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When summer rolls around, it is common  to enjoy a nice lunch out on the patio on a bright day, under the shade of a lawn umbrella or a gazebo, or to sit there sipping on a cool drink, watching a beautiful sunset.

Mosquitoes and other pest can turn your patio enjoyment into a nightmare. 

There are lot of mosquito control products available in the market. If you dont want to apply pesticides in  your home, mosquito net is a good option.   In this article, we are reviewing different mosquito nets you can use for your patio to protect yourself. We spent hours doing extensive research on these products so you don’t have to do that. 

Top Pick
Patio Umbrella Mosquito Netting - Polyester Mesh Screen...
Tangkula 9/10FT Patio Umbrella Screen, with Zipper Door...
Wenzel Magnetic Screen House, Black
Patio Umbrella Mosquito Netting
Tangkula Patio Umbrella Screen
Wenzel Magnetic Screen House
9 ft diameter. mesh 85 inches tall
9ft to 10ft umbrella
Inside Area: 99 SQ FT,
Prime Status
Top Pick
Patio Umbrella Mosquito Netting - Polyester Mesh Screen...
Patio Umbrella Mosquito Netting
9 ft diameter. mesh 85 inches tall
Prime Status
Tangkula 9/10FT Patio Umbrella Screen, with Zipper Door...
Tangkula Patio Umbrella Screen
9ft to 10ft umbrella
Prime Status
Wenzel Magnetic Screen House, Black
Wenzel Magnetic Screen House
Inside Area: 99 SQ FT,
Prime Status

Why Buy A Patio Net?

During the warm months, people become more outdoorsy to bask in the sunlight. Unfortunately, it is not just us humans that tend to venture out. Pesky mosquitoes, houseflies, moths, and other flying bugs join in and their company is not exactly fun, we can all vouch for that!   

While relaxing and especially during lunch outside, it can be inconvenient to slather yourself with repellents and worry about reapplying once they wear off. Furthermore, they might keep the bugs away from you but they won’t stop them from feasting on your food or keep their buzzing at an inaudible distance. You also might not want to pump the air full of pesticides and sit there.

Since patio nets form a safe canopy around you, they solve both those problems in a chemical-free way (the untreated ones at least) and you don’t have to worry about sticky residues or any lingering smell on or around your body. Not to say that repellents and pesticides are strictly bad. They can be a god-send in certain situations. However, for relaxing in your garden, patio nets trump them because,

  • They are non-topical, non-hazardous and eco-friendly
  • They are easy on the pocket. A $30-$50 investment can last you several years.
  • They just require a one-time set up and you are done

What To Look For In Patio Net?

  • Visibility:
    A darker colored mesh is going to provide more visibility through it. This is because darker colors absorb light so extra light won’t bounce off the mesh to enter your eyes. As opposed to this, lighter colors reflect light and can reduce visibility. This is why, if you are going to be wearing the net hat outside in bright sunlight, a black or dark mesh is a better option. For night time, a lighter mesh will work too.
  • Size: 
    While most nets are adjustable to umbrellas up to 9ft. in size, some umbrellas can exceed that. It is important to make sure the net you are buying supports the size of whichever structure you are putting it on.  
  • Ventilation:
    The material of the mesh should be breathable polyester. If, to keep the bugs out, the mesh is way too thick, it can block the air flow, making your time outside less enjoyable. Netting with 250 to 300 holes per square inch is usually ideal.
  • Treated vs Untreated:
    Some patio mosquito screens come with meshes that are treated with insecticides or repellents like premethrin. These are even more effective at keeping insects away but can possibly be smelt on the fabric. In the end, that is up to personal preference.

Without further ado, let us get into our top picks.

1. Patio Umbrella Mosquito Netting by Linnai Products

What's Good?

  • Net affords good protection and visibility
  • Sturdy base and mesh

What's Wrong?

  • Some people have reported issues with the zipper breaking

If you want to spend quality time on your lawn or patio without having to worry about pests, the Patio Umbrella Mosquito Netting by Linnai has got you covered.

Literally! This net is around 85 inches in height and weighs approximately 3.3 pounds.

You can drape it over your umbrella and table and it will fully secure you from all sides.
Provided the umbrella is 9 feet or less in diameter, it can be of any shape. If it exceeds 9 feet though, the net won’t fully reach the ground, leaving gaps for bugs.

