Bed bugs will always bite warm blooded humans. If they are alive and present they will always search for a body to prey upon. 

According to bed bug survey in USA, one out of five american has bed bug infestation in their home. 

There are hundreds of bed bug spray available in the market. I extensively researched different products available and curated a list best bed bug spray you can buy that actually works. So you don’t have to spend countless hours to get rid of this situation. 

Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Aerosol, 1 can
Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment, 24oz...
Harris Bed Bug Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and...
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Best value for Money​
EPA Registered
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Nature’s Innovation Inc.
PF Harris
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Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Aerosol, 1 can
EPA Registered
Amazon Prime
1.35 pounds
Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer Spray Treatment, 24oz...
Runner Up
EPA Registered
Amazon Prime
Nature’s Innovation Inc.
1.85 pounds
Harris Bed Bug Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and...
Best value for Money​
EPA Registered
Amazon Prime
PF Harris
8 pounds

The nasty red bites left by the tiny pests lead to a whole world of discomfort and anxiety. What makes bed bugs even more troublesome is their uncanny ability to multiply extraordinarily. Hence the eradication of bed bugs is of the utmost importance. 
When it comes to a bed bug treatment plan there are many available options. The quickest and most cost-effective is using a pesticide spray.
Although there are other options available. You can use bed bug traps, and powder as well.

Bed bug traps can be handy if you have a small problem and you want don’t want to use chemicals in your house. 

Bed bug powder and spray can be used if you have relatively larger infestation. if you can sleep at night and got bitten by these little pesky bed bugs, you should consider using bed bug insecticide. 

Bed bug elimination sprays are suited for any stages of an infestation, especially when the colony is limited to one room or a few items of furniture.

Even if the bed bugs have laid eggs they can be killed by certain sprays before hatching and spreading. In case of traveling bed bug, sprays can be very useful for people looking to stay in places with the possibility of an infestation, so they don’t carry these pests back home with them.

A majority of sprays kill bed bugs on contact within a few minutes of exposure. Some sprays evaporate and their effect ends while others have a residual action which stays behind even months or years after application.

Simply spraying an area will not guarantee the death of bed bugs but it may ward them off from the area if it has a residual effect. Sprays are a form of strategic bed bug treatment.

We reviewed individual products above. Now lets deep dive into each product in details. 

CimeXa Concentrate

The CimeXa concentrate is one of the most powerful insecticide formula available for killing bed bugs.

CimeXa is 100% silicon dioxide dust which is diluted in water to form a solution which kills bed bugs three times faster than any other insecticide. What sets this insecticide apart from others is its residual effect of 10 years.

CimeXa kills bed bug completely at all stages of their lives; either adult, nymphs and even eggs ending any chance of them feeding or reproducing. CimeXa also kills bed bug strains which are resistant to pyrethroids and neonicotinoids insecticides. 

CimeXa has proven to ensure 100% mortality of bed bugs even if they are partially or temporarily exposed to the insecticide within just 24 to 48 hours.

Bedlam Aerosol Spray

Bedlam aerosol spray kills bed bugs as an on spot treatment within 15 minutes of exposure. The spray comes in a very convenient and safe to use a canister.

The aerosol spray requires no preparation process and is relatively simple. The easy to use spray just needs to be shaken well before being applied.

The Bedlam aerosol spray has been designed for especially killing bed bugs by targeting the central nervous system of both adults and eggs. The only drawback to the Bedlam spray is its limitation to indoor use only.

In addition to being an effective insecticide, the spray gives a residual effect of 6 weeks against bed bugs.

CrossFire Spray

The Crossfire spray comes in two convenient packaging forms; an aerosol canister and a concentrate.

CrossFire is a newly developed bed bug elimination formula by MGK which even kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains.. The insecticide effectively combines 2 active ingredients, Clothianidin and Metofluthrin, together for immediate action against bed bugs.

CrossFire can actively penetrate the bed bug’s exoskeleton and attacks its central nervous system leading to its death.

CrossFire spray kills bed bugs within 5 minutes at all life stages i.e. adults, nymphs, and eggs.

The CrossFire aerosol is a convenient can for fast action whereas the concentrate is suitable for large scale treatment.

Even though the aerosol charges more than the concentrate version, its formula is ready to use and does not require any mixing at all.

