Are you tired of buzzing annoying biting mosquitoes? It’s time for fogging them out of your life for enjoying a safe and healthier life. As these pesky creatures are not only annoying but also very harmful for the people around you, especially if you have open spaces and beautiful gardens around your crib.

I have created a cool looking table and compared Top-3 products so you can make a better buying decision.

Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog
Invatech Italia New Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer Mosquito Fogger Backpack Sprayer Cold Fogger
Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger
Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger Curtis
Invatech Italia New Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer Mosquito Fogger
Tri Jet ULV Fogger-Indoor and Outdoor
Salient features
Calibrated Dial Allows Precision Control of Fog Output
2 Reviews
144 Reviews
254 Reviews
Prime Status
Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog
Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger Curtis
Salient features
Calibrated Dial Allows Precision Control of Fog Output
2 Reviews
Prime Status
Invatech Italia New Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer Mosquito Fogger Backpack Sprayer Cold Fogger
Invatech Italia New Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer Mosquito Fogger
Salient features
144 Reviews
Prime Status
Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger
Tri Jet ULV Fogger-Indoor and Outdoor
Salient features
254 Reviews
Prime Status

As a matter of fact these irritating flying pests does not only cause constant scratching induced by their bites leave you vulnerable to potential infections, like Dengue fever , malaria or Zika virus etc.

Mosquito foggers devices literally cut mosquitoes off at the source immediately, and are one of the most useful forms of mosquito control out there in the market, preferred by professionals and homeowners alike..Therefore, if you are really bothered by their presence around you and your beloved ones, You should try these top recommended mosquito foggers.

But before you buy one, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics when it comes to picking out one of these tools.

For the beginners, if you are using mosquito fogger for the first time you might have to understand that what is this device actually and how it works? Basically mosquito fogger is a tool that generates a fine mist from filled insecticide solution and this mist or fog then can be applied around your backyard and will repel and kill most of the mosquitoes in the sprayed area.

These fogger devices have multiple variants that come in diverse shapes and sizes but the most popular types are Thermal and ULV foggers where Thermal foggers are further classified into Electrical and Propane models.

Certainly,there are major differences and pros and cons attached with each technology but they are all made to designed for serving the same purpose make a fog that has a droplet size from 2 to 10 nano-meters that will fuse to even the negligible mosquitoes and will not let them escape.

But before you purchase one, it’s imperative to make known yourself with some of the basics when it comes to picking out one of these fogging units.

Using a fogger is much more effective than using a simple spray. The main problem is fogger are also much more expensive. If you are on a budget you can use our mosquito yard spray buying guide.

1. Tri Jet ULV Fogger-Indoor and Outdoor User

What’s Good?

  • Can be used for both indoors and outside areas
  • Offers Long term 5 years’ manufacturer’s warranty
  • Wide area coverage quickly and effectively due to adjustable nozzle
  • Airflow can be regulated simply by a flow valve positioned near the nozzle
  • Very durable as reported in several consumer reviews

What’s Wrong?

  • Expensive than other available options
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Not as efficient or powerful as most thermal foggers
  • dependent on an external power supply, which confines its range of application to certain extent

Being an ULV It operates by applying the fogging solution through a nozzle at a very high pressure, thus by producing a superior quality of mist droplets between 5-50 microns (μm) approximately in diameter.

Its specially designed nozzle can spray approximately upto 30ft which makes it easier to cover the surfaces with the solutions quickly and more feasible to penetrate into hard reaches.

Its Adjustable valve also allows you to modify the volume of the droplets produced by the fogger.

Best for Application: All kinds of Indoors and outdoors residential, commercial, rural and industrial environments.
1. Its regulating valves and tornado action nozzles produces directional mists up to 30 ft
2. Includes Triple nozzle with two-phase action
3. Totally Rust proof and rugged
4. Incorporates Heavy Duty Motor

2. Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog-Wide Coverage

What’s Good?

  • Well-matched for of pesticides, water or oil based solutions
  • Produce a very fine mist; perfect for penetrating difficult to reach areas
  • High-quality manufactured materials
  • It comes with extension cables

What’s Wrong?

  • Can only be used outdoors and in open spaces in patios
  • It is also dependent on external power supply thus restricting its versatility of use

It consists of a cutting-edge electric start-up mechanism that makes the killing vaporized quickly and entirely, producing a fine quality mist whose component particles enters in all the standard cracks and corners that mosquitoes, insects and flying bugs are to be found.

It offers a more speed as compared to most thermal foggers. It’s built from strong stainless steel which is rust-resistant and built to last long.

For large scale fogging and mosquito’s issues it truly offers value for investment of your time and money.

1. Its regulator Dial offers Precision Control of Fog Output
2. A special pack version is offered for small scale applications of fungicide to certain tree crops like rubber, oil palm and cocoa.
3. It Incorporates commercial grade thermal electric fogger
4. Droplet size 0.5-50 microns WMD
5. Offers quick vaporization system
6. It includes extension leads
7. It takes only 110 volts power source;
8. Anti Rust material used in its parts
9. It has powerful, stainless steel filters construction located in Tank Necks

3. Invatech Italia New Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer Mosquito Fogger

What’s Good?

