and animals must remain safe from accessing the ceiling fan controls in order to avoid potential hazards.

These things can really make or break your patio experience so you have to make your decision wisely. There are lot of other things you can do to enjoy a fresh patio but ceiling fan is integral part of your outdoor experience.

You might be wondering what are your options in winters? With no surprise there are some great looking patio heaters you can buy to have some fun time in patio. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re installing a ceiling fan on your patio or your living room, the Westinghouse Lighting 7861920 Oasis Ceiling Fan is just the right choice. It has rich oil-rubbed bronze housing that is not only chic but also very supple.

No doubt, summers are tough and extreme temperatures make you confined indoors. But if you are an outdoor person and love to enjoy the outdoors and is seeking to sit in and relax outside then make yourself comfortable. Select the perfect match of ceiling fan for your patio. 

Also one of the greatest benefits of installing an appropriate outdoor ceiling fan is that you can avoid many pests around your living rooms, decks or outdoor places. 

As In addition to the breeze produced by the downdraft, outdoor ceiling fans generates an area that is tricky for many insects and bugs to fly through, helping you keep them out of your patios or outdoor living spaces.