Steri-Fab Bed Bug Spray

Steri-fab is a water based disinfectant spray used to kills bed bugs and its eggs. The disinfectant spray is a contact killer meaning it kills bed bug as soon as they are fully expose to it and the disinfection occurs within 10 minutes of spraying. 

The spray dries up within 15 minutes of application and has no residual effect leaving behind no trace or killing power when the formula dries up. 

Steri-Fab is a stainless and odorless insecticide. It is an easy to use spray mix made up of a combination of a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and isopropyl alcohol. 

Steri-Fab also acts as a bactericide, fungicide, sanitizer, viricide, mildewcide, germicide, deodorant, bacteriostatic, and fungistatic. 

The spray can be applied almost anywhere or on anything including mattresses, box springs, carpeting sheets, cabinets, table tops, floors, etc.

Temprid FX Bed Bug Spray

Temprid FX is a powerful broad-spectrum insecticide formula which comes in both a liquid concentrate and an aerosol spray. 

The FX in its name stands for ‘flexibility’ as it replaced the Temprid SC after mixing two active ingredients; beta-cyfluthrin for fast action and imidacloprid for transferal power. 

The spray works both indoors and outdoors and provides a residual effect of 6 months inside and 30 days outside. The insecticide formula eliminates hard-to-kill pests by providing a fast knockdown of bed bugs. 

Temprid FX is known for its effectiveness against bed bug strains which have grown resistant to synthetic pyrethroids as it even kills the eggs and newly-hatched nymphs of bed bugs.

Read more About Temprid Fx

Harris Bed Bug Spray

The Harris Bed Bug Spray is an insecticide spray made up of naturally safe active ingredients. The spray is EPA approved and safe for indoor use in homes. 

The spray kills bed bugs completely after direct application on them or once the formula has dried up. 

The spray is safe to use around children and pets. Harris Bed bug spray has a residual effect of up to 16 weeks and can be used on and around all surfaces in the house. The formula is free from toxic smells instead it leaves behind a pleasantly light cedar smell. 

Harris bed bug spray is also non-staining so it can be used upon fabrics and upholstered furniture without any fear of damage. 

The spray bottle comes with a trigger for application. However the spray needs to be used repeatedly for long-term elimination and does not kill hidden bed bugs.

EcoRaider Bed Bug Spray

The EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray is one of the most effective sprays when it comes to bed bug control. 

The spray is made up of the active ingredients geraniol, cedar extract and Sodium Lauryl SulfateThe EcoRaider spray comes in both an aerosol form and a liquid concentrate form. Direct application on bed bugs and their eggs lead to 100% mortality with a residual effect of 10 days. 

It even kills bed bugs resistant to other insecticides. The EPA approved spray is made with naturally active ingredients which are non-toxic and safe to be used at homes containing children and pets. 

The safety of the product allows it to be used upon clothing including mattresses and upholstered furniture.

Proof Bed Bug Spray

The Proof Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer spray is an effective dual action insecticide spray. The spray has proven to be 100% effective in killing both bed bugs and dust mites within 4 hours of contact.

The proof spray is non-toxic with lab-tested and proven results in completely killing target pests.

It not only kills the pests but also their eggs on contact along with a residual effect of up to three weeks after treatment. Proof spray is made from plant-based ingredients such as Neem Oil and is therefore regarded as a biopesticide.

Although made with natural ingredients and can be used anywhere in the house, the formula is very potent and has an extremely strong smell.

The potency of the EPA approved and environmentally friendly formula can be harmful to children and pets if inhaled. It is advised to use fumigation mask and keep the windows open when using the spray.

Ortho Home Bed Bug Killer

The Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer is considered one of the best when it comes to bed bug infestation treatment.

The formula comes in a wide variety of sizes and forms. It is available as a solution spray in a size of 1.5 gallons.

Whereas the aerosol sprays are available in two sizes; 3 oz. and 18 oz. The 3 oz. is best suited for travel as it provides long-lasting bed bug control.

The insecticide formula kills bed bugs and their eggs with fast action on contact. The spray can be conveniently used on cracks and crevices at home or in hotels wherever bed bugs may be hiding.

The spray is effective against pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. The formula is non-staining so it can be easily used on clothed furniture or wooden surfaces.

