5 Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelets (2020 Edition)

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

When you are out hiking, on the water, on the golf course, or just relaxing in your backyard, you don’t want to have your day ruined by buzzing, blood sucking mosquitoes. 

But what if you want to get rid of mosquitoes but don’t want to use a chemical spray?

Mosquito repellent bracelets are an alternative option to bug spray, and can provide up to 60 hours of protection from pesky mosquitoes.


Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

  • Pitch and Trek Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
  • Green-Nature Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
  • Gorgeous Ranch Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
  • Mosquito Guard Kids Repellent Bands
  • Evergreen Research Insect Repelling SuperBand

There are hundreds of different mosquito repellent bracelets available in the market. We extensively researched and tested different options to find the best mosquito repellent bracelet for you.

Read our reviews and make your decision based on the product that fits your needs.

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In this article, we will zone in on the efficacy of repellent bracelets and how to choose from the different options available on the market.

What Are Mosquito Bracelets?

Repellent bracelets are made of pliable, stretchy plastic and are commonly infused with Citronella and lemon grass. 

Citronella, lemon grass, and the like, are strong smelling and act by masking our body’s natural scent.


While loose-fitting clothing that covers most of the body is effective in reducing bites, it is impossible to cover all of one’s skin, especially during the summer.

Bug sprays provide varying levels of protection, but they are full of potentially harmful chemicals.

Let’s take a look at the mosquito repellent bracelet options, and whether they are an effective substitute for bug spray while spending time outdoors.

RiptGear Mosquito Bracelets

These colorful bracelets come in a pack of 15. The pack can easily be resealed so you can take out exactly as many as you need without compromising the potency of the rest.

We really like that they are 100% DEET free and non-toxic. 

They have been infused with completely natural citronella oil; the smell can be strong but not unpleasant. 


RiptGear Bracelets are adjustable and can be reconfigured to six different sizes – for children and adults.

RiptGear claims that each band lasts 240 hours. While none of our reviewers have worn theirs to expiration, they did notice some diminishment in efficacy after significant wear time.

The bands are also aesthetically pleasing. They come in cute neon colors and do not appear to be repellent bracelets. 

The bracelets are waterproof for the most part, however, they do tend to become weaker with extended exposure to water or the sun, so remember to switch them out after some time and store the rest in the carefully sealed bag, away from sunlight.

A big perk of this mosquito bracelet brand is its customer service. Several reviewers have noted that their customer service department is exceptional and immediately refunded their order when told the bracelets were not having the desired effects.

Green-Nature Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Green-Nature repellent bands are non-toxic, 100% DEET free and are made of a concoction of natural essential oils, including:

Lavender oil, Geranium oil (25%), L-menthol oil (25%) and citronella oil (20%).

Green-Nature makes our list of the best mosquito repellent bracelets as sach band is reusable and offers a whopping 250 hours of protection. But again, take that with a grain of salt as none of our reviewers have work their bracelet to expiration.

These bracelets come in a resealable pack of 10, with five cute colors (one pair in each color) to choose from. They are waterproof and stretchable so all members of the family can put them on their hands or ankles for any outdoor activity.

You also get a few added perks. Green-Nature includes 24 free citronella patches. These can be placed on your clothing, bags or even hats (but NOT on skin) to keep mosquitoes away. Pairing them with your bracelet can create extra mosquito protection. Moreover, they include a small educational booklet called “Mosquito University Pack” that has lesser known and helpful details on mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, Green-Nature does not offer a money back guarantee. 

Superband Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

These bracelets come in a pack of 50, but the great thing is that each bracelet comes in its own resealable bag so you can use only one at a time. 

They are completely DEET and hazard free because they are 100% natural.

Superband uses a three essential oil infusion of lemongrass, citronella oil, and geraniol.

The scent could be nice or overpowering, based on your personal preference. The bracelets are waterproof and also stretchable so one size fits all.

These bracelets are stretchy and are one size fits all. While they don’t come in a variety of colors like some other brands, our reviewers found them to be comfortable and stylish (as stylish as a mosquito repellent bracelet can be).

Superband bracelets don’t boast of as long of a lifespan as other brands. They claim that their bracelets last for 200 hours. However, each package includes 50 bracelets to make up for the shorter lifespan.

What do we like best about Superband?

The vast majority of their reviews are positive and state that the bracelets work to repel mosquitoes. 

Mosquito Guard Kids Repellent Bands

Need natural mosquito protection for your kids?

Mosquito Guard Kids Bracelets come in a bundle of 20 and are individually packed. They are 100% DEET free and carry geraniol, citronella and lemongrass oils.

The bands only come in orange and are made of a pliable plastic so they can fit all members of your family. They can even be worn by your pets.

The company does recommend, however, that your child be at least 3 years old to wear a mosquito bracelet.