With the drawstring at the top, you can adjust the net to your umbrella’s size and shape. This would even work with square umbrellas and lawn swings.

As it is easily foldable when not in use, it can be stored away without giving up much space.

The mesh of this net is 100% high quality monofilament polyester. It isn’t so thick as to block air flow but it will make sure all bugs are kept out. Dark color of mesh and the right thickness preserve visibility.

Its entrance is lined with a zipper both on the inside and outside so you can open it from both sides pretty easily.

This closes it tightly shut against any intrusions by insects. The zipper does not obstruct the view so you don’t have to worry about that!

At the bottom, the tubing of this net is made of PVC, which is completely sealable and can be filled with air or water. The purpose of this tubing is to weigh down the net and anchor it to the ground, sealing the canopy. It will also keep the whole arrangement sturdy against the wind.

If you use water, you only need to fill the tubing halfway. Unless you are experiencing very strong gusts of wind, that should provide enough stability.


The Linnai Mosquito net pack comes complete with installation instructions. It is recommended that at least two people work together to install it. Since it does involve working well above your head, a step ladder could be needed. You should take care and follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid accidents

What's Good?

  • Large size can fit most umbrellas under 10 ft in diameter, regardless of shape
  • Water and weather resistant

What's Wrong?

  • Does not include base.

Lightweight and durable, the Tangkula Patio umbrella screen can be used on umbrellas as big as 10 ft in diameter. With dimensions of 30’×7′ (L× H), this is one of the bigger sized nets we have found. Both its diameter and height are fully adjustable. 

Using the drawstring top closure, you can configure it to your umbrella’s size. It is fully sealable with a zipper entrance that can be used on both sides. The view is not blocked by the zipper.

The material of the Tangkula Patio screen is not only sturdy but is also waterproof and can weather light rains easily. The mesh’s color is black which allows for good visibility, especially in bright sunlight.

One downside, though, is that the base does not come with this net. It has to be purchased separately. That can work out great if you already have a base from a previous patio setup but are looking to buy a new net. 

If you are starting from scratch, it could be a bit of a hassle to buy a net and base separately, especially when so many other options include the whole package.

What's Good?

  • Easy sturdy set up
  • More mobility as it can be propped up anywhere without needing extra support
  • Unique magnetic closure on doors

What's Wrong?

  • More expensive.
  • Less portable.

Ever wanted to host a lunch party outside but too scared you would end up eating bugs? This canopy screen by Wenzel might just be a way to make sure all your protein comes strictly from your food. Its peak height is 7.5 ft. so it is most likely taller than your tallest guest. 

With floor measurements of 11 ft. x 9 ft., it is wide enough to fit a picnic table as well and the double-sided entrance makes it easy to set up an entry and exit strategy around the table. People can enter from one door, help themselves to the food, walk around and exit from the other. 

One really interesting feature of this screen house is the magnetic door closure. The entry flaps are lined with magnets. That allows for a hands-free entry and exit. You push through the door and it will shut itself up.

The net of this canopy is made of 68D polyester taffeta. Poles are included in the pack and are made of steel and fiberglass. Also included are the screen house and a storage bag that you could fold and pack it very easily. 

Its folded weight is 17 lbs. 7 oz. which leaves it slightly on the bulkier side, particularly if you want to take it with you on camping trips. But for outside teas and lunches in the garden of your own home, this can be a savior on those mosquito swarm filled evenings.

Although this canopy screen is on the pricier side, it pays for itself with its versatility. You can basically prop this up anywhere to form a tiny cute boxy house. Installation instructions are provided and straightforward. The structure also has attached ropes on all four corners that can be pegged into the ground for extra support. The best part is that no added equipment is needed for support. 

No tubing to be filled with water. You don’t need an umbrella or any other structure to prop this up on. It can stand on its own. Plus, you don’t even need an umbrella for shade as the canopy’s top is covered.
Also available from the company are similar screen houses in different shapes and sizes. 

There is one even larger than this available in a round rather than rectangular shape. It can cover up to 126 sq ft. For comparison, the magnetic screen house we reviewed above covers 99 sq. ft.

What's Good?

  • Can fit any size and shape with diameter under 9 ft
  • Easy to set up

What's Wrong?

  • Tends to become loose on the umbrella

The Best Patio umbrella screen is a great pick to enjoy your leisure time outside without getting bitten. It can be used to cover your patio umbrella, lawn swing or deck.