  • Effective in killing mosquitoes.
  • Ergonomic padded straps.
  • Huge tank capacity

What’s Wrong?

  • Hooks is not heavy duty.

You will be amaze with the great performance of this insect fogger. It is effective to eliminates mosquito. This Invatech Italia fogger is model 868.


The Invatech Italia 868 fogger is one of the largest and most powerful mist blower/duster. Ideal for crop protection and pest control. The 868 has more power and mist volume than any comparable unit on the market today.

The Mist that comes from the machine kinda atomized. And dispersed over a wide range with a uniformed quality to the atomization. Mist can reach heights up to 32 feet vertical and 39 Horizontal.

Be aware that spring above your head the dispersal is not quite as good. If you were strain at tank level and below, it will spray above your head at a considerable distance.

Features and Description

  1. It has Pressurized Turbo Pump.
  2. Equipped with a 4.3 H.P. engine with a tunnel volume of 805 CFM produced using the 868’s revolutionary fan system.
  3. The variable, liquid dosage control system offers a selectable output from 0.10 to 1.2 gallons per minute.
  4. Mist output can reach 39 feet horizontal and 32 feet vertical. Further, the 868 disperses up to 14 lbs/min of powder and up to 45 lbs/min granular volume.
  5. Standard Nozzle droplet test 52-70 micron. The unit weighs in at an ultra-light 22 pounds. For comfort, the mist duster has ergonomic padded shoulder straps with backrest.
  6. Tank capacity is an astounding 3.7 gallons / 14 Liters. With a translucent tank and extra wide mouth for filling.
  7. Includes Turbo Pump to increase distance.
  8. Technical Specs: Weight: 22 pounds Motor: 4.3 H.P. engine.

4. Longray Pulse – Jet Fogger

What’s Good?

  • Targeted areas: farms, gardens, backyards, factories, warehouses, animal coops and more
  • Pulse-jet technology delivers fogging that is faster than other available options
  • Backed by a one year warranty from the company
  • Sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel fuel and solution tank
  • easy to maintain pulse-jet engine

What’s Wrong?

  • Can’t be used only indoors or in enclosed spaces
  • Expensive just as a commercial fogger for broader use

This powerful thermal fogger comes with the benefits of thermal fogging – amplified spraying distance, advanced particle size and completely wireless functioning,

Pulse-jet 2nd generation technology vaporizes the pesticide solution thus powering the trigger pump and delivering finer, faster and extensive coverage in fogging.

Particles that will penetrate all the out of the way locations where mosquitoes like to hide


  • Generates a smoky fog made up of extremely fine (0.5-50.0 micron)
  • The fuel and solution tank are fashioned from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • The cooling jacket and protective safety shield are also stainless steel
  • All seals, gaskets, and diaphragms in contact with the solution are made from Teflon or Viton.

Best for application: Outdoors only

5. Smith Performance FC2600

What’s Good?

  • Easy to operate and carry around, according to customer reviews
  • Can adjust the composition of the spray to suit the task at hand, from a thin mist to a thick coating
  • Can be used both indoors and outside
  • No flame or fumes to contend with
  • Due to the 5.5-liters storage tank, you will rarely run out of solution whilst spraying

What’s Wrong?

  • Not as efficient or powerful as a thermal fogger
  • Relies on an external power source, which somewhat limits the areas you can use it

This electric mosquito fogger doesn’t come with the hazards of fire and fuel leakage like most thermal foggers do: the electric motor forces solution through a nozzle which transforms it into a fine mist that will easily penetrate anywhere and everywhere.

Simply by adjusting a valve located on the nozzle, you can alter the output of the fogger, from a light mist to a thick, heavy coating.

1. Electric powered ULV fogger, no heat or fuel to run with; as an alternative it forces fogging solution through a nozzle at high pressure, thus transforming it into a fine spray
2. Alter the composition of the spray by adjusting the flow valve on the nozzle: 5.5 Liters storage tank
3. Powered by electricity, requires access to a 110 volts power source
4. Can be set to auto mode,
5. You can carry it yourself into hard to reach areas using the flexible hose
6. Compatible with both water- and oil-based solutions
7. Comes with built-in carry handle and hose storage compartment

Best for application: This cold mosquito yard fogger from Smith Performance can be used indoors and outdoors alike, in the home, yard, barn, stable, kennel etc

Playing safe with a fogger

For those of you who don’t want to indulge in chemical fogging can try MosquitoNix Green. which is completely Free of pyrethrins, permethrins or cedar oil, it’s as a substitute infused with such natural, mild ingredients as peppermint oil and clove extract.

It’s safe and sound for use around pets and kids playing around. Additionally, this treatment does not leave any stains, so you don’t have to worry about hideous and revealing signs that you treated areas such as lawn, tarmac or concrete.

