In the 1950s up until the late 1990s, bed bugs were all but eradicated in the USA. The increase of international travel and the world opening up post Covid-19 have turned bed bugs into a profound problem. Considering that the bed bug epidemic is a relatively recent problem, we compiled a list of important statistics on bed bugs.

This post serves to show you just how serious the bed bug problem has become in the United States of America. It also opens your eyes to some of the high risk places that you would not imagine have bed bugs. Sit back and read because it may make a difference between staying safe from bed bugs and dealing with full-blown infestations.

Percentage of Households with Bed Bug Problems

Mantis Pest Solutions, a renowned exterminator in the US reports that 1 in 5 US households report bed bug infestations annually. This means that approximately 20% of American homes deal with bed bugs every year. For any American living in any part of the country, this statistics are, to say the least, a course for concern.

Single-Family households top the list with 46% of reported bed bugs infestations happening in them. It is important to note that bed bugs do not consider the state of a home. These blood-sucking bugs can thrive in sanitary homes just as much as they thrive in non-sanitary ones.

You can easily contract bed bugs but it will take you some hard work, diligence and money to get rid of. Luckily for you, the Townhustle family made a comprehensive guide to get rid of bed bugs.

US States with Bed Bug Problems

You can find bed bugs across all the 50 States in the USA. Some States have higher percentages of infestations than others. While citing a Global pest Management Association report, bedbug lawyer suggests bed bugs are more common in warmer US regions. Here is a detailed table revealing the percentage of bed bugs across different regions:

The Mid-West21%
South-East 15%
North-East 5%
Percentage of bed bugs by region in the USA

Statistics on bed bugs by US States vary depending on various reports. That said, we compiled a list of some of the worst affected States based on Orkin 2022 Bed Bugs Cities List. Here are some of states you should watch out for:

  • Ohio (6 Cities on Orkin’s list)
  • Michigan (4 Cities)
  • Florida (3 Cities)
  • Illinois (3 Cities)
  • New York (2 Cities)

Point to Note: Ratings by Cities and States Vary Marginally Each Year

Percentage of Bed Bugs in different Public Places

Bed bug infestations have continued to spread over the years through luggage and people’s clothing. Public institutions and spaces face a lot of risk of contracting bed bugs due to continuous traffic of people in and out of them. Here are some bed bug crucial bed bug statistics reported in some of these places:

Bed bugs in Hotels

According to Pest’s bed bug Facts and Statistics report, 68% of US Hotels have bed bugs. You can find bed bugs in both high-end hotels and low-budget ones because they do not discriminate based on hygiene and social status. Nonetheless, there are several ways you can prevent yourself from getting bed bugs in a hotel.

Bed bugs in Apartments

According to a 2018 report, 89% of pest control professionals in the US have dealt with bed bugs in apartment complexes. You should remember that this percentage is not similar to that of total apartment complexes with bed bugs in US. An estimated 28% of the total bed bug infestations in the US are in apartment complexes. This is a clear indicator that it is in your best interest to learn how to get rid of bed bugs in your apartment.

Bed bugs in College dorms

There are no recent statistical reports on college dorms except the 2018 Bugs Without Borders Survey report. The report’s findings show that 45% of college dorms in the USA have bed bugs. The prevalence of these vampiric bugs in dormitories is largely attributed to:

  • Significant human traffic
  • Large volumes of personal belongings, equipment, and furnishings that offer excellent hiding spots for bed bugs.

Other public spaces with significant bed bug presence has outlined in the Bugs Without Borders report include:

  • Nursing homes (59%)
  • Schools and daycare centers (47%)
  • Offices (46%)
  • Medical facilities (39%)
  • Hospitals (36%)
  • Public transportation (19%)
  • Retail stores (16%)
  • Movie theaters (13%)
A generalized statistical report of bed bugs in the USA

Areas of the Body Where Bed Bugs Bite Mostly

There is a 60% chance that bud bugs will go for your upper body when feeding because they mostly feed at night. At night, most of your lower body is covered by clothing and bedding since you desire warmth. Common areas where bed bugs bite include:

  • The Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms

How often people confuse bed bugs with other pests

You can easily confuse bed bugs with other pests. According to a report highlighted on Pest, 84% of pest professionals suggest that victims cannot identify bed bugs. Most people who cannot identify bed bugs think that they have been bitten by flies while a considerable proportion think cockroaches bit them.

Most Commonly Reported Sign of Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites on skin make up 92% of all reported signs of bed bug infestations. This is worrisome because a recent study revealed that many people do not react to bites from these pestilent critters. Considering this, it is in your best interest to employ different bed bug monitoring options and watch for other signs of bed bugs.

Key Points to Take Away

  • 1 in 5 households in the USA is affected by bed bugs every year
  • All 50 States in the USA have bed bugs
  • Bed bugs are common in homes, apartments and hotels
  • Most people cannot differentiate between bed bugs and other pests
  • Bed bugs are more prevalent in summer due to warm conditions