5 Best Mouse & Rat Glue Traps in 2020 (Buying Guide)


Rodent season is coming and you should be prepared to deal with mouse infestation. As they are famous for spreading diseases and even damaging fabric and buildings. 

 In one of our earlier posts, we did talked about mouse traps (in general)  which were either Humane traps or the electric traps. 

 There are Hundreds of mouse glue traps available in the market and it can be hectic task to pick up the perfect one for you that works for your situation. I spent lot of time testing different mouse glue traps. 

Today we are going to review different glue traps available in the market. If you do not want to use electric traps, you might consider using a glue trap. Which works very effectively against rodents. 

I spent hours on research and short listed few products out of couple-hundred different traps available. Some works some don’t. This article can help you to make educated buying decision and buy products that actually works.

Here Best Mouse Glue Traps You can get your Hands on:

Tomcat Glue trap is one of a kind of glue trap and uses Eugenol for enhanced stickiness to make it effective. It is non-toxic and pesticide free way to effectively control mice. It is made in the US and is ready to use. The pack contains 6 mouse size traps which are disposable after each use.

It comes with a bait station which is resistant to weather and tampering by the children and pets. This reusable station gives mice access to bait and keeps finger and pet paws out. As it is resistant to weather therefore this station can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Tomcat glue trap can kill up to 12 mice and a variety of other household pests including Spiders, Roaches, and Scorpions. It can be placed in small places like garage doors, entry and narrow lanes.

How To Use Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap?

Extraordinary Mouse glue trap can be used in the farms and outdoors without any hassles of other birds or animals like dog, cats, etc. getting near the trap. 

It is an electronic device which is therefore not advised to be used in extreme weather conditions like storms, long time rainfalls.

It comes with cardboard with adhesive over the surface and can be used in different scenes like 180 Degree flat, 90 Degree Right Angle, Square Shaped or in U Shaped as it is foldable which makes it effective enough to trap mice from anywhere around the house. This trap is easy to clean and is non-toxic basically free of all chemicals and poison. It is an eco-friendly trap.

The manufacturer of this product used very clever strategy to keep  birds, cats, dogs and other animal away from this trap. It use ultrasonic white LED to drive these animals away. 

It also comes Passive Infra-Red Sensor detecting and uses an adapter to charge it’s battery or even it works on Solar Panel inbuilt.

How to Use

Catchmaster comes plenty of benefits. It is a fast-acting trap which is safe for family use that is suitable around children. It is comparatively long-lasting trap ( works for almost 1 year when kept in normal condition) 

Catchmaster Glue Traps has an adhesive formula that has been specially designed to avoid hardening of substance which can limit effectiveness. Catchmaster glue trap is a heavy duty trap with professional strength and doesn’t require any additional bait. The trap also features the Hercules Putty Fastener. This fastener anchors the trap to the ground tightly and prevents the drag off.

Catchmaster Glue Trap is also an alternative to other cardboard traps which may not hold up in the humid places like under the sink and basements or bathrooms. The cardboard traps get wet easily and glue trap holds up perfectly in such humid places.

How To Use

Garsum Mouse and Rat Glue Trap are made up of the fold-able cardboard with a super strong adhesive which doesn’t allow the rats or mouse to escape once trapped. 

The cardboard is thicker and harder so the mouse or rat cannot drag it away. The foldable cardboard allows catching the rats or mouse even in the narrow spaces.

Garsum Mouse and Rat Glue trap are safer to use as it is non-toxic and free from any poisons or chemicals. It is odorless and environmental friendly. It can be used in homes, gardens, yards, bars and restaurants.

This trap is easy to clean up, you don’t have to even touch the rodent. You can dispose of it in the trash can easily. It is much easier to use and it gets ready in seconds. Put on some baits on it and place it. You’re good to go.

However, to keep the trap effective you need to avoid keeping it in the direct sunlight and water exposure. If you’re going to use it in the winter then make sure you heat the trap before placing it to loosen the glue.

How to use:

First remove the protective wrap from the trap. Open the trap and place it where you signs of infestation. (In kitchen, cabinets and and entrance) Now place the bait in between the adhesive and make sure it sticks.