Foggers are a great way to kill mosquitoes but be sure to always keep safety in mind during operation. Be sure to:

1. Always put on a pesticide respirator
2. Read cautiously the instruction manual for your fogger
3. Always Use approved insecticides with your fogger

More about

Let’s be more specific when it comes to buying an ideal mosquito fogger You need to know all the comprehensive details related to it. Some of the important aspects to be considered are as follows

Following a fogging schedule

These mosquito foggers are generally very effective and if you want to completely get rid of these nasty creatures then you can use a fogging schedule where you fog your chosen places every day for the first week, every other day for the second and then in the third week you can change to only once a week to kill off the new ones.

Best time to do mosquitoes fogging

Generally, mosquitoes don’t have a preference for daytime and are searching for shady areas to hide during the day. So the best time for fogging is in early mornings and late evenings around dusk. Mostly fogging is done during evenings because of following reasons:

Research shows it is more suitable to do fogging in evenings as the temperature falls down a bit and most of the time the temperature closer to the ground is going to be higher than that in the air. This lets the fog from to settle down on the ground easily and thus the fog is going to stay in the area for longer span of time.

Thermal Mosquito Foggers

Thermal foggers are more appropriate for outdoor use because high temperatures used to heat the fogging result can be a fire risk indoors. Some thermal foggers are deliberately designed for indoor use depending on the model you pick, but it’s always better to stay safe and keep thermal foggers for outdoor use only.

The thermal foggers are further categorized in the following types

Electric Foggers: as the name suggests Electric foggers work on electricity and have to be plugged in to an electrical source in order to start.

Gas Foggers: Gas foggers naturally use propane as a power source. One benefit of thermal foggers is that they are much more transportable.

Cold Mosquito Foggers

Cold mosquito foggers do not need a heating function to work so the heat generated from the equipment isn’t as much of a concern as a substitute, they use air pressure to atomize fogging liquid that can be used in just a few minutes.

Cold Foggers vs. Thermal Foggers, What’s The Difference?

Thermal foggers are likely to be more reasonably priced, but they come with a major fire risk because of how hot the fogging apparatus can get during the fogging process. Some thermal foggers also discharge a lot of dangerous gaseous fumes.

When functioning, you’ll also notice that the fog formed by cold foggers have a tendency to be indistinguishable, which makes it tricky to manage and unintentionally inhale.

Mosquito fogger buying guide- Factors to consider

When it comes to choosing a mosquito fogger for your household or other commercial purposes there are a few important aspects that you need to think.

Some of them we have discussed already, such as fogger types , their functioning, thermal fogger or cold fogger, whether it is powered by fuel or electricity or both, what type of pesticide and fogging solution they are compatible with etc.

Now here are a few other features that you should look into :

Size of the emitted droplet

You need to see the size range of the droplet produced by the fogger in product details and specifications. As droplet size varies from fogger to fogger and it should be taken into consideration that the one you picked should be of 20 microns or less which is necessary for killing mosquitoes. Not only because mosquitoes are very tiny pests, but also so that the droplets can go through the hard to accessibility areas where mosquitoes are known to have their home.

Materials of the parts used

Whenever you are choosing a fogger, pick one that is made from superior quality, well-built materials – if possible then preferably a stainless steel. Particularly if you are going to be fogging outdoors, you need a product is resilient to all weather conditions like extreme summer heat or stormy and rainy days. Consider a device with a UL or IP ratings for waterproof along with certification of corrosion resistant

Formulation output

It refers to the mechanism of quantity output formula released per minute by any respective fogging device. Along with that you need to also see the area covered by a unit given of the fogging solution used in the fogging device. Look for the product for maximum efficiency.

Storage tank size/capacity

As depending on your usability you need to look for a feasible storage tank of the fogger. For example, if you are conducting a small scale mosquito’s eradication operation then an average or even smaller tank size would be enough. But if you are on a mission of conducting mass-scale fogging operations, then make sure to purchase a device with a large storage tank for the fogging solution. So in That way, you won’t be running out of pesticide in the middle of the eliminating job!

Fogging solutions that your device can be used with

You also need to see the compatibility of the fogging device with the treating solutions. As some foggers are just compatible with water based solutions while others are just oil based. The best move is to select the one which is compatible to multiple solutions types.

Weight and dimensions

As discussed for the storage tank, this feature is also concreted with your feasibility. For example, if you are going to be strap your fogger to your back and spraying a large outdoor spaces, you probably should go for a lightweight and compact device that is easily portable Therefore, you need to make sure to read up on the dimensions and the net weight of the fogging choice you’re making.

Other uses

This is completely optional but still a value adding feature cannot be ignored. You can also consider that the possibilities of using your fogger as a disinfectant device conduct odor controlling activities, treating and prevent molds and other pests. It may be helpful to purchase a product with several potential applications for added benefits.

Concluding thoughts

We hope you now have a clearer idea of what these fogging devices are all about, and how they can provide you an effective assistance in the summers.

This article explores multiple mosquito foggers out there today along with their benefits and downsides as a pest control method and outlines some of the best product options of each kind available in the market today.

All you need to figure out first is the area that you need to cover first and the model that is best aligned with your fogging needs.