Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is the most popular brand by syngenta. The product is designed to be used in Commercial, residential, hospitals, hotels, food storage areas, restaurants, aircrafts and ships.

The active ingredient used in this product use cockroach biology against them. Once the bait is consumed by cockroaches, they take it back to their nest and then there is a chain effect killing more and more roaches.

Application is very easy. You don’t have to touch any insecticide, the product is filled in a syringe and you just have to put some drops in the infested area. (More on this later)

Cockroaches can be a nightmare for some people. Extreme fear from cockroaches can put you in a very scary situation if you have a severe cockroach infestation.

And embarrassing as well! Especially if your friends are coming to your home for a party and they see creepy cockroaches crawling all over the place, how would they feel?

Cockroaches are small little creepy insect found everywhere on planet earth. American & German cockroach is the most common species found in the United States. Usually, cockroaches are active all year round but their infestation is at the peak in summer.

I personally used a lot of different cockroach gel baits. I liked advion because it has very strong ingredients and works like a charm. You can’t find a better product than this.

If you are worried about price, one package works almost for 12 months. Just for a few bucks, you can get 99% control on cockroaches and protect yourself from disease spread by cockroaches and physiological stress.

Spending a few dollars and a few minutes using advion would save you hundreds of dollars on exterminator cost.


Negative 11
Neutral 18
Positive 32

How Advion Gel Bait Works?

Once you apply bait in infested areas cockroaches rush towards the bait because they like to eat the substance included in the bait.

Active ingredient Indoxacarb used in advion is lethal to roaches. It slowly damages the nervous system of cockroaches and they get killed within 48 hours.

The brief delay in mortality is very beneficial. Cockroach takes the bait back to the nest and feed other roaches and eventually kill all of them in the process. Which can really get substantial control on roach population?

On top of that, once roaches die, other roaches started eating them and getting killed (because these dead roaches ate the bait) this start a chain reaction and decrease a huge cockroach population very quickly.


Negative 20
Neutral 23
Positive 35


You have to place the bait where it is easily accessible to cockroaches. To get maximum control use it in crack and crevice, under kitchen cabinet and sink and near garbage collection area.

Apply bait as per the level of infestation. See the chart below to know more about how many beads you need to apply depending on the level of infestation.

Level of InfestationSpotsDistance
Heavy3 to 510 Linear Feet
Moderate1 to 310 Linear Feet

The liquid dries out within 48 hours. Inspect all location after a week and if you still see cockroach infestation, apply fresh bait. Normally you’d get rid of huge infestation with just one application.


Each drop must be equal to 0.5 grams (Approximately ¼ diameter)

The tube is designed to give you year-long protection. However, you have to apply bait after 3 months because cockroaches might gather and increase infestation if especially in summer.

Do not apply Advion Gel Bait the surfaces recently treated with residuals spray. And do not spray the area with residual spray if it was treated with Advion gel.

If cockroaches already have food and water source available they might not eat the bait. First, you have to remove their food sources. Repair any leakages you found under the sink, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom to decrease the amount of moisture.

Cockroaches like under the sink area only for water source so if you decrease their water source, you increase your chance of attracting more and more roaches to the bait, which gives you more control.

Cover unused food in the container and remove dustbin from the kitchen or cover it properly. Once you cut their water and food sources, you make them hungry and vulnerable to the bait. Hungry roaches are going to rush towards the bait as soon as you apply.

Safety Precautions

Store the product in a ventilated area without the reach of children and domestic animals. According to the label, it may cause allergic skin reactions.

The product is designed in a way your skin won’t get in contact with the liquid. However, it is advised to use safety gloves and take extra care of yourself.

It can contaminate work clothes. Once the liquid is installed, please do not take your work clothes out of your workplace or home. Wash out your clothes properly. If on the skin, wash it with plenty of soap and water.

Remove all open food from the treatment area and avoid any contact with food.

Important Note

If you are confused with any information explained by me in this article. Please head over to product label to get a better understanding. If you still have any concerns, please call Syngenta. Their phone number is available on the label.

Critical Analysis

There are hundreds of positive reviews for this product on different retailers sites. Users seem to be very happy with this product overall. The only thing I didn’t like about this product is that they do not tell you which ingredients they are using to attract roaches.

You might not be interested in knowing that but again so many other companies put this publicly. I was reading their label and i found this ingredient as “Trade secret” which is kind of sketchy. Because you have to educate your customers about ingredients so they can handle the product properly.

But you don’t have to worry about this. Most commercial based pest control products are registered with EPA and they do check their label before releasing it to the public.

If you used the product yourself and had a positive or negative experience, please leave a comment below. I’d love to start the conversation (even if you don’t agree with my point) only these disagreement can improve our understanding of these products.