They are not water proof so it is not recommended to go swimming with these on as they could lose their effectiveness. The company makes no claims in regards to the life span of each band but they recommend that you wear a new one each day so we are guessing you should not push it over 24 hours.

Unfortunately, there are no money back guarantees here.

Evergreen Research Insect Repelling SuperBand

These come in packs of 10, 20, 25, 50 and even 100. Each band is individually wrapped, stretchable and the same yellow color.

They are infused with geraniol, and lemongrass and citronella oils. 

Evergreen mosquito bracelets are 100% DEET free and devoid of any other strong chemicals. They are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the bracelet losing its potency during water activities.

200 hours of protection is claimed per band, which is helpful as they are reusable. 

If you are thinking of giving repellent bracelets a go but are worried that you will not get your money’s worth, we recommend either starting with the Pitch and Trek bracelets because of their money back guarantee. 

If you don’t care about the money but still want to get value, Green-Nature is a good option because you get a good number of bonus citronella patches, as well as free education on mosquitoes, even if the bracelets don’t work for you.

Mosquito Repellents vs Pesticides:

Face it: Mosquitoes are the bane of everyone’s existence, except maybe the lizards that eat them.

As if planting itchy bites on everyone wasn’t enough, they have to make that loud annoying buzz as they go about their business. 

They are not just annoying. Mosquitoes can be flat out dangerous. This is because they can carry some seriously harmful pathogens (bacteria and viruses). When they bite, they can transmit these pathogens to humans.

Diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes are among the deadliest: Dengue Fever, West Nile disease, malaria and many others. It is therefore paramount that mosquitoes be kept at bay.

When picking a repellent, it should be taken into consideration how much time you spend outside and where. If you are only going to be outside for very short periods of time, weaker repellents should work fine. 

Repellents should only be used if you are traveling or you have a small infestation. In case of a large infestation that you can’t control yourself, you should either use pesticide or contract a pest control professional. 

If exposure to mosquitoes is for an extended period of time is expected, opt for stronger methods, such as mosquito spray.

If you are in an area of high bug activity, it is advisable to opt for repellents with DEET. Your personal preference should be taken into account as well. For example, in case of reservations against using DEET, citronella or peppermint oil can be used as more natural alternatives.

In What Forms Do Mosquito Repellents Come?

One of the reasons mosquitoes are attracted to humans is the scent of bacteria and other human byproducts like sweat, carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Repellents, in any shape and form, work to mask the smell.

There are several different types of repellents. The most common, and also the most effective, is a topical repellent

Topical repellent can take the form of a lotion, a spray or even a wipe.

These usually contain the chemical DEET or picaridin and come in varying concentrations. When using a topical repellent, any exposed skin has to be covered, as any clean spots will inevitably invite the mosquitoes to bite away.

However, when it comes to topical repellents, some people have reservations. Although there isn’t strong evidence that DEET or picaridin are harmful, they are still chemicals and can make people apprehensive.

Even medical and scientific guidelines recommend that you do not apply topical repellents too extensively and frequently in a single day (one application of a strong concentration should keep you set for eight hours). It is also recommended that you rinse the repellent off with soap and warm water at night.

Furthermore, topical treatments can be inconvenient in general, what with the labor of application (although that is significantly reduced if you use a spray or a wipe) and the sensation of having something sitting on your skin. 

Hence, people often tend to gravitate toward chemical free, natural options, and ones that preferably do not involve slathering the skin with something.

With the rise in mosquito-borne diseases, protection against them has become more and more important and industry has tried to keep up in innovative ways. Lately, repellent bracelets have been hitting the market and they appear to be a promising, convenient solution to the mosquito conondrum.

Do Repellent Bracelets Work?

Evidence from people who have tried and tested repellent bracelets is not exactly unequivocal. Some seem to rave about them, while some say they do not work at all.

However, if one tries to gauge a general consensus, it’s that they will not protect you against high mosquito activity and they do not offer protection all over the body.

Since the repellent substance is in the bracelet, it does offer some protection in the areas that are in its close proximity. But one bracelet on the wrist is not a whole-body shield. In fact, in some cases, people have even gone as far as wearing four bracelets (one on each limb) and have still gotten bitten.

This does not mean that they are no good. They just provide a lower level of protection. This means that you can fare well in situations where your clothing covers most of your body. However,  you still need to protect your hands, wrists, ankles and feet. 

Mosquito repellent bracelets might be able to guard these parts without you having to put a topical solution on them and have everything you touch smell like repellent.

A bracelet can be especially useful in situations like gardening, for example. In such a setting, topical repellent would require constant reapplication because you have to deal with soil and water which could wash off the topical repellent from your hands. 

Since bracelets also come in waterproof versions, they are a neat hassle-free fix for this. It is important to always remember though that field tests have shown bracelets can reduce bites but cannot eliminate them. 

Where there are a lot of bugs, practice caution and pair the bracelet with some topical repellent as well.

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