Pest Peeve Bye Bye Bed Bug Killer

When it comes to an all-natural and environmentally friendly formula the Bye Bye Bed bugs spray is the best.

It is entirely non-toxic and made up of eco-friendly ingredients biopesticide product. The product is safe to inhale and used around pets and children.

The spray has been specifically designed to be used on clothing items such as bedding and mattresses.

The formula does not stain and comes in two different bottle sizes. It is very easy to use and leaves behind a pleasant scent after application. The spray kills bed bugs on contact and can even be used as a preventive spray.

It is recommended for use on luggage before traveling as to prevent bed bug infestations.

How To Safely Use Bed Bug Sprays?

When it comes to using pesticides or insecticides the first thing that comes to mind is safety. Using sprays to kill bed bugs is a good technique but it needs to be used in a way as not to compromise the health of the family or any pets. 

To ensure safety from any toxicity the following tips should be kept in mind while using a spray for bed bug elimination:

Where To Use Bed Bug Sprays?

To completely eradicate a spreading infestation it is important to spray bed bugs directly in all of their hiding places.

For instances places such as:

Types of Bed Bug Sprays

Bed bug sprays come in a variety of forms and the three main types are:

  • Liquid Sprays
  • Aerosol Sprays
  • Liquid Concetrate Spray

Liquid Bed Bug Sprays

Liquid bed bug sprays work by killing the pests on contact. Such sprays are usually water-based and quickly evaporate afterward.

Liquid sprays come in the form of bottles typically used to spray water and are applied by simply pulling the trigger. The best place to apply liquid bed bug spray is around cracks and crevices along baseboards and floorboards.

Since the spray does not have any residual power it can even be applied upon mattresses, sofas, and all sort of upholstered furniture.

Bed Bug Aerosol Sprays

Aerosol sprays for bed bugs come in the form of aerosol cans and have a residual effect. Although aerosol sprays with residual action may not kill bed bugs instantly as liquid sprays do, their action keeps on killing them for days and even weeks to come.

Before using an aerosol spray it needs to be shaken well so the chemicals can mix and pressure can be built. To use aerosol sprays one only needs to press the nozzle and an even pace of insecticide will be released.

When applied the formula of an aerosol insecticide foam up so one knows where it has been evenly applied.

Although aerosol sprays can be used on upholstered furniture, afterward human contact with the furniture has to be restricted for a short time.

Therefore aerosol sprays are best suited for application on wooden furniture and surfaces such as baseboards and floorboards.

Liquid Concentrate Spray

Liquid concentrates are the toughest form of insecticide sprays that can be used to kill bed bugs.

Such sprays usually come with a dual action formula that is not only contact killers but they even have a residual power ranging from months to even years.

Liquid concentrates are not ready to use and they need to be prepared before being used. Such concentrates are available in powder form and available by the gallons.

They are mixed with water to form a diluted solution and then poured into a spray pump tank. Liquid concentrate sprays are usually used for large scale bed bug infestation treatments of entire households and utilized by professional pest controllers.

Concentrate sprays can be used over all infested corners of a house such as closets, door frames, doors, windows, room floors, furniture, seams of furniture, baseboards, bed frames, behind bed frames, headboards, bedsprings, and any other infested area.

The spraying method needs to be carried out professionally in order to kill all bed bugs either adults or eggs once and for all.

Drawbacks of Using Spray

When it comes to using pesticides there will always be a risk to health. For this reason, some prefer to use other treatment methods for killing bed bugs.

For instance, using heat via steam is considered to be one of the best methods of killing bed bugs. Bed bugs cannot survive heat treatment and it cancels out any risk of them developing resistance to the pesticides being used.

Likewise one needs to be very careful when applying insecticides on clothing and only use sprays which do not retain chemicals. Toxic exposure to pesticides can lead to a variety of health issues ranging from allergies to even cancer.

Choosing the best spray for a bed bug infestation can be tricky. A good spray will ensure complete mortality of bed bugs, be non-toxic, stain-free, odorless, and come with a long residual effect.

For this reason, CimeXa bed bug spray is by far the best when it comes to eradicating them as it has a residual power of 10 long years, but can be highly toxic if exposed and absorbed through the skin.

Hence for ensuring health and safety Bye Bye bed bug spray is a better option even though it does not ensure the same strong killing power of bed bugs as CimeXa.

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