To install it, you basically drape it over a very slightly opened umbrella so the net has something to hug while you adjust it to the right size pulling the drawstring. 

You can then open the umbrella gradually, making any adjustments along the way. This net can fit umbrellas up to 9 ft in diameter, regardless of the shape.

Made from breathable polyester, the mesh does not hamper visibility but keeps mosquitoes, bees, gnats, wasps and other critters out. A fully sealable zippered entrance allows easy access and exit. The tubing at the bottom has to be filled with water to stabilize the entire structure.

Since it is very lightweight (~2.1 lbs.), it might not sit very still on the umbrella, especially if its windy. While the tightened drawstring at the top does grip the net to the umbrella, a simple way to make sure the net doesn’t move is to use several safety pins to secure the it against the umbrella.

5. Jobar International Umbrella Table Screen

What's Good?

  • Really large size can accommodate most umbrellas

What's Wrong?

  • Some people have reported issues with the tubing leaking.

This one is the largest net on this list. It can cover umbrellas up to a whopping 10 ft. The top can be cinched tight to hug the shape of your umbrella so you could get a custom fit. 

The Jobar umbrella screen is made from breathable, see-through polyester available in both white and black. This one, too, has a fully sealable zippered entrance.

It comes with a base tubing that you can fill with water to keep the net pinned to the ground.

6. Texsport Patio Umbrella Net

What's Good?

  • Free storage bag
  • Fibreglass base eliminates the hassle of leaks and refilling

What's Wrong?

  • Some people have complained that their net did not reach the bottom fully when draped on a 9 ft. umbrella.

In most aspects, the Texport patio umbrella net is the same as the others we have discussed so far. It can fit an umbrella up to 9 ft., has a zippered entrance that can be used both from the inside and outside and is made from a breathable, see through, flame retardant mesh that lets the air in and keeps the bugs out.

One way that it is different in from the rest is that its base is not water fillable. Instead, the base is a shock-corded, fibreglass pole. This means that you don’t have to worry at all about water leaks or equal sand distribution or refilling the tubing with anything.

Its installation instructions are the same as all the other nets we have discussed so far. With the pack, you also get a free bonus: a storage bag to put this in when not in use.

Limitations of Patio Nets:

Patio nets do come with limitations, though. The most obvious one is restricted mobility. You are only safe from bug bites within the bounds of the net. The outside is still a raging battleground.

They are prone to wear and tear. This depends on the quality of the mesh of course. But sometimes, the strongest mesh cannot withstand the bounding leaps of an over enthusiastic pet. While adults can learn to handle the nets with care, it can be a little difficult to get your pets or children to do that.  

The water filled base of the net, that keeps it tethered to the ground, can sometimes leak. Since the tubing is kept on the ground, it is susceptible to punctures from things like sharp twigs on the ground, animal bites etc. When it leaks, it can cause water to puddle around the area. It also makes the net unstable on windy days, giving bugs an entryway from below when it is blown upwards.  

For some nets, you can opt to fill the base with sand instead of water. However, you might need to shake the tubing well to equally distribute the sand every time, which requires some extra labor.

How To Setup A Patio Net:

The instructions to set up a patio net are pretty straightforward. It is better that two people work at this together:

  • Find the top of your umbrella and pull the drawstring to the fullest.
  • Spread the net over a partially opened umbrella, aligning the top of the net to the top of the umbrella. If your umbrella is over 9 ft., you might need a step ladder for this step.
  • Now, slowly release your umbrella to its widest position and simultaneously, keep releasing the drawstring little by little. The second person should be realigning the net as you keep releasing it more and more. This is to make sure it sits as snugly as possible on the umbrella.
  • Once the net falls fully to the ground, you can tighten the remaining drawstring to secure the top to the umbrella.
  • Fill the tubing at the bottom with water until the bottom of the net is fully weighed down and pinned to the ground.

Why Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

The physiology of a mosquito allows it to incubate pathogens in its body. That is to say, viruses and bacteria can survive and thrive inside a mosquito. When mosquitoes “bite”, they usually inject their proboscis into your skin to draw blood. 

Since they come into direct contact with blood, it is very easy for them to pass these pathogens onto us. Once passed on, they multiply inside our body, leading to various diseases some of which can be lethal. 

Dengue, malaria, West Nile disease, and zika fever are some examples of ailments that could result from a mosquito bite and that is reason enough to take protection against mosquito bites very seriously.

If you have any discussion, drop in the comments below.

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