Bedlam aerosol is a specialized spray which can kill bed bugs as an on spot treatment within 15 minutes of application.

The spray is relatively easy to use and kills a variety of other pests like lice, ticks, fleas, and dust mites by targeting their central nervous system.

But the spray is limited to indoor use and only has a residual effect of 6 weeks.

What’s Good?

  • Easy to use and requires no extra preparation
  • Kills bed bugs within 15 minutes

What’s Wrong?

  • Toxic to pets and humans if absorbed via skin contact
  • Only suitable for indoor use

Bedlam aerosol is an insecticide spray used to kill bed bugs. The spray is specially designed not only to target bed bugs but also their eggs.

Bedlam aerosol kills pests by targeting their central nervous system. Bedlam aerosol has a residual effect of more than 6 weeks.

Bedlam Aerosol is ready to use and does not require mixing or any extra application equipment. Although Bedlam aerosol is pet safe it should not be applied directly onto the pet’s skin.

The bottle comes with a straw which allows the formula to be sprayed into narrow cracks and corners. The product claims to effect bed bugs as soon as fifteen minutes after application, albeit it has to be direct contact.

  • Ingredients
    • MGK 264
    • Sumithrin (d-Phenothrin)
  • Manufacturer
    • McLaughlin Gormley King (MGK) Company

Bedlam aerosol is also used to control pests other than bed bugs such as lice, ticks, fleas, and dust mites.

Bedlam aerosol is ideal for use in areas such as:

Homes, Apartments, Schools, Hotels, Kennels, Offices, Restaurants, Warehouses & Healthcare Facilities.

For Bed Bugs treatment, the spray can be applied on:

  • Cracks and Crevices
  • Baseboards
  • Floorboards
  • Headboards
  • Walls

Properties of Aerosol

Bedlam aerosol is a water-based and non-irritating insecticide formula. Due to its water-based nature, it can be used for spot treatment of clothing, bedding, mattresses and carpets from bed bugs.

The aerosol spray is odourless and does not stain when used on surfaces. Therefore it can be used to treat all form of floorboards.

How To Apply Bedlam Aerosols

Bedlam spray is intended for indoor use wherever target pests are suspected. Usually one can of the spray is required for treatment per room but dosage may vary depending upon:

  • Level of Infestation
  • Size of Area Being Treated

General instruction of using Bedlam insecticide spray:

Before using the Bedlam Insecticide canister shake it very well.

  1. The protective cap should be removed.
  2. The top button is pushed to spray and aim at the target treatment area. With the container held upright and the nozzle aimed away from everyone. Spray should be used from a distance of at least 8 to 10 inches.
  3. Each square foot of treatment area should be sprayed for at least 5 seconds or until it is damp. However, wetness should not reach the point of dripping.
  4. The room should be vacated after using the spray and ventilated before it is reoccupied

For killing Bed Bugs:

Bedlam is used for bed bugs only as a spot treatment option. Before using Bedlam on mattresses they should be cleaned thoroughly and then sprayed on target spots which may harbor pests. Bedlam is especially useful for bed bug treatment on areas like tufts, folds, and seams.

For Killing Lice:

In order to kill lice Bedlam insecticide spray should first be tested on treatment area for any possible staining or discoloration. If the area dries out without any discoloration then proceed to spray the entire area.

For killing Ticks and Flea:

The Bedlam aerosol can be sprayed around a pet’s sleeping area, bedding, floor and floor covering. The formula is safe for pets after it dries and excellent for getting rid of ticks and fleas which might be plaguing the pets.

For killing Dust Mites:

Before using Bedlam aerosol for dust mites the treatment room should be vacuumed beforehand. Areas such as mattresses, box springs, headboards, walls, floors, carpeting, and baseboards should be cleaned before spraying. After spray is applied areas and furniture should not be used until dry.


Although Bedlam aerosol spray is safe to humans and pets it should not be directly sprayed on skin. If absorbed through skin contact then it can prove toxic for health.

Similarly, the one using Bedlam spray should wear clothing that does not expose any skin.

Before using the spray pets and children should be vacated from the area so they don’t accidentally inhale it or come in its path. The formula is also harmful to fish and aquatic invertebrates, therefore, it should not be used near an aquarium.

After spraying the area or room should not be reoccupied unless the spray has dried. The room also needs to be properly ventilated before being occupied.

The spray should not be applied to the same area more than 1 times per day.

After using the spray users should wash hands very well before eating or drinking anything.

The canister should be kept away from heat and not punctured which may lead to bursting and inadvertently damage the user.


Can I spray this behind my oven? Is it flammable or combustible? Is it ok around an appliance that gets very hot?

Yes, it can be sprayed around the appliances in the kitchen. It really works.

I only need to treat one area. Can I split the 13oz bottle into half? Using 6.5 oz to a half gallon, then in a week treat with the other half?

Yes if that’s what the label mixing chart states the mixing rate is.

Is Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate safe in a home with pets?

Yes, Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate is safe to use in a home with pets, as long as it is used according to the label. Be sure to remove pets from areas being treated until they have had time to dry completely.

Should I alternate my bed bug treatment with Crossfire?

Crossfire is a fantastic and very potent bedbug control product and could certainly be alternated with a spray of Temprid. The biggest thing with bedbugs is to stay on top of treatments every 7-14 days and be meticulous with the applications to get into every nook and crevice you can. If you have a heavy infestation using a product like Crossfire can help drastically drop the numbers and cut your retreatments down due to its unique mode of action.

How long post-treatment of Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate do we have to wait to vacuum dead bugs?

We recommend waiting at least 2 hours after Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate treatment to vacuum up any dead bugs.

What’s the shelf life of Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate once the container has been open?

Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate Shelf like is 3 years after opening if kept in a cool dry area

Is it recommended to mix Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate with Gentrol IGR?

Yes, you can mix Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate and Gentrol IGR together to treat for bedbugs. Gentrol IGR is to be mixed at 1oz per gallon of water and reapplied every 2 weeks for bed bug control.

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