WAIWAI Mouse Glue trap is one of the foldable glue trap featuring high quality, non-toxic and poison free glue which is strong enough to catch lot of mouses. It might also catch bugs, roaches, etc. It can be used in the perimeter of houses, offices, restaurants, and bars and it is pretty much easy to use just like any other glue traps.

WAIWAI Mouse Glue trap gives a lifetime warranty on the shower water filter and they provide excellent customer service so you can contact them anytime you want and get help. It is ready to use out of the box. 

For better effectiveness of this glue trap, you should avoid the direct exposure of sunlight and water. If in any case, the glue trap gets wet then make sure it is completely dry before using it again to trap.

How to Use

The Kensizer mouse glue trap is made out of thick cardboard which is foldable in 4 different ways including 90 Degree, 180 Degree, U-Shaped and Box-Shaped. It features stong sticking ability and a large size which is suitable to trap more than 2 mice or more at a time. Like all other glue traps, this trap is also easy to use and you don’t have to touch mice in the process. Just dispose of it in the trash.

The Kensizer mouse glue trap has a wide application and is great for trapping small scorpions, spiders, crickets, flies and cockroaches. You can place the trap wherever you like to or where the signs of mouse you have seen. As it is foldable, you can place it behind the appliances, under the sink, garbage areas and offices.

This trap is environment-friendly and doesn’t make use of any chemical or poison, therefore, it can be used in the places where poison or snap traps are forbidden like restaurants, food factories and hospitals.

Buying Guide for Mouse Glue Trap

Benefits of Mouse Glue Traps

Mouse glue traps are easy to set up and are budget-friendly. On top of that, they can be cut down to smaller size so they can fit in everywhere you wish to and the narrow lanes. 

These type of traps are disposable and you don’t have to clean and set it up again. 

Glue traps are basically free of any chemicals or poisons. They use adhesive to trap the mouse and it sticks to the glue and the mouse eventually die of hypothermia because it can’t move to give enough temperature to the body.  

Downsides of Glue Traps

Glue traps like all other traps come with their own downsides. It actually raises the issue of being inhumane and cruel with mouse/rat for some people. Glue traps sometimes make it impossible for a mouse to be released without any injury and they are only for single use.

In such glue traps, the mouse doesn’t die quickly and they struggle. It also doesn’t work in extreme temperatures. They are meant to be kept away from children and pets as the adhesive is strong and won’t come off easily.

Lets be fair, you can’t get rid of these pests if you think too much about humanity and animal rights. You know, these mouses can spread deadly diseases so why we should scarify our health for just being so loving for these animals ? 

After all mouses aren’t pets and they are constant threat to our health. I believe you should get rid of them as soon as you can. 

Consider This Before Buying Glue Traps

If you’re not new to using traps, then you might have an idea of mouse or rats. For the newbies, it’s not easy to determine the proper use of the traps and the placing strategies, therefore, for newbies its always a better option to go with pre-baited glue traps. 

If not, you can place your own bait on normal traps to lure the mouse towards the trap. Before buying glue traps, you should also be considering a few more things like,

  • Look out for heavy duty plastic which allows them to be placed in places like under sinks and basements
  • It should have a flexible design
  • Look out for the traps with a strong adhesive especially if you have rats around.
It also depends on which type of infestation you have. If you have a small infestation, glue traps might work but for medium or large infestation, you should either use electric traps or contact pest control professional because you might make the situation worse if you deal with high infestation of rodent yourself. 

How To Remove Animal Stuck To Glue Trap Safely?

You can set the animal free somewhere away from your home by placing a few drops of cooking oil or baby oil in between the glue and animal now gently help them to work their way into freedom! After removing the animal from glue trap slowly, place the paper or tissue underneath the animal so that it doesn’t stick back while removing another part of the animal.


There are plenty of glue traps to choose from and all of them promises you the same thing. All you want is something more effective, and we are here to announce the clear winner as in your opinion. You’re free to choose anyone you like. 

We recommend using the Catchmaster Pre-baited Mouse Glue Trap. If you see overall, it has features better than other glue traps and also it is effective and heavy duty product. it might work in low to medium level of infestation.  In case you have rat-infestation then we recommend using more traps as recommended by me in other article. 

If you think the glue traps are effective but inhumane then you’re always welcome to set them free once they are trapped. We have discussed this above on how to release the trapped mouse outside your house once trapped

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